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Music News

Top 10 Live Performances By Miley Cyrus

By  May 28, 2017

In every live performance by Miley Cyrus that has been posted on YouTube, there will always be a top comment defending Miley's talent.

The questions is: is anyone out there still doubting Miley's singing talent? It seems like Miley has to constantly prove her vocal capabilities time and again.

So we're here to put all discussion about her talent to an end because MILEY. CAN. SING. She really, really can.

Here are our top 10 live performances by Miley to shut all her naysayers up:


1. Malibu (Billboard Music Awards)


Probably the most heartfelt performance we've seen in a long time, Miley's recent performance of Malibu gave us all dem feels we never thought we had. By the end of the song, she had us all tearing along with her.


2. The Climb (CNN Heroes)

It's funny how people were already slut-shaming Miley for the low-cut dress she wore to CNN Heroes back in 2011, back when they had no idea what Miley had in store for them in the years to come. At 18, Miley was already a powerhouse singer that could enthrall an entire hall of people.  


3. Don't Dream It's Over (with Ariana Grande, Happy Hippie Presents Backyard Sessions)

Miley and Ariana in onesies and on an inflated lime-green sofa is just about the cutest thing we've ever laid our eyes on. Paired with their impeccable vocals and the slight blooper halfway through the recording, this cover is as perfect as it can get. 


4. Butterfly Fly Away (with Billy Ray Cyrus, AOL Music Sessions)

Sealed with a fist bump at the end, this father-daughter duet is definitely one of our favourite Miley moments. We're so glad it exists. 


5. Happy Together (Happy Hippie Presents: Backyard Sessions)

How Miley could make cheesy commercial music sound this sultry is unbeknownst to us. 


6. Jolene (Backyard Sessions)

It is impossible not to fall in love with Miley after watching her original Backyard Sessions. When Miley's cover of Dolly Parton's Jolene was posted during the peak of Miley's 'crazy faze', the mass majority were understandably shocked by the fact that Miley can in fact sing, put aside all her antics. The strategic timing that the whole Backyard Sessions series was released couldn't have been better.


7. We Can't Stop (SNL)

This stripped-down version of We Can't Stop is proof that Miley has one of the best voices of mainstream pop. If you know anyone that thinks Miley is 'overrated', just show them this video.


8. The Scientist (Bangerz Tour)

Taking on one of Coldplay's most beloved songs requires courage and doing it this much justice deserves respect. 


9. Summertime Sadness (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge) 

Had we not known any better, we would've thought that Summertime Sadness was Miley's own song, and not just a cover of the song that is originally by Lana Del Rey. It's that good.


10. When I Look At You (American Idol) 

Miley have changed her look many times, but one thing that has remained constant over the years is her voice. When people finally come to their senses and admit to themselves that Miley is a brilliant singer, all they need to watch this this video from 7 years ago to show them that she has always been one. 


(Photo credits: Getty Images)

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