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Spin or Bin Music Writers' Picks: Top 10 Worst Singles of 2017

By  December 18, 2017

For better or worse, 2017 has witnessed a surge in popularity for trap-leaning hip hop and the embrace of rappers as the new rockstars in full force.

The fallout from the genre is everywhere, ranging from the obnoxious prominence of hypebeast culture to your uncannily lacklustre Top 40 blockbuster. While this fad might not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are some creations however, that should be universally scorned.

We could tell you we didn’t enjoy roasting these sorry excuses for music but then we’d be lying!  


10. Young and Menace - Fall Out Boy

Teejay: I seriously don’t get why everyone is trying to sound more techno these days. Fall Out Boy disappoint us yet again with this migraine of a song, proving that they’ve certainly strayed away from their well-loved previous efforts, Save Rock and Roll for instance. The song’s constant change in dynamics doesn’t make it as “listenable” as you’d want it to be, unfortunately.


9. Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift

Aside from the subliminal Mean Girls reference and the objective superiority over its Katy Perry counterpart, Swish Swish (though that’s not saying much), it takes a certain degree of effort to relate to New Taylor’s isolationist and ultimately unlikable plane of existence. The pettiness and whole reputation concept is dated and simply tacky at this point. The only thing LWYMMD furthers is Swift’s streak for less-than-memorable lead singles much to her detriment, not that it matters.   


8. Bon Appetit - Katy Perry

Xinyi: There is a fine line between being provocative and derogatory. This song definitely crossed the innuendo line for me, in fact listening to the track made me slightly uncomfortable. Let’s not even talk about the music video… Lyrically, lines like “Got me spread like a buffet”, “Well I'm open 24” and “I'm on the menu” were overly cringey and just derogatory. This song was a step worse than her previous song Birthday from Prism with even more explicit food innuendos.


7. Thumbs - Sabrina Carpenter

Linda: The instrumental rips off Sam Sparro's Black & Gold, but watered down to Britney at her most generic. Much worse are the fake-deep, directionless lyrics- she lists down ways people undermine themselves without actually engaging with the subject matter. Instead, she speaks from a cynical distance - “That's just the way of the world.” I'm fine with mediocre societal critique if it still comes from a genuine place (e.g. Alessia Cara), but in this song, not only does she lack insight, she doesn't touch upon about how a broken world actually makes her feel - just a cynical smirk that takes pride in “seeing through things.” The fact that this smug commentary is coming from a privileged teen makes this x100 more annoying. Girl, the reason why you're not like those people you're describing is because you're rich, white and attractive.



6. Paris - The Chainsmokers

Teejay: This generation’s obsession with everything EDM led to hyping up songs that don’t even deserve to be on the charts. A particularly bad song can get away with a catchy beat, but this one doesn’t even fall into that category. It has an anti-climactic chorus that leaves you hanging and lyrics that could be written by teenagers on spring break.



5. Meant to Be - Bebe Rhexa ft. Florida Georgia Line

I’ll be honest – I plucked this one right out of Singapore’s Top Hits on Spotify just for sticking out like a sore thumb and boy did I strike gold. For a song about letting go and following the natural order of things, this cliché-driven, cross-genre collaboration comes across as painfully forced – an  unabashedly commercial enterprise much like that sweet product placement spot that does not go unnoticed. Yeah alright be simultaneous but not like, hitchhiking simultaneous…



4. Shape of You - Ed Sheeran

Donwei: There are some songs that you don't care much for and there are others that you detest with a burning passion. For me, Shape Of You definitely belongs to the latter group. This single triggers me on so many levels and it doesn't help how overplayed it is. While it would be unfair to say that Ed Sheeran should go back to making generic love songs (which he is great at!), there surely are other ways to diversify his music portfolio.


3. Swish Swish - Katy Perry

Letazia: This single was really disappointing, kinda expected more from Katy. I don't really know what to say about this single but I think the fact that Katy Kats were underwhelmed by this song says a lot.

Solihin: Can confirm, even a Nicki Minaj verse and her throwaway encouragement to “Get it together, Katy” could not salvage this weak-ass attempt at a Taylor Swift diss track. Receipts? Yes, I’d like one so I could get a refund for every time I heard a lethargic basketball metaphor.


2. Thunder – Imagine Dragons

Just when you thought that the Grammy popularity circle jerk this year actually didn’t turn out to be that terrible, The Recording Academy just had to acknowledge the gigantic deuce in the room by nominating it for Best Group Performance. How is popular stadium rock band Imagine Dragons still considered innovative or even alternative in any shape or form when they have the gall to let loose such a mind-numbingly dumb track. Bad song. Bad! Not good!!


1. Gucci Gang - Lil Pump

Linda: I can forgive off-beat rapping if the rapper has charisma or sharp punchlines – sadly Lil Pump doesn't have any of those either. I guess Soundcloud rappers are inherently divisive with their monotone, dead-eyed rapping, but I think such a style can be effective in evoking a kind of sickening bleakness (see: XO TOUR Llif3). Gucci Gang stops short of such a feeling due to its boring flow and half-assed delivery over a typical, skeletal beat. It's also pretty weird hearing a 17-year-old (yes, that's his actual age) rap "My bitch love do cocaine, ooh". Dude needs to go back to school.


Photo credit: Holger, Interscope Records, Rich Fury, Dimitrios Kambouris

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