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Monday, 25 December 2017 12:48

A Christmas Playlist: For Harmonizers

If you're a harmonizer, this is our Christmas gift to you.

It is universally agreed that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. The spirit of giving with thankful hearts in the company of loved ones is something to be cherished.

So this Christmas, we decided to gift Fifth Harmony fans a specially curated playlist. This playlist consists of songs and covers by the multiplatinum-selling girl group Fifth Harmony. Over the years, they have never failed to bring the joy of Christmas to everyone with their angelic voices.

It is no different this year as they brought us the new majestic track Can You See from, The Star, an animated comedy film that tells the true story of Christmas. One song is definitely not enough to fill the entire holiday season, so here's a compilation of Fifth Harmony's best vocals to accompany you this Christmas.


1. Can You See


2. All I Want For Christmas Is You


3. Silent Night


4. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas


5. Christmas Medley

Photo Credit: Just Jared

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Saturday, 02 December 2017 07:19

12 Gifts Every Fandom Needs This Christmas

The season of giving is upon us once again.

If you are thinking of what gifts to get a fandom-obsessed person, you have come to the right place. Put aside the usual CDs, biographies and posters, we have got some interesting finds for you.

Regardless of whom they idolise, we’re sure you will find something suitable here!


1.     Pins - For the ones that like it subtle.

Beyonce Lemonade Pin | One Direction Pin Set | Drake Pin


2.     Iron Ons – For the ones that like to jazz up their outfits.

Justin Bieber Patch | Sia Patch | Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You Patch


3.     Stickers – For the ones that want to spice up their life.

Spice Girls | Fifth Harmony | The 1975


4.     Phone cases – For the ones that cannot keep their hands off their idols.

Shawn Mendes | Maroon 5 | Ariana Grande


5.     Notebooks – For the busy ones.

Selena Gomez | Troye Sivan | Rihanna


6.     Totebags – For the ones that love shopping.

Sound of Music | Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour | Taylor Swift’s Squad


7.     Mugs – For that morning tea or coffee.

Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk | Mariah Carey | Justin Timberlake


8.     Figurines – For the ones who love collectibles.

Shakira | Amy Winehouse | The Beatles


9.     T-shirts – For the ones that aren’t afraid to tell the world.

Harry Styles | Shawn Mendes | Halsey


10.Keychains – For the ones who never wish to lose their keys.

David Bowie | Troye Sivan | Kanye West & Kim Kardashian


11.Socks – For the ones that are always on their toes.

The Rolling Stones | Steve Aoki | Big Bang


12.Earrings – For the ones that like to keep music by their ears.

5SOS’ Safety Pin | Drake | Justin Bieber


Happy Holidays!

Picture Credits: Giphy, Lyashenko -

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A few bands might have cancelled their shows or even skipped Singapore during their Asia tour this year, but we can’t deny that we’ve also been blessed with a range of memorable concerts in 2017.

But what exactly makes a concert memorable? It’s not just the music anymore, it’s the overall experience made possible by fellow audience members, the lighting, the pyrotechnics, the stage presence, and even the venue.

Read what our writers had to say about their top concerts of 2017!

*Click the images to read our concert reviews!


Teejay: “While Glass Animals’ set at Laneway Festival can't exactly be counted as a concert, their show was still exhilarating from start to finish – we’ve got a fantastic setlist in addition to their kaleidoscopic stage setup and their wild gimmicks (pineapple inflatables being thrown around). This was one of those rare moments where I’m grateful to be standing in the middle of the moshpit instead of my usual front spot because the infectious energy of the crowd made listening to Glass Animals’ music live such an unforgettable and euphoric experience.”


Leo: “The UK quartet's return to Singapore was easily the top arena show of the year. The rainbow of lights on the audience wristbands, cannon-fired confetti, inflatable balls, and pyrotechnic fire displays make the entire experience a kind of sensory overload. With a setlist spanning from their breakout hit Yellow to recent collaborations with The Chainsmokers and Beyoncé, Coldplay's performance was a pure spectacle and proved why they are still pop heavyweights.”


Letazia: “This was the girlband's first time performing in Singapore. Since they were still on their 7/27 tour, I was very impressed that they were able to adapt and change the arrangements to their songs in such a short amount of time considering that they had just lost one band member.”


Teejay: “Honne’s dreamy soundscapes created such an atmospheric ambience in the tiny Esplanade Annexe Studio. The lack of energy onstage was sort of given because of the duo’s assumed introverted nature. But their songs undoubtedly sounded flawless live. Toss up a bit of mellow lighting in there and you’ve got yourself a spiritual experience.”


Solihin: “As one of the few bands from The Scene™ whose music I can safely get behind even after more than a decade, The Maine's sound blossomed beautifully with Lovely, Little, Lonely. Third time's the charm as they say and this is a hardworking group who makes making music and touring look easy.”


Donwei: “Deryck Whibley is an amazing frontman and really knows how to put on a show and work a crowd. Sum 41's concert here in August is possibly the most interactive and energetic one I've ever been to, not that I should expect any less of these pop punk veterans. Despite initially hating the idea of travelling to Jurong East for the gig, I actually really liked Zepp@BIGBOX as a concert venue!”


Solihin: “No fancy light shows. No surprise musical guests. Just two hours plus of solid rock and also some roll. Only Dave Grohl and company could ever convince me to pay actual money for a seat at the National Stadium, still leave me completely floored and wistful for a bygone era that not many seem fit or overly keen on inheriting. Dad rock forever.”


Donwei: “Mew's gig is at the SOTA Concert Hall is possibly one of the smallest most intimate concerts I have ever attended and in my opinion, was pretty damn near perfect. The atmosphere, psychedelic visuals and music complemented each other flawlessly, and I could only wish that there were more concerts like this in Singapore.”


Letazia: “Ed Sheeran's voice was pure perfection. The concert had a mix of upbeat songs and slow chill ballads. Other than the obvious fact that Ed has an incredible voice, his rapping skills are out of this world. The set was very well designed too. A NIGHT TO REMEMBER.”


Xinyi: “It’s just Harry innit? Styles hung up his boyband shoes to put on rockstar boots for his second visit to Singapore. The mix of slow-sentimental tracks in between high-energy rock out songs created the perfect mood. The biggest star of the show was his pure voice and how versatile he was, performing every track spot on. The moment the show ended, I was already anticipating his show next May.”



What’s your favorite concert of 2017? Share them with us in the comments section below!


Photo credit: Unusual Entertainment, Upsurge Productions, Aloysius Lim, Live Nation Lushington SG, @aa_fiq via Twitter, Symmetry Entertainment, Ariffin Jamar for The Straits Times, Moonbeats Asia, Alvin Ho for LAMC Productions, Spin or Bin Music

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Its back!

In June, we said goodbye to one of the biggest bubble tea chains, Gong Cha. Franchisee Mr Rodney Tang announced that all the Gong Cha outlets island wide were going to be converted into home-grown brand Li Ho. The news received mixed reactions from Singaporeans and many scrambled to get a cup of their favourite drink just before the shops get converted. In fact, many braved the long queues at Gong Cha’s last store (was located at Marina Bay Sands) to get their very last cup of bubble tea.

6 months later, Gong Cha is finally back! Whether you are still contemplating on patronising the newly reopened chain, or if you are already in queue eagerly waiting for your turn or sipping on a cup of Gong Cha right now, we’re here to concoct 5 relatable lyrics for their return.


1.     I Miss You – Clean Bandit ft. Julia Michaels

I miss you, yeah, I miss you
I miss you, yeah, I miss you, oh, I do
I miss you, yeah, I miss you

Some of us can’t live without music, some of us can’t live without coffee and maybe some of you can’t live without Gong Cha? If Gong Cha was your go-to bubble tea chain, then this song would be most relatable.


2. Finally Here – Flo Rida

That day is finally here
That day is finally here
That day is finally here

When the newly built SingPost centre opened in October, rumours started surfacing that Gong Cha was going to make a return to Singapore. Things were confirmed when a shop was spotted with the brand’s posters all over the windows but we still had to wait a couple of months till the drinks were being served. No more waiting now (except for the extremely long queues)!


3. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) – Backstreet Boys

Rock your body
Everybody, rock your body right
Backstreet's Gong Cha’s back, alright

It is time to celebrate! Not only because the Holiday season is here, but also because Gong Cha is back. We’re sure we have all sent our pals or received articles about the chain’s return.


4. Worth It – Fifth Harmony

Give it to me I'm worth it, baby I'm worth it
Uh huh I'm worth it, gimme gimme I'm worth it
Give it to me I'm worth it, baby I'm worth it
Uh huh I'm worth it, gimme gimme I'm worth it

If you decided to brave the long snaking queues and make it all the way to the order counter, this is for you. Maybe this song went through your mind while waiting to collect your favourite cup of bubble tea? We definitely give you props for braving the crazy queues!


5. For The First Time In Forever – Walt Disney Records for Frozen

For the first time in forever
There'll be magic, there'll be fun

6 months could be “forever” to those hardcore Gong Cha patrons, and for the first time they’ll be able to get their favourite cup of bubble tea again. There was a lot of hype around the new opening and in fact queues started to form the day before the store’s opening.  



Picture Credits: Gong Cha Singapore on Instagram

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Or rather Ally did.

Fifth Harmony recently visited the Billboard headquarters to promote their self-titled studio album and to play a friendly game of good old Pictionary.

The drawing game consisted of song titles from their latest album as well as their previous ones. Songs like Bridges and Angel were easily guessed by the girls but when it was Ally Brooke's turn to guess what Normani Kordei was drawing, she just couldn't get it.

Anticipating a song from their new album, Ally thought that the doodle illustrated songs Don't Say You Love Me or He Like That which were all incorrect.

Even after Normani wrote 7/27 beside her doodle of scribbles on a human figure indicating that the song was from their previous album, Ally was completely clueless. In frustration, Ally blurted out "write you a cheque" to which the other girls started to burst out in uncontrollable laughter.

Would anyone buy Write You A Cheque on iTunes? Cos' we know we would ;)


Photo Credit: Billboard

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A ring on the ring finger is all it takes.

Fifth Harmony recently dropped their surprise music video for Deliver, the fourth visual representation from their self-titled studio album.

The singing quartet donned black gowns, gloves, diamond jewelry and shorter hair styles while channeling some seriously amazing Beyoncé vibes.

As the music video approached the end, Fifth Harmony's Ally Brooke motioned to place a diamond ring on her ring finger as she closed the song with the last word. That action caused many to do a double take, rewinding the last part of the video as it looked like the 24-year-old was hinting to the fans that she recently got engaged.

However, after further examination and analysis, it was concluded that the singer is not engaged as it was the right ring finger that she placed the ring on. In addition, the fans were not able to figure out who she got engaged to if she actually did as there are currently no romantic interests present in the pop star's life.


Photo Credits: YouTube

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Statement or Shade?

MTV's annual Video Music Awards is always known for its over-the-top flavour to reflect the culture of music videos in today's time and age.

From the unconventional red carpet outfits to the iconic on-stage performances, every single VMA has gone down in the history books as the award show to remember.

This year's VMAs was no different especially for multi-platinum selling girl group Fifth Harmony and their mash-up performance of Angel and Down.

In the beginning of their performance, it was clear to the audience that there were five silhouettes on stage. But soon after the beat kicked in, the middle astronaut jumped backwards and fell off the stage as the remaining members of Fifth Harmony continued with the performance. As a result, many have attributed the stunt as the girl group throwing shade to former band member Camila Cabello.

However, Fifth Harmony's Ally Brooke made it clear on Good Morning America the next day saying, "We get asked all the time if we are getting a fifth member. We wanted to show the world in an artistic way that, hey, the four of us are Fifth Harmony, and we're stronger and better than we've ever been."

Many supportive fans also wanted to point out the fact that the fifth astronaut was not thrown off the stage by the girls, symbolising that Cabello willingly left the group to pursue her solo career.


Photo Credit: 29Secrets

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We gonna gif it up!!!

In celebration of Fifth Harmony's self-titled studio album, we have decided to take a closer look at the LP track list because 25 August still seems a little too far away for us to wait for the big reveal of all the tunes.

Although the musical quartet has already dropped Down and Angel, these releases just don't seem to satisfy our eagerness to hear the album in entirety.

Since they have teased us with the titles of the songs, we thought that it would be interesting to predict what these tracks would sound like through the representation of gifs. Here's what we have come up with!


1. Down


2. He Like That


3. Sauced Up


4. Make You Mad


5. Deliver


6. Lonely Night


7. Don't Say You Love Me


8. Angel


9. Messy


10. Bridges


Photo Credits: Fifth Harmony Facebook, Zetaboards, @5hgifs, @hansensjaureguis, @yeah5h, @afairfight, @ljareguii on Tumblr

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Pre-Fetus Harmony.

Today, Fifth Harmony is known as a multi-platinum selling girl group with numerous awards and millions of fans all around the world.

Harmonizers who have supported the girls from the very beginning will be able recite the 5H origin story from memory - contestants who auditioned for The X Factor as solo artists were eliminated but brought back before the judges to form the girl group that we all know and love today.

Although many fans are very knowledgeable and well-versed about all things in the 5H world, it seems like not everyone has actually heard their singing chops before their first audition on The X Factor. So let's take a look, shall we?


Dinah Jane

Lauren Jauregui

Normani Kordei

Ally Brooke


Photo Credit: gigwise

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The answer is simple - change.

The ladies of Fifth Harmony recently attended the iGo.Live social media launch party at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and had a little chat with Entertainment Tonight about everything that has been going on lately in the 5H world.

Ally Brooke started the interview by saying that the group has been the happiest that they have ever been and that there are so many exciting things happening for the group.

When asked about their upcoming album, Lauren Jauregui revealed that it has been the most authentic sound that the girls have ever made to which Normani Kordei chimed in to say that the body of work really just shows the growth that they had. Dinah Jane acknowledged that this project is very special to the band because they fought very hard to be more creatively involved in the writing process this time round.

Fifth Harmony admitted that they went through a phase where they were treated like robots but they have been very grateful that their current management remembers that they are humans and schedules them according to that very fact.


Photo Credit: Just Jared Jr.

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