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join our team!

It’s not everyday that you get to see two of the most iconic pop singers in this generation with none other than Jack Antonoff.

The Bleachers frontman recently had Lorde and Carly Rae Jepsen join his band onstage for an MTV Unplugged performance of Hate That You Know Me, a song that originally features Jepsen.

The trio is known to have been longtime collaborators and real-life buddies - much evident in Lorde and Jepsen's comfortable stage presence with Antonoff. Talk about an expensive pair of backup singers, eh?

Listening to these three artists jam to a song live while belting out incredibly high notes is indeed a breath of fresh air.

Watch the video here:


Watch the rest of Bleachers' MTV Unplugged performances here.


Photo Credit: MTV

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Just when we thought Carly Rae Jepsen would give us some time to recover from her well-received banger, Cut To The Feeling, the pop diva has recently performed a majestic set with the 60-piece Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

The Canadian singer brought an elegant twist to songs like I Really Like You and Call Me Maybe, as well as her latest hits, Boy Problems, Emotions, and Let’s Get Lost, turning the songs into trance-like film scores.

It’s not everyday that you get to see a pop singer dance along to peppy hits with an orchestra, accompanied by supportive fans who sang along to every song, but Carly did it ever so flawlessly.

There’s really no stopping Carly when it comes to surprising us fans with sensational endeavors, huh?

Watch a bit of the show here:

Or just listen to the full concert here:


Photo Credit: Erik Madigan Heck for TIME

Published in Music News

Just when we thought we wouldn't be getting any new music from Carly Rae Jepsen in 2017, the queen finally brought us salvation with her latest single, Cut To The Feeling.

The track is enveloped with a quirky melody sprinkled with Carly's now signature pixie vibes. It seems like the singer really have strayed away from her initial "one hit wonder" demeanor. It's about time that we get some quality pop songs, right?

Rumour has it that the synth-heavy anthem was supposedly recorded for her previous album, E•MO•TION, but ended up not making the cut. 

Though now that it's released, fans have continued to show their support for this generation's queen of pop on Twitter.


Here are some of our favorite tweets regarding the single: 

Philosophical? Definitely.

She takes our fears away and turns them into heavenly pop music.

Yes, even your favorite celebrities joined in.

Halsey knows what's up.

Sometimes, all you need is a little dose of Carly Rae Jepsen in your life.


Listen to Cut To The Feeling here:


Photo Credit: Implantedvisions via Tumblr

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If the recent Coldplay fiasco has taught us anything, it's that Singaporeans still have a burning, fervent passion for live music. We will beg, holler and petition till The Powers That Be give us what we want dammit – overpriced tickets for an exceptionally mediocre band at a shitty venue.

Even for those less inclined to drink the Coldplay Kool-Aid however, 2017 is already shaping up to be a pretty decent year, concert-wise.

It could be better, we say.

In fact, we DEMAND that these following acts make a date here simply because we can.


1. Adele

Holmen: With her announcing the end of her 2016/17 world tour on July 1st, there's a 50/50 chance that she'll drop by Asia in 2017 as she has added a string of Australian dates for the entire month of March.


2. Blink-182

Solihin: We now live in a time where Blink-182 is nominated for the very serious, very prestigious Grammy Awards proving once again how dubious and out of touch the Recording Academy can be. If you're anything like me and “just wanna see some naked dudes,” this is what (wet) dreams are made of so the next obvious step would be a celebratory tour around the globe with sights primarily set on Singapore. However unlikely, there's been talk of a Boat.


3. Catfish and the Bottlemen

Donwei: Have been watching their live performances a lot lately, which I think is so much better than their studio recordings and would love to see that for myself. They will be in Australia before heading to Japan in January next year so it would be great if they made a stop in Singapore in between haha


4. Carly Rae Jepsen

Teejay: I just really dig her latest album. She skipped SG for her Gimmie Love Tour for some reason, but played shows in Japan and Manila.

Solihin: My hopes got significantly raised when some Pitchfork lackey predicted that the Queen of Everything in the Known Universe might be headlining Laneway 2017. E•MO•TION Side B was the equivalent of a Marvel post-credits scene – a glossy leftover coy enough to tease yet another Infinity Gem which will unavoidably have game-changing repercussions for the world of underappreciated pop. Make Singapore great again; reinstate the CRJ monarchy.


5. Childish Gambino + Chance The Rapper

Solihin: Ever notice the distinct lack of hip hop and rap artists that actually make the trip here? How come Australia gets all the fun? 2016 was a massive, massive year for these two gentlemen and it would be great if we could be a part of the upcoming one.


6. Fifth Harmony

Letazia:The girls have talked about coming to Singapore since forever and it is about time that they get their butts here by putting on an amazing show here to thank local Harmonizers for their incredible support and patience all these years.


7. Green Day

Holmen: Revolution Radio was a great comeback to form and they've always sold out their shows here. Skipped SG last tour and are playing Australia in May. Asia tour seems likely!



Teejay: They're going to Manila for Wanderland 2017 along with Explosions in the Sky (who's gonna play a show here!) So hopefully, they'll stop by Singapore too!


9. John Mayer

Donwei: I hope he comes cuz i love him lol. Also his new album will be released next year so I think it's quite likely that he would go on a world tour, hopefully SG would be included

Michael: The man is a genius and his new album looks like it's gonna be a hit


10. Justin Bieber

Xinyi: In 2016, his Purpose Tour came to Asia but only to Japan so he definitely should explore the rest of Asia and come to Singapore. He will be doing the Australian leg in March 2017 so since he already travelled to this part of the world. He should stop by Asia too. Plus, the last we saw him was before the whole shenanigans and it will be good to watch the new Justin live.


11. Lady Gaga

Joey: With her new album Joanne out, she’s gotten a lot of rave reviews and returned back to the mainstream. She is most likely headlining Super Bowl 2017, but a world tour isn't exactly out of the question.


12. Little Mix

Letazia: Little Mix had a sold out show in Singapore for their Get Weird Tour this year and have mentioned Singapore several times in interviews saying that it was one of their favourite countries that they have visited on tour. Since their latest album Glory Days just got released, it is only right for them to make another trip back!


13. Radiohead

Holmen: One of the greatest bands ever has yet to extensively tour Asia yet. 2017 is largely empty besides a couple of European festival dates.

Michael: Because they are a world acclaimed band that has never played in Singapore, unfortunately for diehard fans (I think they haven't been to Singapore)


14. Sia

Joey: (It would be amazing to watch her and Maddie Ziegler live) – but it is super unlikely she will come since her recent Nostalgic for the Present Tour just ended in early Nov in North America.


15. Troye Sivan

Xinyi: He did Asia (but only South Korea and Japan) this year on his Blue Neighbourhood Tour. It will be great for him to come back as a singer as he came as a YouTuber for Fanfest 2014. He was one of the biggest names then, definitely proving he has what it takes to sell out a show in Singapore.


16. The Vamps

Xinyi: They came to Singapore pretty much unannounced a few weeks ago to do some promos (with Spotify, 987FM etc.) but did not do any public appearances or shows. So I think we deserve something. On their website, they did say Asia will be covered in Sep-Oct 2017.


17. The 1975

Teejay: They came this year for laneway but that was prior to the release of their latest album. It would be cool to hear more songs from "i like it when you sleep" live other than their initial singles.

Solihin: I Like It When The 1975 Comes To Town For Their Songs Are So Groovy Yet Emo Enough For Me To Say “Fuck that, get money” Ironically


Photo credit: ROSEWOOD, Dimitrios Kambouris, Rommel Demano, Jeff Hahne, Frazer Harrison, Ramona Rosales

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WARNING: What you’re about to read is based on a subjective opinion. Read with discretion.

I like to think that Ms Carly Rae Jepsen has saved me from the mundanity of routine, has altered my mood and prevented me from always getting pissed at Singapore’s 30-degree weather.

I listen to her on the way to school, to a gig of some band whose music does not even closely resemble hers, in the shower, and sometimes to sleep. Who knows? Her songs might just end up being a lullaby a few years from now.

This obsession started when she released the masterpiece EMOTION. God, was I taken to an alternate universe with this album and her unique take on pop. Since then, I’ve been listening to her new music religiously. It’s not a complete day without blasting Let’s Get Lost at 6:30 in the morning when I’m getting ready for my dreaded 8:30am class.

With this, I pondered over the gloomy sky while listening to Favourite Colour and came up with 5 reasons why Carly Rae Jepsen should be the Patron Saint of Pop (and hopefully some reasons to turn you into Carly-converts):


1. Her aesthetics...

I mean, god. 


2. She has salvaged herself from being a one-hit wonder.


3. She made a song about our typical response when our parents ask us where we’re going and it's been our jam ever since.



4. She unites hipsters and pop fans.


5. Her song Run Away With Me became the Internet’s anthem...

See what I'm saying?


OK, that's enough.

Photo Credit: @carlyraejepsen via Instagram, Giphy, M. Milner

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Just when we all thought that Carly Rae Jepsen is done proving critics wrong about being a one-hit wonder, the pop singer recently released a mind-blowing collection of unreleased tracks from the album Emotion. But despite the not-so-brilliantly named collection entitled, Emotion: Side B, Carly’s efforts to channel her inner junkie and quirkiness makes the EP far from mundane.

Songs that others would have thought as not good enough to make the cut actually has equal potential as those that did - it’s the perfect mix of pre-internet retro vibes and 21st century pop.

Carly had her full armour on when she said she wanted her latest record to be an embodiment of Cyndi Lauper’s 80's synth-based music. Side B perfectly captures the sweet nostalgia of that era with catchy tunes like Store and First Time.

But Carly knows how to serve a full platter with the semi-emotional Cry, which blends mellow beats with lyrics that somehow suggest a form of uncertainty and unrequited love - “I never really know when he'll be leaving, and even with hello I hear goodbye.” Whatever the inspiration is, it was transformed into a groovy track that any pop fan would dig.

Hipsters who deem themselves allergic to mainstream pop could be easily lured into the magic that is Carly Rae Jepsen’s new music.

Do yourself a favor and have a listen:

Track Gems: Store, First Time, Higher, Body Language


Photo Credit: Hazel & Pine, 604, School Boy, & Interscope Records

Published in Album Review

Let’s go ahead and break down what happened this week, we have got stories from Carly Rae Jepsen, Liam Payne and the 2016 VMAs!


1.     Carly Rae Jepsen Re-emerges Singing Electropop

Say goodbye to her pop days, remember when Call Me Maybe and I Really Like You were topping charts and playing on all the radio airways? Caryl Rae Jepsen has re-emerged into the music scene playing electropop tracks with a tiny dash of retro. 

Watch her perform the new tracks at Pitchfork Music Festival here


2.     2016 VMAs Nominations

The time has come again; it is time to see which of your favourite artists have scored VMAs nominations. Beyoncé leads the pack with 11 nominations including Video Of The Year, Best Female Video and Best Pop Video. Followed by Adele who goes head to head with her for all 8 categories she is nominated for. You can get the full list of nominees here. It will be a real interesting show to see who takes home the trophies.

Unfortunately, voting is not available in Singapore but in the meantime here is a playlist of the nominated songs and our preditions!


3.     Simon Cowell Disses Liam Payne On His Loyalty

When the news broke that Liam Payne from One Direction had signed a solo recording contract with Capitol, directioners were in a state of frenzy. Furthermore, Liam tweeted that the band was his ‘home and family’ but he is excited to embark on this new journey. Did this move from Liam indicate that One Direction will no longer reunite and they will part ways to do solo work?

Few days later during an America’s Got Talent press call; Simon Cowell spoke about the loyalty of the band and missed out Liam’s name. Oh no.

In another interview, Simon was asked if he intentionally left out Liam’s name when talking about the band member’s loyalty. Although Simon did not out rightly say ‘yes’, he did mention that he was surprised by the news.

Bonus: Celeb-Moji: Who Is This?

Ever since the release of KIMOJI, a couple other celebrities like Justin Bieber, Zayn Malik and Fetty Wap have followed her footsteps and came out with their own set of Emojis available on the app store. Couple days ago, former Take That member Robbie Williams jumped on the bandwagon.

Let’s play a little game here, who are these singers? Leave us a tweet with your answers.

Picture Credits: Gif from Call Me Maybe on YouTube, Kari Terzino for Aesthetic Magazine, MTV on Facebook, Still from Clevver News on YouTube, Huffington Post,, @indiemichxel on Twitter,

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It’s been years since the hit song Call Me Maybe topped the charts and dominated radio stations. But Carly Rae Jepsen has already built a name for herself as an emerging electropop artist.

I personally was not a fan of her former albums, but her 2015 record enticed me. The incorporation of 80s elements in her music seems to work better. Let’s also not forget that she has collaborated with divine acts like Dev Hynes and Jack Antonoff of Bleachers. No longer is she the pop cutie pie that everyone thought they would never hear of again.

Here are some pieces of evidence showing that Carly Rae Jepsen has that great festival-material in her.



Photo Credit: Kari Terzino/Aesthetic Magazine

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All aboard the Carly Rae Jepsen wagon! Well, not everybody, at least. The saccharine-sweet singer appeared in a recent video as a street busker in LA, performing for some spare cash.

But it did not went as well as anyone has hoped...

In the video, Carly busks at Third Street Promenade, an area in LA for many performers who hope to get recognized. But after belting out her signature tracks Call Me Maybe and I Really Like You, Carly managed to make some jaws drop and a decent crowd around her - priceless!

Unfortunately, an afternoon of busking only earned poor Carly 35 bucks. Showbiz ain't all that easy eh?

Either LA peeps are a stingy bunch, or Carly's music is severely underappreciated. Nevertheless, we still love you Carly! Call us, maybe?

Check out the "acoustic music video" below!



Photo credit: Vulture

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Goodbye 2015. Hello 2016. 

Looks like it's time to make another set of resolutions for the year. If you haven't already made yours, below are some suggestions based on selected hits of 2015:


1) Hailee Steinfeld - Love Myself

Aren't you tired of always having to meet the expectations of others? For the year of 2016, it's time to put yourself as the priority. Treat yo'self to that expensive gadget or beauty product you have been eyeing for the past few months. Take time to learn more about yourself and start working on your long-term goals - self-improvement is always a great idea!


2) Ariana Grande - Focus

If 2016 is going to be a year of major final exams for you (PSLE, 'N' Levels, 'O' Levels, 'A' Levels, etc), just imagine your textbooks screaming in your faces "FOCUS ON ME, FUH-FUH-FOCUS ON ME". 


3) Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime 

Always dreamt of going on a month-long solo trip around Europe? I say GO FOR IT! Visit new places, meet new people, learn a new language - it's never a bad time to go on an adventure!


4) Carly Rae Jepsen - I Really Like You 

So you've been secretly in love with your guy/girl bestfriend for a gazillion years? 2016 is the year to finally make a move. #YOLO, amirite?


5) Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money 

Time to clear all your debts and return all favours. You are going to walk out of 2016 a free man/woman.


Photo credits: High Snobiety, Gent Side, Red Brick, Headline Planet, SOS Music

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