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DEAR HOARDERS AND SCALPERS: Get Out Of The System Or Pay The Price Literally

By  November 18, 2016

As most of you know by now, Coldplay is coming to Singapore next year. And if you're hoping to get one of those tickets by today: bad news. (Cue war flashbacks of Taylor Swift's concert ticketing).

Sports Hub has opened up pre-sale ticketing to Citibank card members at 10am, and allow me to bring you through the eyes of every Coldplay fan...

(It's painful, but BEAR WITH ME):

10.36 am - Most seating categories are sold out. Tried getting tickets at the green cat, but the 'unavailable' sign keeps popping up.

We know that pre-sale tickets are limited, but you got to be joking, right? (Laggy web interface doesn't help either)

But ok - let's keep trying.

10.44 am - Completely. Sold. Out.

Goodbye my will to live. (Sports Hub only allows 4 tickets per card, so you do the math.)

"When you try your best but you don't succeed"

"Could it be worse?"


And of course, like any desperate fan, you turn to your last resort, and HEY LOOK! 

Viagogo - the place where hoarders and scalpers thrive.

This isn't fu*king Hamilton the musical, guys. 2k and above for couple of Coldplay tickets? HA. HA. HA.

And of course, how can we forget Carousell:

NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. (Username blurred out for anonymity)

(In an interesting twist of events, when I last checked, almost all hoarder listings disappeared. Either Carousell is doing a great job or these hoarders are scared of people coming for their blood.)


So here's a very welcome PSA to all hoarders and scalpers:



1) You're obviously ruining the experience for all earnest and genuine fans.

2) Imagine wasting almost 500 dollars on a concert you don't even care about, crazy, right? 

3) If you want to make fast money, just sell your soul. More ethical.


And if you happen to be Chris Martin or just one of the ticketing authorities reading this, this is what you can do:

Follow Adele's footsteps.

She's setting an extremely commendable example for every huge music artist out there - by tracking down the customers who place orders, she has managed to block 53,000 potential scalpers.

You may think that being international artists just involve the responsibility of performing for your fans, but I am sure you can do something to protect them from getting EXTORTED. The concert business is after all right up your alley.


Now that's all said and done, there is second pre-sale happening on 20 Nov, 10am to 11.59pm.

Those without Citibank cards, you only have Monday, 21st Nov to buy the general tickets. 

But meanwhile, one golden rule (for all gigs, not just Coldplay):

Don't cave in and buy tickets from resellers.

It's not worth it, and it only fuels this vicious cycle.

Good luck.

Photo credit: SportsHub, Live Nation, Lushington Entertainment, @shashashafique's Twitter

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