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Niall Horan Shows Us A Different Side Of Him In 'Flicker'
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Album Review: Our Top 3 Tracks From BTS' EP 'Love Yourself: Her'
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Album Review: 5 Must-Hear Tracks From Paramore’s Latest Record, ‘After Laughter’
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Following the release of his second record, The Thrill of It All, Sam Smith surprises fans with ethereal performances of old and new songs along with The BBC Concert Orchestra.

Originally a 60-minute broadcast, the session featured Smith’s live debut performance of Burning – a new track off his latest record.

Smith has since been pulling our heartstrings with his gut-wrenching melodies. But the British singer has yet again invoked melancholy with this session's harmonic accompaniment, making our overall listening experience almost cinematic.

Call me basic, but hearing a symphonic version of Stay With Me proved that the hit song can be made even more celestial than the well-received studio version.

Don’t believe me? Listen to it here:



Watch his other performances here:


Photo Credit: BBC

Clearly, she was born a songwriter.

Miley Cyrus recently sat down for an Interview with CBS Sunday Morning to talk about almost everything from her latest music to growing up as a Disney star to even her early days in music.

The 24-year-old singer admitted that she is very grateful to have been in the Disney universe as she was able to pursue the two things that she really loves - acting and singing. She realised that the reason why Hannah Montana was so well-received back in the day was due to the fact that Hannah felt real. In reality, she was the one who was under the wig and sometimes people forget that simply because she loved being that character.

When asked about when she started playing music, Cyrus responded by saying that she never actually started playing music, rather, it was something that had always been in her. At the young age of 8, she had already written songs that were good and the first song she wrote was titled, Pink Isn't A Colour, It's An Attitude.

Cyrus labelled that song "very deep" and went on to reveal other songs she penned with topics such as her evil mother locking her up in her room or making her go to the mall to watch her shop as she sits there all day as punishment.

It would be really cool if Cyrus were to release an album of songs she wrote as a child. We would definitely listen to every single one of them!


Photo Credit: Bustle

Remember Aly & AJ? The sister duo released their album Insomniac in 2007, a collection of catchy pop anthems that were as good as teen pop could get- it was proof that they were hands down the only good best Disney music act around.

They've been in the dark ever since the release, independently releasing a few songs under the name 78violet that saw little success. Aly explained the past decision to, "We wanted to do projects that didn't involve the two of us. Over time we realized making records without any sort of label support [or label funding] is really difficult. It ended up taking more time than we originally thought, but we also didn't think it was going to be as hard as it was. That sort of crushed us, and we had to go back to square one."

Now the sisters are back under their original name and they've announced the release of their new EP Ten Years on their instagram page, which is scheduled to drop on17th November. The audio preview pinpoints towards an 80s synthpop style, a continuation of their latest single Take Me released back in September. 

Stay tuned for the EP!



A post shared by Aly & AJ (@alyandaj) on

Photo Credit: Stephen Ringer

Stranger Things’ magnetic appeal might have resulted to guilt-inducing binging, but the series’ undying influence has also reached the music scene.

We all know about the series’ nostalgic soundtrack, but have you heard of the opening theme’s captivating mashups?

It’s been a year since the show’s spooky theme has been remixed with several pop hits. We’ve had Childish Gambino’s Bonfire, The Weeknd’s Starboy, and even Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

But what’s been making rounds on the internet this past week is Ariana Grande’s Into You remixed with the theme’s eerie melody.

If you’re wondering what Into You would sound like with a slower tempo and a sinister vibe, you’ve come to the right place!

Listen to the remix here:


Photo credit: Netflix

Simon Cowell's latest boyband project, PRETTYMUCH, has positioned themselves to be the most exciting new boyband as of late.

In their new jack swing debut Would You Mind, they busted out some killer dance moves that set them apart from other boybands vying for One Direction's vacated spot at the top. For their new song Open Arms, their remarkable vocals are the main focus, as the group delivers smooth, layered harmonies in a mostly acapella ballad.

Admittedly, the release is a little unconventional, as the beat is largely absent and only makes its first appearance one third into the song. Nevertheless, it is a solid display of what PRETTYMUCH has to offer and we're definitely keeping an eye out for this group. Their undeniable talents in both singing and dancing, combined with Simon Cowell's connections and resources, reveal a lot of potential as contenders for America's next big boyband. Watch out, One Direction.

Listen to the song here:

Photo Credit: Billboard