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join our team!

join our team!

Or rather Ally did.

Fifth Harmony recently visited the Billboard headquarters to promote their self-titled studio album and to play a friendly game of good old Pictionary.

The drawing game consisted of song titles from their latest album as well as their previous ones. Songs like Bridges and Angel were easily guessed by the girls but when it was Ally Brooke's turn to guess what Normani Kordei was drawing, she just couldn't get it.

Anticipating a song from their new album, Ally thought that the doodle illustrated songs Don't Say You Love Me or He Like That which were all incorrect.

Even after Normani wrote 7/27 beside her doodle of scribbles on a human figure indicating that the song was from their previous album, Ally was completely clueless. In frustration, Ally blurted out "write you a cheque" to which the other girls started to burst out in uncontrollable laughter.

Would anyone buy Write You A Cheque on iTunes? Cos' we know we would ;)


Photo Credit: Billboard

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A ring on the ring finger is all it takes.

Fifth Harmony recently dropped their surprise music video for Deliver, the fourth visual representation from their self-titled studio album.

The singing quartet donned black gowns, gloves, diamond jewelry and shorter hair styles while channeling some seriously amazing Beyoncé vibes.

As the music video approached the end, Fifth Harmony's Ally Brooke motioned to place a diamond ring on her ring finger as she closed the song with the last word. That action caused many to do a double take, rewinding the last part of the video as it looked like the 24-year-old was hinting to the fans that she recently got engaged.

However, after further examination and analysis, it was concluded that the singer is not engaged as it was the right ring finger that she placed the ring on. In addition, the fans were not able to figure out who she got engaged to if she actually did as there are currently no romantic interests present in the pop star's life.


Photo Credits: YouTube

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Statement or Shade?

MTV's annual Video Music Awards is always known for its over-the-top flavour to reflect the culture of music videos in today's time and age.

From the unconventional red carpet outfits to the iconic on-stage performances, every single VMA has gone down in the history books as the award show to remember.

This year's VMAs was no different especially for multi-platinum selling girl group Fifth Harmony and their mash-up performance of Angel and Down.

In the beginning of their performance, it was clear to the audience that there were five silhouettes on stage. But soon after the beat kicked in, the middle astronaut jumped backwards and fell off the stage as the remaining members of Fifth Harmony continued with the performance. As a result, many have attributed the stunt as the girl group throwing shade to former band member Camila Cabello.

However, Fifth Harmony's Ally Brooke made it clear on Good Morning America the next day saying, "We get asked all the time if we are getting a fifth member. We wanted to show the world in an artistic way that, hey, the four of us are Fifth Harmony, and we're stronger and better than we've ever been."

Many supportive fans also wanted to point out the fact that the fifth astronaut was not thrown off the stage by the girls, symbolising that Cabello willingly left the group to pursue her solo career.


Photo Credit: 29Secrets

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We gonna gif it up!!!

In celebration of Fifth Harmony's self-titled studio album, we have decided to take a closer look at the LP track list because 25 August still seems a little too far away for us to wait for the big reveal of all the tunes.

Although the musical quartet has already dropped Down and Angel, these releases just don't seem to satisfy our eagerness to hear the album in entirety.

Since they have teased us with the titles of the songs, we thought that it would be interesting to predict what these tracks would sound like through the representation of gifs. Here's what we have come up with!


1. Down


2. He Like That


3. Sauced Up


4. Make You Mad


5. Deliver


6. Lonely Night


7. Don't Say You Love Me


8. Angel


9. Messy


10. Bridges


Photo Credits: Fifth Harmony Facebook, Zetaboards, @5hgifs, @hansensjaureguis, @yeah5h, @afairfight, @ljareguii on Tumblr

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Pre-Fetus Harmony.

Today, Fifth Harmony is known as a multi-platinum selling girl group with numerous awards and millions of fans all around the world.

Harmonizers who have supported the girls from the very beginning will be able recite the 5H origin story from memory - contestants who auditioned for The X Factor as solo artists were eliminated but brought back before the judges to form the girl group that we all know and love today.

Although many fans are very knowledgeable and well-versed about all things in the 5H world, it seems like not everyone has actually heard their singing chops before their first audition on The X Factor. So let's take a look, shall we?


Dinah Jane

Lauren Jauregui

Normani Kordei

Ally Brooke


Photo Credit: gigwise

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The answer is simple - change.

The ladies of Fifth Harmony recently attended the iGo.Live social media launch party at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and had a little chat with Entertainment Tonight about everything that has been going on lately in the 5H world.

Ally Brooke started the interview by saying that the group has been the happiest that they have ever been and that there are so many exciting things happening for the group.

When asked about their upcoming album, Lauren Jauregui revealed that it has been the most authentic sound that the girls have ever made to which Normani Kordei chimed in to say that the body of work really just shows the growth that they had. Dinah Jane acknowledged that this project is very special to the band because they fought very hard to be more creatively involved in the writing process this time round.

Fifth Harmony admitted that they went through a phase where they were treated like robots but they have been very grateful that their current management remembers that they are humans and schedules them according to that very fact.


Photo Credit: Just Jared Jr.

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FBI Harmonizers, where y'all at?

The biggest girl group of our generation, Fifth Harmony, is known for their loyal and dedicated fan base who are also known as the Harmonizers.

Not only are Harmonizers supportive, they are rather impatient. The saying "good things come to those who wait" does not apply to this group of people. When the girl group announces that they are about to drop something but takes too long to do so, the detectives in these Harmonizers are somehow activated.

We are glad to say that we are part of this fandom who fearlessly support these girls who fight for their dreams everyday. And in anticipation of their third studio album (coming out really soon), we have gathered 8 facts/speculations about the LP.


1. Down is the first single from #5H3


2. Gucci Mane who was featured in Down is a hint as to how the rest of album is going to sound like.


3. #5H3 consists of pop melodies and dark urban tones with the R&B flare.


4. The ladies of Fifth Harmony co-wrote more than half of the album.


5. Because Fifth Harmony was more creatively involved in this project, the stories told through the songs are more tailored to who they are and their experiences, making it a more authentic body of work.


6. The album shows growth - the relationship of the girls with one another and how they uplift each other as human beings.


7. There is a song in particular that addresses the importance of uniting and showing love to the world.


8. "Pumped" - either a song title or a word within a song in the album.

This is speculated because during their Billboard interview. Normani and Lauren spontaneously burst into what seemed like choreography to one of their songs when the interviewer mentioned the word "pumped". (Check out 6:17 of the video)


Photo Credits: Billboard, XXL, @fifth-gifs on Tumblr

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Sunday, 02 July 2017 14:04

Then & Now – X Factor USA Season 2

Remember them?

X Factor USA Season 2 brought us the likes of Fifth Harmony, their journey continued far beyond the talent competition. Even today, the girls of Fifth Harmony are still topping charts around the world and performing in front of huge crowds.

But, what have the other finalists on the 2012 season been up to?


Bea Miller

Bea has put out quite a bit of music ever since her time on X Factor USA. This year alone, she will be releasing 3 EPs and compiling all the tracks into her sophomore album at the end of the year. In her interview with Fuse TV, Bea explained how the songs were grouped based on what colour she felt when listening to them.





Emblem 3

The trio have been on and off throughout the years, Drew Chadwick left in the middle of 2014 but reunited with the Stromberg brothers at the end of 2015. Following that, they released a couple of tracks together and went on tour. Just last week, the youngest member, Keaton Stromberg, released his debut solo album The Simple Life. We’re not sure where the band is headed, but one thing for sure they will continue making music whether individually or as a group!




CeCe Frey

CeCe released her first song Dead 2 Me in 2014 but since then she hasn’t put out any other tunes. Thankfully, we can expect new music from her in August as she announced on social media just a few days ago.



Arin Ray

Arin released his first EP, Phases, last year and promised fans on Twitter that more material will be out soon. Besides working on his music, he has also started a family. How cute!




Carly Rose Sonenclar

After X Factor, Carly released a couple of songs here and there and even joined in on a few Boyce Avenue videos. Even though she had been hard at work on her music career, she had been attending school and has recently graduated. Congrats girl!




Picture Credits: The Hollywood Reporter, Bea Miller, Ace Showbiz, Emblem 3, CeCe Frey & Carly Rose Sonenclar on Instagram, X Factor Wiki, Arin Ray on Twitter, TV Guide, Daily Mail

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That's exactly why we love their friendship.

Dinah Jane of the multi-platinum selling girl group, Fifth Harmony, took to Instagram to wish her fellow band mate, Lauren Jauregui, a very happy 21st birthday.

In the birthday message, Dinah Jane revealed that Lauren was very anxious to turn 21 during her teen years but it felt as though Lauren had already been 21 all this time because of her intellect and maturity that was way beyond her years.

The birthday wish continued by recounting their X Factor days during bootcamp. Dinah Jane remembered Lauren wearing red lipstick, having perfectly shaped eyebrows that complimented her seductive eyes while donning a black top and white jeans. She noticed that Lauren was interacting with everyone around her and hoped that she wouldn't be approached because of her shy nature.

Against Dinah's wishes, Lauren did approach her and asked what song she was going to sing to which Dinah replied "Hero by Mariah Carey". Lauren looked through Dinah's soul and told her not to sing it as she would be performing that song as well. Dinah Jane obviously didn't care and went ahead to sing it because she thought that she would never see Lauren ever again. And the rest is history.

What a dramatic start to a beautiful friendship between two girls in Fifth Harmony. The only thing we are hoping for now is that The X Factor crew somehow recorded this incident back then and will someday release a series of never-seen-before footage that didn't make the main show.

Photo Credit: @dinahjane97 on Instagram

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Girl power is important but why?

Fifth Harmony recently visited the MTV headquarters to promote their latest single Down. Amongst talking about what fans can expect from their third studio album and whether they decided to get a name change, the quartet was asked something that basically questioned the foundation of their career.

"What is the importance of girl groups today?" A heavy question to answer but the biggest girl group of our generation handled it like a BO$$ and gave some very insightful replies as to what their brand is really all about.

Ally Brooke started off by saying that as a girl group, it is very important to know that everyone has their own strengths and talents. And how as women, understanding and knowing that they are there to support and encourage one another on this journey is something so special.

In addition, Normani Kordei mentioned that 5H represents so many different women out there. Growing up listening to Destiny's Child and TLC, the ladies appreciated that these girl groups represented who they were. Especially in today's context, people don't feel represented and Normani hopes that their younger audience can identify with someone in the group.

Lauren Jauregui elaborates that they are not unapproachable dolls that people can't relate to. Fifth Harmony is all about spreading a message of love and positivity, a group that encourages people to start a journey of self-love in a world where it's so easy to get lost in.

In conclusion, Dinah Jane reveals that they see each other more than their own family members. And that in order to maintain healthy relationships with each other and to be happy, communication is key.


Photo Credit: MTV News 

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