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Music News

Weekly Roundup - The Release of The Life Of Pablo & What You Need To Know Before Watching The Grammys!

By  February 14, 2016

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! If you have been too busy visiting and munching on cookies to catch up on music news this week, here are the 5 most important things you need to know.


True or False?

Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime Show outfit was a tribute to Michael Jackson.

You may have watched the great performance from Coldplay, Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson but did you notice their seemingly familar outfits? 

1.     Beyonce v.s. Michael Jackson
did reveal that the King of Pop inspired her outfit for the Super Bowl Halftime Show.  Look at the gold ‘body harness’!

2.     Bruno Mars v.s. Elvis Presley
Bruno Mars
definitely jazzed up his black leather suit with gold chains, gold buttons and gold embellishments on his sleeves.

3.     Chris Martin from Coldplay v.s. Miley Cyrus
Chris Martin
went for a colourful look for his performance, spotting denim on denim. We found a similar but definitely crazier version of his outfit on Miley Cyrus from last year.


True Or False?

After 4 name changes, Kanye West's latest album is called T.L.O.P.

Kanye West’s long awaited (and we mean like 2 years long) album is finally here! Before you embark on an adventure to listen to his album, here is a reminder of the naming journey this album took.

1 Mar 2015 – So Help Me God

9 Jan 2016 – SWISH

27 Jan 2016 – WAVES

9 Feb 2016 – T.L.O.P (The Life Of Pablo)

True Or False?

Paul McCartney and Skype have got you sorted this Valentine’s Day!

Paul McCartney and Skype have collaborated to roll out 10 new love-themed Mojis in view of the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Mojis are short video clips with audio that can be sent on Skype; just imagine moving and speaking Emojis! They have put together original designs accompanied by musical compositions from Paul. Hopefully these will help you in conveying your messages to your better half. *winks*


True Or False?

Hailey Baldwin was hanging out in Justin Bieber’s room while he was speaking to GQ.

In the March 2016 edition of GQ, Justin Bieber graces the cover and gives readers a whole insight into his comeback. Justin Bieber made probably one of the best comebacks last year into the music scene with his new album, Purpose. He was topping the charts worldwide and making news everywhere (for the right reasons of course).

The interview reveals a little bit more into Justin’s relationship with Hailey Baldwin. He said that she is someone that he really loves but do not want to rush into anything as of now. This makes sense as he is about to embark on a world tour and we all know long-distance sometimes just doesn’t cut it. However, the interview mentioned that Hailey was in the room while the interview was taking place, it must have been awkward

Just before we let you go…

THE GRAMMYS IS TOMORROW! While everyone is on the edge waiting to find out who has won, here are a few things we think you should know.

1. Gwen Stefani’s new music video for Make Me Love You will premiere during one of the commercial breaks. But it’s not just that, the video will be acted out, filmed and broadcast live. They definitely have to nail this one take!

2. If nerves still get to Taylor Swift, let’s hope she will be able to SHAKE IT OFF because she has to open up the Grammys in STYLE.

3. There will be a total of 5 tribute performances to the great artists we lost in the past year.

Picture Credits: Erza Shaw on Getty, Fashionbombdaily, Elvisfornet, NFL, DailyMail, Kanye West on Twitter, Skype & GQ

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