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Concert Review

Masketta Fall Kicked Off Album Release Tour Last Month And It Was A Blast!

By  March 9, 2017

Australian pop band, Masketta Fall released their debut full length album, Golden, in December of 2016 and they just began their album release tour throughout Australia.

The tour kicked off in Melbourne on the 18th of February and I had the privilege of attending the show. This had been my second time seeing them live after attending a gig last April, and I had high expectations from them.

Their set followed performances by Canberra band, Drawing North, and Adelaide band, Stansbury, both of which played spectacularly.

Masketta Fall then kicked off their set with the title track off their album Golden. With more of a rap/spoken word component compared to their other songs, Golden was a good choice to open with as it got the audience joining in, sounding like an introductory chant to hype everyone up. They followed with one of their older songs, Parachute, which got everyone jamming out and singing along to every word. 

They continued with a few other songs from their album, Highway Holiday, Mercedes and C.H.L.O.E. Before performing C.H.L.O.E., though, guitarist Ben Downing gave the audience a little background to the song: Ben had finally managed to ask a girl for her number, but it turned out that the number she'd given him was a fake! "Chloe you're too good for me!"

It was after this song where Masketta Fall's other guitarist, Daniel Molivas (Moli) had left the stage to take a breather as he was feeling unwell. Nevertheless, the rest of the band continued on with a couple of slower throwback tracks: Do You Wanna Dance, which they lovingly dedicated to Moli, and their classic acoustic cover of The Killers' Mr. Brightside. The crowd sang along to these much loved favourites, with the intro riff of Mr. Brightside enough to send everyone cheering and screaming. 

A common tradition at live shows is for the artist to play a "flashlight song," as I like to call it, where the whole crowd whips out their smartphones, turns on the flashlight, and raises it, creating a beautiful starry view from the band's point of view. Masketta Fall's flashlight song, Let There Be Light, from their Parachute EP, was played next, which Moli returned for, before heading back to rest. 

Things hyped up even more after that as they dished out one of their singles, Summertime Girls, a song about just having fun in the summer. Sticking to the theme, dozens of blow up beach balls came bouncing out from the back of the stage, thanks to the band's family and crew.

There was a slight twist in mood after Summertime Girls when they played Douchebag Love, one of their first few songs which had never made it onto an EP and was only properly released on this album, so a lot of newer fans did not really get the sentimental old-age value of the song.

I remember when they played this song live last year, they brought two members of the audience onstage to put on a Barbie and Ken doll mask and pretend to be the stereotypical douchebag couple, which is what the song is based off. Unfortunately, that did not happen this year so we missed out on a few extra laughs. The beach balls were still bouncing around the audience though, so that kind of made up for it.

Going off Douchebag Love and C.H.L.O.E., I find that I quite like how the backstories form their songs because unlike a lot of other artists, the songs don't come out angsty and heartbroken but rather carefree and fun, so kudos to Masketta Fall for keeping it chill.

Butterflies and Defenceless, two of my favourites from the album, came next and from the crowd response, I’d say they were a lot of others’ favourites too. A lyric video for Defenceless had just been released a couple of weeks prior, and it was made up of fan submitted photographs of the lyrics created in all sorts of ways.

To build up to their next song, Rollin’ With The DJ - a bouncy R&B/pop tune - singer Braden Daniel and guitarist Ben had a little sing off to a smooth beat on the drums courtesy of drummer Jamie Ross. Their little battle consisted of classic songs like Macklemore’s Thrift Shop, Ed Sheeran’s Don’t, Queen’s We Will Rock You and many more all time favourites. The beat rolled over (pun intended) to Rollin’ With The DJ and had everyone bopping along.

They ended their set with a single, Love Me Like That which got cheers from all around, before running offstage. But of course, everyone knew better and screamed and chanted for an encore so it was no surprise when the boys, Moli included, came back onstage and finished everything off with one last song from their album: I Believe.

When it was all over, Masketta Fall, as well as opening bands Drawing North and Stansbury came out to the hall to meet with fans. I met all three of the bands (Masketta Fall for the second time) and exchanged thanks with them - they’re all really friendly people, by the way.

Overall I’d say I was impressed even for my second time watching Masketta Fall live because they’re very energetic, and it was extremely admirable of Moli to keep trying to perform for us despite being ill. So, if you ever get the chance, do catch them live for just an all round enjoyable time filled with fun and good vibes.


Watch the creative lyric video for Defenceless (featuring Holly Martin) here:


Photo Credits: Billboard, Spin or Bin Music

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