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Album Review: Don Diablo Changes The Game For DJs With 'FUTURE'
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7 Realest Lyrics About Life From Camila Cabello
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Album Review: Red Velvet's 'Perfect Velvet' Is The Best K-Pop Album of 2017
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In a 21st Century chaotic world, we need all the love and kindness we can get. Catch the hearts of gold and lock them somewhere safe, because those things are rare these days. On February 16th, Drake represented exactly why we need to do that when he unleashed his highly anticipated music video for God's Plan

The Toronto rapper spent his time in Miami giving back to the community with the video's budget of almost a million dollars. The visual shows him purchasing cars for deserving people, buying shoppers' groceries, donating to the women and children homless shelter, helping struggling families and even sponsoring college students' education. Not to be dramatic but I want to be wrapped in a warm fuzzy blanket made out of screencaps of that video.

"I am not into challenges on IG I find them annoying...but today I am going to challenge everyone to just go out and do something for someone, anything, the smallest thing just to bring another human being some joy and please tag me in it somehow so I can see all the love being don't have to play the song in the background or have some tactics being used...just go be kind in any way you can and let's all watch the world be nice to each other even if it's for 24 hours...Thank You", Drake's Instagram story read on the day the video was released. Every social media platform pretty much exploded with emotional response, crying uglily and heart clenching simultaneously. Critics and haters even revealed they had a newfound respect for him, about time.

While God's Plan tests Drake's faith in a being more powerful that he is, it certainly restored my faith in humanity in return.

Prepare boxes of napkins for your tears before clicking here.


Photo Credits: DrakeVEVO/Youtube

Dutch DJ and producer Don Diablo has yet again captivated us with his new album, FUTURE.

In 2017, Diablo took the reigns of the EDM-world by impressing electronic music fans through his unique sound, releasing new music almost every week. With tracks that are suitable both for a small dance party with your friends as well as at a music festival, it is no surprise that there were high expectations for his third studio album. Through a more personal experience, these sixteen tracks will take old and new listeners alike on a new journey through his impressionable music.

The chill tune of opening track Back To Us, featuring the sweet vocals of Miles Waters, already enchants listeners into the Diablo magic, easing them into what's to come. It spreads positivity into fixing a relationship after a heartbreak, which blends into the second track, Everybody's Somebody featuring BullySongs. From start to finish, the switch in pace from mellow to exhilirating, accompanied by powerful lyrics, will certainly make an anthem for self acceptance.

What’s a Don Diablo track without some diversity? The magical tune of Don’t Let Go, featuring Holly Winter; Diablo’s emotional cover of Killer featuring Dave Thomas Junior’s amazing vocals, and People Say, featuring Paije that includes a heavy bass drop, further emphasises Diablo’s versatility that caters to different types of listeners.

To keep hearts thumping and adrenaline flowing, fan favourite Reflection shows off Diablo’s trademark spirited synths, evoking crowd reactions on his live performances. Not to mention, it is one of three songs that features his own vocals in, definitely a reason why we are so in love with it.

Closing the album is Echoes, undoubtedly one of Diablo’s most beautiful masterpiece. Its tranquil sound creates a pure, dream-like atmosphere that takes listeners on another emotional adventure to tie the entire album together nicely.

A mixture of future pop to future house, every song features its own intense rhythm wrapped around soulful vocals that leaves an entranced feeling. Admittedly, Don Diablo has done it again and met all high expectations. Who could top that off?


Photo credit: Don Diablo/ Facebook

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Have you ever hung out at a friend's house just to play with their dog? Or go up to every dog you see to give it a pet and stare longingly at it as it walks away into the distance?

If you are dog deprived, not to worry, we've got you. To usher in the year of the dog, here are 10 celebrities and their four legged best friends to fuel your desire of wanting your own!

Who knows, you might be needing that extra push to visit the shelters today. A furry angel awaits you. 


1. Joe Jonas and Winston 

Instead of lifting weights, DNCE member Joe Jonas lifts his English Bulldog, Winston, after a long walk. Would totally give him scratches and a good massage. 


2. Nick Jonas and Elvis 

Does this get any more heartwarming? Elvis, the ever loyal best friend, entered Nick's life when he was only 16, and they went through ups and downs together. 


3. Zendaya and Noon

The best Christmas present anyone could ever have, Noon brightened Zendaya's life after her dog of 11 years, Midnight, passed away in 2015. Noon might look like a mini Midnight, but the little pup has his own style. Make sure to follow Zendaya's instagram for more of him!


4. Louis Tomlinson and Clifford 

Not sure who is cuter to be honest. Whether it's a stressful day or kicking back with a couple of beers, Louis' labradoodle, Clifford, is always by his side. It pretty much makes me have cardiac arrest everytime Louis posts an instagram picture of them together.


5. Ryan Reynolds and Baxter 

Being a famous filmstar is a roller coaster, but Ryan Reynold's golden retriever, Baxter, keeps him grounded since day one. When he's not filming, the two bond together at the park, who wouldn't want a friendship like that?


6. Kylie Jenner and Norman, Bambi, Ernie and Penny

We all know Kylie's dogs are the most important in her life. When her Italian Greyhounds Norman and Bambi "accidentally" had puppies, she welcomed them without hesitation, and are part of the family already. The more the merrier, right?


7. Bebe Rexha and Bear Rexha 

Bear Rexha might be one of the most pampered dogs out there. Well, not dethroning Paris Hilton's dogs of course. This little puppy follows Bebe everywhere, touring the world and living in luxury, and most of all, getting all the love from her human. Is it possible to be jealous of a dog? 


8. Tom Holland and Tessa 

Whoever says Bull terriers are monsters, are monsters themselves. The bond between Tom and his Staffordshire Bull terrier, Tessa, can definitely vouch for that. Who could resist those innocent eyes and selfless character?


9. Cara Delevingne and Leo

Named after Cara's zodiac sign, Leo the husky is the definition of gorgeous. A beautiful person with a beautiful dog? My eyes are blessed with the sight.


10. Ariana Grande and Toulouse

Fans of Ariana know that Toulouse is one of the OGs. Having been featured on her snapchats and instagram posts and even been to modelling shoots, Toulouse can debunk any stereotype of a sheltered dog being less worthy than any other dog. 


Photo Credits: DailyMail, StarsChanges, Zendaya/Instagram, Louis Tomlinson/Instagram, Entitymag, Popsugar, Bebe Rexha/Instagram, Tom Holland/Facebook, CelebBuzz, Ariana Grande'Instagram

Pretty sure if you're an avid social media user, you'd have known who newest boyband Why Don't We are. If you don't, well, where were you the past year?

The band, comprised of five members; Jonah, Jack, Zach, Corbyn and Daniel, struck gold when they were deemed one of 2017's biggest breakout boyband. With over 120 million global audio streams and a huge social media following to date, these sweethearts are just getting started with possibly overthrowing One Direction. 

On January 29th, fans went berserk when they dropped their newest single, Trust Fund Baby. Although there may have been a slight bias for the track being penned by the genius lyricist Ed Sheeran, I am still a little on the fence with the message they're conveying. It addresses how desirable independent women are, those who wear baggy jeans, are make-up free, climbs trees, everything that subverts from gender stereotypes. On one hand, hearing these lyrics from five boys is validating and empowering to women, especially to their impressionable fanbase. On the other, being an independent woman also extends from what guys expect us to be, and that women can carry themselves however they want. 

Despite that, this single might be one of their best yet musically. Inclusive of snaps in the pre-chorus, piano and brass synths, there is a hip-hop oriented feel that elevates their usual pop sound. The chorus is extremely catchy and not in a cliche way, added with soulful vocals and ad-libs. This is just the beginning for them, and I can't say I'm not eager to see them topping the charts anytime soon. 

Listen to Trust Fund Baby here: 


Photo Credit: Boston Theater

Singaporeans use the popular dating app Tinder for plenty of reasons. Chief among them is the quest for “strictly friends!!” and to sate a seemingly voracious appetite for Din Tai Fung. God forbid you pursue true love or worse – consensual casual sex.  

Whatever your lewd intentions may be, there are two universal rules to getting a match on Tinder. 1) Be attractive. 2) Don’t be unattractive. To normies, this almost always translates into attempts at pleasing the eye on a platform that inherently enables a culture centred on the cosmetic. There is however, a threshold for swiping left on yet another highlight reel of strategically scenic, oh so unique 35mm photographs and that’s where we come in.

Beauty as they say is in the eye of the beholder and it was our hope to single out the most eligible singles on Tinder strictly based on the songs they chose to flaunt on their profile. It would be nothing short of a decisive blow against societal expectations as we believed we could finally prove that appreciating good music was enough to score you a date. After all, wearing your heart – or in this case, subjectively good anthems – on your sleeve is attractive, right?

Instead, the only conclusion we could draw after sifting through what seemed like Spotify’s Top Hits Singapore playlist was the fact that an overwhelming abundance of users (mostly men) had opinions itching to see the light of day. All we had to do was steer these nuggets of knowledge in the right direction. These gentlemen readily brandished strong thoughts about the current state of contemporary music and so we tapped into this precious resource, probing them with questions only a true connoisseur could provide the answers to. So, shoot, shag or share a BTO?

Hi Darren. You’re my first super like! How important is taste in music to you?

hahahahaha. not important but it’ll be nice to be with someone who has similar tastes.  I super liked u cos i’m curious on what your music taste are 

So you like the Foo Fighters but you also paid money to be at Ultra. Wtf?

i went to ultra because i like to party but i also love the foo fighters, i went for their concert too!  i mean there’s nothing wrong in liking different genres right?

Wise words. Do you think rock music is dead though?

nah it’s not dead. it's just that the younger generation prefer pop more. but rock will never die.

Hi Charmaine. Are you aware that XXXTENTACION was charged with aggravated battery of a pregnant woman and domestic battery by strangulation amongst other things?


Your Tinder anthem by the rapper XXXTENTACION? He allegedly abused his partner.

Oh that one. I didn’t notice.

So… Denis Stoff. Yay or nay?

Nay. I’m a whore-snop. Stoff was a major step back for the band. Made them sound shitty. The Black should’ve been titled “Sit Down and Scream”

Interest me

Hello Ulil (u lil piece of shit). You’re a “producer” so you probably know what’s good. What’s good?

I can’t say what’s good or not, it depends on people

Hi Randy. Is Rich Brian better than Rich Chigga?

thats a no form me darlin

So you’re saying that Brian should have kept his original, racially offensive name?

yes he should’ve kept his racially offensive name

Cool. Any chance you’re one of those straight Chinese boys who think it’s cool to use the N-word freely?

no i dont use nigger freely, its just not smth i'd say. its not in my common words to describe people list

Right. Rich Brian and 88Rising claim to be flying the “Asian” flag but I think that’s problematic because they don’t seem very inclusive. Would “orient” flag be a better description?

why would “asian” flag not be considered inclusive

So far, 88Rising includes only musicians of Chinese, Korean and Japanese descent. Also, the name kind of speaks for itself.

Hi Vicky. From your experience, how would you describe the average of Singaporean’s taste in music?

Hey! Mainly EDM from what I’ve seen!

Sooo… Kinda meh, basic even? 


My music taste is A1. Anyone that says anything else is wrong.

Oh hi Zikry. Do you think that people should want to go with you just because of your amazing taste?


So what are some songs that to you reveal bad taste?

Boy band songs and songs from pre-teens. They are a complete turn off.

You’d swipe left on someone just because One Direction etc. is their anthem?

Depends if there are other songs on their profile that can redeem them.

Hey there, Nudge. The new Fall Out Boy is Not GoodTM. Do you agree?   

I wouldn’t say that it’s not good… but it’s just different. They have to adapt to the suit trend of the times. It’s still awesome music by them.

So are you saying that artists do need to drastically change their sound?

Drastically?? They always have been a pop punk group. They are just more inclined to pop nowadays. FOB although inclined to pop… they have still have the punk feel within their music. Especially the lyrics.

Hi Ryan. Is it safe to say that you’re a man who wholeheartedly loves the Canadian rock band Nickelback?

Wholeheartedly I wouldn’t say that but I do like some of their songs.

Do people give you shit for liking Nickelback?

Nope never actually. Why tho?

Somepeople think they’re a joke band and enjoy making jokes about them, I believe. What would you say to the haters?

Well people are entitled to their opinions and it is their prerogative whether or not to poke fun at them. I have nothing to say to these people as I believe that haters do not deserve attention to anyone so why waste my precious time and energy on them?

So Smash Mouth, eh?

Hello to you too, Ian. Has having an objectively good taste in music helped you find your significant other?

Not really. Actually it made me more selective and choosy. Like I met this cute girl and we clicked then I found out she listened to Justin Bieber and I was like crying I’m kinda more toleratable now

Right, because at the end of the day isn’t taste in music just another arbitrary if not elitist form of judgement?

Hmm I don’t think so. Taste in music can lead to compatibility. Especially culturally and entertainment habits. Compatibility could lead to better conversations though not guaranteed.


Photo credit: The Weinstein Company