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Yes, I am writing this piece because I'm craving for new Twenty One Pilots material.

And yes, I do spend my afternoons lurking on the internet, endlessly searching for some new content to perk myself up after class.

It has been a couple of months since Twenty One Pilots dominated my social media feeds with Heathens. So, it was quite a surprise to stumble upon their live cover of Black Eyed Peas' Where Is The Love (a solid jam from my childhood) just a few days ago.

Like any internet user, I watched a video and ended up discovering a few more. So I suggest you listen to these 3 brilliant live covers by Twenty One Pilots while on tour.


1. Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love

There is something about Tyler's rapping that makes everything more exciting than it already is. I mean, that mere choreographed dance is just a bonus



2. The Beatles - Twist and Shout 

Hearing Tyler's laidback vocals sing a Beatles song already makes my day.



3. R. Kelly - Ignition

This, of course, is a bit from their 7 acoustic covers that I completely adore.

Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for CBS Radio

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With Twenty One Pilots becoming one of 2016’s rising bands, the duo certainly has made a name for themselves.

Their apparent influence have inspired another band, Those Who Dream, to recreate all of their MVs into one innovative video while covering Twenty One Pilots' Guns For Hands.

While the cover itself is pretty mediocre, we can’t deny that Those Who Dream has an eye for aesthetically pleasing visuals and precision – just observe the eerie similarity in certain scenes!

Check it out here:

Photo Credit: Celebmix

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Friday, 16 December 2016 05:31

Spotify's Top Artists Of 2016


Spotify has revealed 2016's top artists and we're thrilled to see so many of our favourites make it to the lists.

Here are some of our favourites and more notable picks!



Drake's love life this year may not flourished as well as he probably would've hoped (with Rihanna in particular), but at least his numbers of Spotify are! The rapper was crowned as the world's most streamed artist and his album, Views, that was dropped in April was also the most streamed abum of the year. And how many times was 2016's top hit a.k.a. One Dance streamed? 970 million times. 


Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande emerged as the most streamed female artist in Singapore and second in the world just behind Rihanna!


Twenty One Pilots

I can't even begin to describe how proud I feel of Twenty One Pilots for being the 4th most streamed artist in the world. Their 2015 album, Blurryface, also deservingly made it as one of 2016's most streamed albums!


Fifth Harmony

How apt is it that Fifth Harmony is 2016's 5th most streamed female artist in both Singapore and across the globe???



The stats have proven that Zayn is on the right direction for going solo. The ex-One Direction member was named as the year's top breakout artist!



Rihanna is 2016's was not only the top R&B artist, but also the most streamed female artist in the world with over 2.5 billion streams to her name!


Panic! At The Disco

I would say that it's been a long time since Panic! At The Disco deviated from their roots in the emo genre, so the fact that they were this year's top emo artist probably shows that many people have been reminiscing of the early 2000s this year!

Here's my top artists and tracks of 2016! 
What about yours? 
(Photo credit: Rolling Stone, Billboard)
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Let's have a bit of fun with numbers, shall we? What do get when you add MUTEMATH to twenty one pilots?

Well, if you guessed an EP of pure musical bliss then you are absolutely right.

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun of electropop duo twenty one pilots recently teamed up with Paul Meany, Darren King, Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas and Todd Gummerman of alternative rock band MUTEMATH in a recent studio visit to create TOPxMM, an EP of five of TØP's hit songs reimagined.

The EP starts of with TØP's latest single for the blockbuster movie Suicide Squad: Heathens. From a straight up electro-badass sound, the collaboration has resulted in a more mellow, soulful version of the song, yet at the same time retaining its catchy hook supported by a clean bassline courtesy of Roy. The second track, heavydirtysoul, the only non-single in the set, does not come with an entirely new sound, but Tyler's vocals prove to be rawer which pairs well with the synth and keyboard stylings of Paul and Todd.

A bigger change is clear when Ride begins, introducing a dreamy and almost ambient-sounding backing tune which becomes more evident in the bridge and it effectively gives the song a lighter vibe. The real twist then kicks in; skipping the ever familiar "annyeonghaseyo," Tear In My Heart starts off with trumpets, gang vocals and a beat reminiscient of a 70's disco tune. Surprisingly, the group has managed to succesfully combine the spunkiness of the original song with a groovy, fresh new tune which I wholeheartedly applaud.

The final song on this set, Lane Boy, shows off Paul's techno skills as well as Josh and Darren's drumming as the backbone of the song. The track then rolls over to an instrumental postlude - a superb ending to the EP.

Produced by Paul Meany, this collaboration was a great success which showcased the individual talents of the six musicians as well as the result of a cohesive blend of both the bands' sounds.

With the release of the EP, the bands have also put up a live video that you can watch here:



The tracks are also available for FREE download here until the 18th of January 2017.

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Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun of Twenty One Pilots seem to be pros at everything do, whether it's evoking such strong emotions with their depressive lyrics or channeling their undying bromance. But despite their skyrocketing success with Blurryface and performing on Saturday Night Live (SNL), the duo hasn't lost that certain charm that brought them where they are today.

In their latest interview on Coup De Main magazine, Tyler and Josh share with us facts about each other and some insightful thoughts about their music.

Think you know everything about Twenty One Pilots? Think again!


1. Josh’s favourite Halsey song is “Roman Holiday"

No, they're not dating.


2. Tyler’s favourite video game of all time is Super Smash Bros

The more you know, eh?


3. "Goner" almost didn’t make it on Blurryface

"It was actually the last song that we recorded on ‘Blurryface’ and it barely made the cut - if we ran out of a couple of more studio days we probably wouldn’t have had that song on the record, that’s how close it was." - Tyler


4. They’re currently writing new music

This is more of an update, but still, we're excited!


5. They advocate acknowledging the darker sides of humanity through their music

This is more of a given fact seeing that most of their lyrics revolve around thoughts most of us are afraid to open up about.

"So, music has kept that alive, to know that it’s still an option to go down there, and keeping some sort of rope behind you so that you can make your way back and not lose yourself. But it can’t be helped to go down there, you just can’t stay down there all the time." - Tyler



Watch Tyler and Josh test how much they know about each other in this video!

Photo Credit: Coup De Main, 20d0llarn0sebleed (tumblr), rebloggy, giphy, favim

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The boys have done it again.

Twenty One Pilots recently dropped their cover of My Chemical Romance's track, Cancer, and believe me, it has got the two fandoms... shook.

Complete with a dope-as-hell lyric video on their channel, the mastery of Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun shines once again.

While Heathens prevail on the charts and on the airwaves with fervent listeners, Cancer is a welcome, reminiscent track with beloved fans.

I wouldn't blow their trumpet (Ha, Josh!) too much, but when you have Hayley Williams as your testimonial... YES.


Check out the lyric video below!


Photo credit: Playbuzz

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On 18 June 1988, the world was gifted with the man who blesses our ears with his drumming for Twenty One Pilots and whose hair sets the definition of #hairgoals. If we could describe how we feel about him in one gif, it would be this one:


Let's take a look at Josh's hair transformation over the years:


1. Green


2. Red


3. Pink (His current hair colour!)


4. Blue


5. Purple

Which of the five colours are your favourite? What new colours would you like to see on him? I'm crossing my fingers for silver!


Photo credit: Mark Eshleman, Tumblr

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Rumored to be featured in the upcoming DC film Suicide Squad, a new song called Heathens by Twenty One Pilots just got leaked a couple of days ago.

It’s not that much of a fresh tune compared to the songs in their last incarnation, Blurryface. But Heathens does capture the familiar beat the band seems to be keeping consistent all throughout most of their songs – something that will keep your head bobbing while still oblivious of the deep meaning behind it’s lyrics.

Speaking of Tyler Joseph’s beautifully knitted words, Heathens is apparently a subtle message to longtime Twenty One Pilots fans better known as the members of “the Clique.”

Some fans have quickly analyzed the lyrics, saying that Heathens may refer to the unbelievers or uncivilized, those who condemn new listeners for their initial ignorance of the band. Tyler sings in the chorus, “All my friends are heathens, take it slow. Wait for them to ask you who you know. Please don't make any sudden moves. You don't know the half of the abuse.”

Tyler might be pleading for more compassion in the current “Clique” in the essence of spreading equality and establishing a non-hierarchical fanbase. After all, music is music and to label another as a “fake fan” is just ironic.


Photo Credit: Meredith Jerkins for Billboard

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When we think Twenty One Pilots have been busy selling out shows, they surprise us.

The duo have recently covered Justin Bieber's Love Yourself - it might have been overplayed on radio a bit, but not when it's LIVE, by the alternative pop scene's two favourite males.

It can't get any better - Mr. Dun's already playing the trumpet and that signature trumpet bridge in the JB track comes to life again thanks to a shirtless Josh.

You know what this means - this all just proves the boys do keep up with the current music scene, more than we suspect.

Check out the video below, starting with the effervescent TOP clique singing along:



Photo credit: Pup Fresh

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Yes, we all know You Raise Me Up is a beautiful song; there's no doubt about that.

However, when it comes to Mothers' Day song dedications, it can't get any more boring than that. It's time to mix it up this year!

Here's 5 songs that are just as lovely and meaningful to dedicate to your mums this Sunday:


1) Kanye West - Hey Mama


2) Twenty One Pilots - House Of Gold


3) Good Charlotte - Thank You Mom


4) Backstreet Boys - The Perfect Fan


5) Taylor Swift - The Best Day

Photo credit: USA TODAY

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