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10 Things I Did While Waiting 7 Hours In Line For Coldplay

By  April 2, 2017

“This is the part of adulthood I was mostly looking forward to as a 15-year-old fangirl,” I told myself as I strategically plan what I would be doing on the day of Coldplay’s sold out show in Singapore.

It has been almost 2 years since I waited in line at a concert and I must say that I did get some unexpected jitters.

It didn’t help that my ticket was on the 31st of March, the same day that I had a morning class. But like the meticulous planner that I am, I had it all worked out – I would leave class at 10am right after we get dismissed, rush to the cafeteria for some fried rice, go straight to the National Stadium, arrive there at 11am, and wait for 7 hours until the doors open at 6pm.

Did it all go as planned, you may ask?

You bet it did. It even turned out to be an unforgettable experience! 

So, in light of this serendipitous “adventure of a lifetime," let me share with you some of the things that I did during my 7 hour wait for Coldplay.


1. Ate my surprisingly spicy fried rice

I consumed the said meal item in a much slower pace than usual to avoid getting a stomachache – a big “no no” if you want to keep yourself feeling comfortable during the show. Nobody has time for the loo when you’re stuck in a moshpit while being enthralled by Guy Berryman’s seducing basslines (and attractive facial features).


2. Went people watching

Cheesiness aside, there’s some beauty about watching fans trying to kill time as they wait for their favorite band.


3. Braved the rain


The thing about the waiting area is that it was sheltered. But it wasn’t sheltered enough not to have roofs that are designed in such a way that there are holes in between them. So when a quick storm decided to pay us a visit before the show, we had to leave the queue and move to the side for shelter.


4. Succumbed to capitalism aka bought some merch

Let’s just say that I splurged a bit too much on this aspect.


5. Admired creative fan signs


Here are some adorable fan signs that I saw in line at the concert.


6. Made new international friends


I’d like to give a shout out to the wonderful people I've met who made every hour in the queue more bearable. 7 hours surely did pass by like a breeze when you’re in the company of such endearing humans. I didn’t expect to laugh that hard in front of people I’ve just met, but I’m glad I did.


7. Buried myself in a book for 10 seconds

I’ll be honest and admit that I didn’t get to read that much while in line as I got carried away chatting with fellow fans.


8. Hydrated myself with Coke because that’s just what I drink now. Water? What's that?

Here’s my friend, Yvonne, gracefully opening Burger King’s main door as I shouted, “I’M DOCUMENTING EVERYTHING THAT I’M DOING TODAY!”

Yes, I got myself a Coke.


9. Fangirled during soundcheck

There’s something about hearing Chris Martin’s voice live for the first time without any visual evidence that makes you squeal in excitement.


10. Ironically bought a Chris Martin mask and had fellow fans take pictures with it


Greatest investment I’ve made this year, enough said.


Planning to queue for your next concert? Now you know what to look forward to!


Photo credit: Teejay Vergara, @sasyapurwanty & @ramadhinyy via Instagram, Mark Cheong for The Straits Times

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