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Niall Horan Shows Us A Different Side Of Him In 'Flicker'
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join our team!

The end of April marked yet another month of celebration for music enthusiasts. We were all blessed with several newly released tracks and gig announcements that surely brought all of us excitement.

All of a sudden, our favorite bands seemed to have emerged from their caves and bombarded us with new releases. I couldn’t even keep up!

The thing about having a lot of options is that we tend to stress ourselves out about what song to listen to first, but ending up ignoring everything instead. It’s just like deciding what show to watch on Netflix – Can’t find an interesting show? Better just take a nap!

That’s exactly what happened to me. I recently just had the time to actually check out new tracks from artists I adore and I must say that I am not wholeheartedly pleased with every song. But there are also a bunch of exceptional tracks!

Here are some new picks from the month of April that has gotten me intrigued!


#10: Young and Menace – Fall Out Boy

If you’re expecting a reincarnation of FOB’s Save Rock and Roll phase, I’m sorry to say that you won’t be getting it this time. This Chainsmokers-sounding track probably just repelled older FOB fans. For the love of god, FOB, just be yourselves!


#9: Life Of The Party – All Time Low

Old school pop rock bands seem to have lost their essence! But we’re still lucky to have those recognizable Alex Gaskarth vocals in the verses of this new song. A change in sound is understandable for bands like ATL and FOB, though they have been deviating away from their original roots that their new music almost do not sound like them anymore.


#8: Attention – Charlie Puth

Our homeboy Charlie is known for his unique jazz-pop songs. But this new track is more pop and actually devoid of that signature hint of jazz.


#7: No Vacancy – OneRepublic

This new track by OneRepublic is a reminiscent of those songs by Enrique Iglesias that were repeatedly played during the entirety of my secondary school life – a catchy song with a repetitive chorus that’s not too bad for an afternoon jam.


#6: Hate That You Know Me – Bleachers

As usual, any Bleachers track takes a few listens before it grows on me. Jack Antonoff’s effort usually does not disappoint and so does this release.


#5: Thunder – Imagine Dragons

That hard, almost aggressive tone in any Imagine Dragons song is truly evident in this track. I don’t know about you, but that’s one of the essential reasons why I dig the band's sound.


#4: Say My Name – Tove Styrke

Tove Styrke might not be a household name YET, but the Swedish singer knows what music fans want these days. This track gives off more of an electro-Rihanna vibe, which is a little bit different from her previous synthpop based album. It’s a little rusty, but a good try!


#3: Hard Times – Paramore

Hard Times encapsulates the perfect transition that everyone who adores Paramore have probably gone through – from an awkward music obsessed teenage fan to a hipster young adult millennial who suddenly discovered the beauty of pastel colors. It's a bold edgy track that represents Paramore's much-awaited return.


#2: Saw You In A Dream – The Japanese House

This melodic and dreamy song from The Japanese House is what you’ll need for those afternoon pre-nap listening sessions. Trust me, I know my nap jams.


#1: J-Boy – Phoenix

I just don’t know how Phoenix is able to flawlessly blend those psychedelic new wave 80s tunes into this generation’s electropop madness. It’s so good, you just have to listen to it!


Photo Credit: Rolling Stone

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Lollapalooza was first staged in Chicago and has spread across the globe to Germany, Argentina, Chile and Brazil over the years. In mid 2017, yet another country will be hosting the global music festival - France and none other than in the city of love, that is Paris.

And guess what?

It is just about the one-stop music festival no matter what kind of genre you're into! Just take a look at how diverse their announced lineup is!


For the ROCK lovers:

YES, Red Hot Chili Peppers will be headlining the show *rolls eyes in jealousy*



Imagine Dragons too? Goddammit. 


For the POP lovers:

The queen and inspiration of festival outfits will also be gracing the event! Jelly!!!


For the DANCE lovers:

We can already imagine the rave at the end of each night!


For the INDIE lovers:

'Nuff said. Check out the full lineup below:


Photo credit: Lollapalooza

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What a start to the off track entertainment line up, 3 days of non-stop music and entertainment at the F1 Singapore Grand Prix!

Kylie Minogue rounds it off on Night 1 of the highly anticipated F1 weekend. It was definitely a show all about the glitz and glamour. Her set started promptly after the second practice race at 11:15PM but the crowd started to build from as early as 9:00PM. We knew it was going to be a night of dancing and reliving hits from the past decade or so. 

Cheers and screams grew louder as time ticked away and the band and dancers took their places on the T-stage. She kicked the show off in her sexy red ensemble, starting off with In Your Eyes and WOW. Like every other concert, costume changes are mandatory. Kylie then re-emerged on stage in a number of outfits ranging from one that seemed to be themed for the race, a black pants suit and denim combo that was most apt for the heat in Singapore.

Kylie first performed in Singapore back in 2008 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and 6 years later she is back! The 48-year-old definitely did not disappoint as she brought out the all time favourites like On A Night Like This, Can’t Get You Outta My Head and All My Lovers. During her set, she also took some time to chat with the crowd namely speaking about the street food in Singapore as well as making a mental note to herself to come back as soon as possible. YES KYLIE!

With Night 1 starting with a bang, thanks to 80s popstar Kylie Minogue, solid F1 concert-goers were in full force for Night 2 of the headlining shows at The Padang Stage.

Indie rockers Bastille attracted groups of teenage fangirls that came with large hand-written banners and whose screams brought out the energy from everyone else in the crowd.

Succeeding the release of their latest album, Wild World, the British lads performed new songs like Good Grief, Snakes, and Send Them Off! – all of which are considered more of a dance anthem than songs from their previous incarnation.

However, it’s not a Bastille show without their most popular hit Pompeii, which frontman Dan Smith started off with a mellow piano intro. The short ballad immediately captured the crowd’s attention as it transitioned to it’s familiar beat, leaving fans with an unwavering euphoria as they sang and join the melodic chorus, “But if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing changed at all?” But the highlight of their set was when Dan Smith stood right in front of the barrier, allowing some lucky few, including myself, to touch his sweaty arms. For avid fans, it was almost immaculate as some even promised to never wash their hands again. Thanks, Dan!

Just when I thought the event couldn’t get any more diverse, there was a swift change in position as young Bastille fans left the mosh pit and dedicated Queen supporters stepped forward to catch their legendary idols. Sporting Queen T-shirts were middle-aged fans whom I had the pleasure to watch tear up out of sheer joy as Queen and Adam Lambert played the iconic hits, Love Of My Life, I Want To Break Free, and Don’t Stop Me Now. As a millennial who grew up with the vague but familiar songs of Queen, thanks to my parents who always used to listen to them, I experienced a sense of nostalgia that resulted to an unexpected pair of misty eyes and goose bumps. I’ve never felt so alive.

The sassy but comedic Adam Lambert embodied the rapture expected from a lead singer. Though we all can agree that no one can ever replace the legend that is Freddie Mercury, Adam effortlessly belted out Queen’s hits  – Somebody To Love, Who Wants To Live Forever, and We Will Rock You. But aside from Adam’s witty demeanor, the spiritual experience continued with Roger Taylor’s drum solos. We were also blessed with lead guitarist Brian May’s psychedelic riffs which he played as he got elevated on stage against a starry screen while being circled by blinding lasers.

Queen + Adam Lambert’s set captured every range of emotions all humans were capable of experiencing, from several Freddie Mercury tributes as well as a David Bowie commemoration during Under Pressure. It was a night filled with delight, nostalgia, and timeless rock music that I’ll gladly tell my future children about.

The third and final night was nothing but an evening of celebration. Indie singer Halsey performed songs from Badlands for the very first time in Singapore, as she mentioned from our interview.

The 21-year-old came on stage carrying both swag and grace, a vibe that might seem humanly impossible to deliver, but Halsey effortlessly brought out during her set. Accompanied by stunning visuals that resembled the theme of her songs, Halsey got the Singapore crowd on their feet with Ghost, Castle, and Colors. Just like other artists these days, Halsey's set induced some kind of sentimentality as she shared her experiences as a “little girl” who only once dreamt of performing for hundreds of people.

But the most moving part of the show happened just before she performed Hurricane, as she reminded the audience, “You don’t belong to anyone but yourself.” Though Halsey might still be in disbelief about sharing the same stage as her mentors and the next act, Imagine Dragons, she has definitely built a name for herself as a solo performer. Not to mention, she was also able to brilliantly execute songs with Justin Bieber and The Chainsmokers - The Feeling and Closer - by herself on the other side of the world.

While indie fans were enjoying Halsey's set, there was another party going on at the Village Stage as a capella group Pentatonix returned to Singapore yet again to perform their mind-blowing songs... without the help of any instruments. The group showed off their popular mix Evolution of Michael Jackson, as well as a cover of Twenty One Pilot’s Ride.

Despite gaining fame only by doing covers on YouTube, Pentatonix flawlessly executed original songs like Can’t Sleep Love which their Singapore fans have waited for quite some time to hear again live.

With Halsey already heating up The Padang with her Badlands tunes, Imagine Dragons picked up from where she left off as they opened with the catchy intro, “I'm sorry for everything. Oh, everything I've done,” which marked the start of their hit song, Shots. The ecstatic audience was treated with heart-stopping and dramatic stage setting that fully encapsulated the vibe Imagine Dragons was going for - fiery yet soul-stirring.

Lead vocalist Dan Reynolds embraced the task of bringing strangers in a mosh pit together with inspirational sayings before playing a personal favorite, It’s Time.

However, before delving more into original songs, Imagine Dragons did a cover of Alphaville’s Forever Young, which undoubtedly sparked an 80s atmosphere for the older fans in the crowd. After playing the nostalgic hit, the band carried on with their set that included a perfect mixture of songs from their two albums - Night Visions and Smoke + Mirrors.

Like the previous night's shows, Imagine Dragons’ set was not devoid of enthralling drum and guitar solos that accompanied their hits, On Top Of The World, I Bet My Life, and Radioactive.

Imagine Dragons might only have two albums, but the Las Vegas natives perfectly expressed the universal language, that is music, through heart-wrenching harmonies as evident in the melodic song, Demons.

Just like Halsey, Imagine Dragons served as a living book of inspirational quotes as Dan advised everyone with the cheesy but insightful reminder to momentarily forget about everything and spend the night solely to celebrate music. With this, the show left everyone physically exhausted, but spiritually recharged. But not only was F1 Singapore Grand Prix a night of celebration, it also ignited a sense of epiphany that would make it hard for any music events in the country to ever top. 


Text: Teejay Vergara and Leong Xinyi

Photo Credit: Singapore GP & Alvin Ho

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Kylie Minogue. Queen + Adam Lambert. Imagine Dragons. Bastille. Halsey. Pentatonix. Nuff' said.

If you are a music fan and living in Singapore but still don't have tickets to catch these amazing artists across 3 days from 16-18 September, we have absolutely no idea what you are waiting for.

Maybe it's your wallet forbidding you to get those tickets lest there be a huge hole in it. Well, don't worry as we've got your back! Don't we always ;)

Each artist will be belting out their respective biggest hits and you have the chance to win a double pass to all 3 days! Yes, we have 3 pairs of passes worth S$298 each to give away to three lucky readers!

Just follow these easy steps:

All the best! (:

Concert Details:

Date : 16,17, 18 September 2016
Venue : Marina Bay Circuit - The Padang Stage/ Village Stage/ Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
Ticket Prices : From $168

Tickets are now available for purchase at Singapore GP.

Photo credit: Singapore Grand Prix

Terms & Conditions:
1. Open to Singapore residents only.
2. All entries must be received before 21:00 hours on September 11, 2016.
3. Multiple tweets are allowed but each Twitter account will only be entitled to one winning chance.
4. Representative of Spin or Bin Music will pick three (3) tweets amongst all eligible tweets. Spin or Bin Music’s decision is final and binding. No correspondence will be entertained about Spin or Bin Music’s decision.
5. Spin or Bin Music reserves the right to disqualify all entries that do not meet the rules and regulations of the Contest. These include entries submitted with invalid or incorrect information.
6. Winners will receive a tweet/ DM from Spin or Bin Music with further instructions on how to claim the prize.
7. Spin or Bin Music is not responsible for, nor obligated to replace, any lost, stolen, or damaged prize sent through mail

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The 2016 Singapore Grand Prix promises to be a weekend of fast racing cars and pop amazingness happening from 16 to 18 September at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. Limited tickets are still available at the official website

Fancy bopping live to Kylie Minogue, Queen + Adam Lambert, Imagine Dragons, Bastille, Halsey, and Pentatonix with us at the entertainment stages? How about getting up close and personal with 3 of these acts?

Look no further: We've got you covered.

We've got three pairs of meet & greet passes to each of these 3 acts - Imagine Dragons, Bastille and Halsey!

Yes, that's right! All the burning questions you have been curious to ask your faves, the countless selfies you have practised to take a perfect picture with them and the numerous merch you have accumulated throughout the years for them to autograph are now all possible real life scenarios.

Here's what you got to do in the hope of winning these M&G passes! 

*You can't use the given example as your entry.

Remember to be as creative as you can! All the best (:


Concert Details:

Date : 16,17, 18 September 2016
Venue : Singapore Grand Prix - The Padang Stage (zone 4)
Ticket Prices : From $168

Tickets are now available for purchase at Singapore GP.

Photo credit: Singapore Grand Prix

Terms & Conditions:
1. Open to all Singapore Grand Prix 2016 ticket holders.
2. All entries must be accompanied with the actual date of Singapore Grand Prix ticket. Meet & greet passes will be void if winner does not have access to event date.
3. All entries must be received before 21:00 hours on September 5, 2016.
4. Multiple tweets are allowed but each Twitter account will only be entitled to one winning chance.
5. Representative of Spin or Bin Music will pick three (3) tweets amongst all eligible tweets. Spin or Bin Music’s decision is final and binding. No correspondence will be entertained about Spin or Bin Music’s decision.
6. Spin or Bin Music reserves the right to disqualify all entries that do not meet the rules and regulations of the Contest. These include entries submitted with invalid or incorrect information.
7. Winners will receive a tweet/ DM from Spin or Bin Music with further instructions on how to claim the prize.
8. Spin or Bin Music is not responsible for, nor obligated to replace, any lost, stolen, or damaged prize sent through mail.

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Did you miss Imagine Dragon’s Smoke + Mirrors in Singapore last year? Well, don’t fret! The lads are back to party with us in September at Singapore Grand Prix 2016!

Whether it’s making your heart jump with intense beats or giving you that fuzzy feeling with their sweet melodies, Imagine Dragons has it all.

So like any other show, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 songs you should play on repeat and a little taste of what they would sound like live before their Singapore gig next month!





On Top of the World







It’s Time


Imagine Dragons will perform at Singapore Grand Prix on September 18. For more details on the entertainment acts and prices, click here

Photo Credit: abegmusic, billyssportsgrill

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From new releases to announcements and gossip, we have got you covered. This is what happened this week in Music!


1.     Full Formula 1 Night Race Line-up

Couple weeks ago, the Singapore Grand Prix team revealed some of the headliners for this year’s race. Here is a recap if you missed that out. This week they finally announced the acts that will take the Padang stage on Sunday. Which act are you most looking forward to during the F1 weekend?



2.     Demi Lovato Releases New Music

Just 2 days into her Future Now Tour with Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato drops a very sultry and sexy song, Body Say. Ooh La La! Find out more about the song here

Demi Lovato took to Twitter to reveal that she actually wrote this song only a few weeks ago and wanted to release it as soon as possible. This is amazing; imagine a world where artists release their songs as quick as her. Sometimes the waiting game is just dreadful.



3.     We’re The Kings & Queens Of Twitter (as well)

Selena Gomez may be the queen of Instagram, but Katy Perry is the queen of Twitter. The Roar singer hit 90 MILLION followers on Twitter just recently, that is about 15 TIMES of Singapore’s population. WE RULE!!


4.     Tattoos & Graduation

Just like it has been a crazy week for the music industry, it has also been a memorable week for Shawn Mendes. First, he got his very first tattoo. You may think that his tattoo is just an outline of a guitar, but look closer! His tattoo features a very intricate design of Toronto’s CN tower as well as the city skyline.

Graduation is a major milestone in anyone’s life, you have finally completed your course of study and is ready to move on to the next step in life. This is exactly what Shawn went through, he graduated from high school! Congratulations, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.


Picture Credits: MTV, ABC, Demi Lovato on Twitter, Chronicink on Instagram, Singaporegp & Katy Perry on Twitter

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Wednesday, 09 December 2015 01:18

Our Top 10 Favourite Concerts Of 2015

Time really does fly. It feels like it was just yesterday when One Direction still had five members and it feels like it was just last week when they were performing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. NOPE, all that happened nine months ago. It's like, wow, Harry Styles could have impregnated me then and I would be giving birth to our first-born today.

While that did not happen (sadly), 2015 was an amazing year for concert-goers as we saw many debut concerts as well as returning ones. Without further ado, here's a list of our top 10 favourite concerts of the year (in no particular order). Is yours on it?


1. Kodaline (with special guests Sheppard)

Bet you guys didn't know you could feel so many different emotions all in a night. Read Teejay's review here and let dem feels take you over once again.


2. F1 

Pharrell Williams? Maroon 5??? Bon Jovi????? The F1 Singapore Grand Prix may be already known previously for their star-studded lineup, but they really outdid themselves this year. Take a look at Letazia's review on the three nights of unbelievable performances. 


3. One Direction

Phew. It's time we thank all our lucky stars we got to see our five favourite boys perform together before it was announced just two weeks later that Zayn Malik was leaving the band. Here's our review on the concert


4. Backstreet Boys


We wanted nostalgia and thankfully, that was exactly what we were delivered. Read our concert review on how the Backstreet Boys turned the diversified audience of all ages into a unison bunch of screaming fangirls.


5. Imagine Dragons

"Imagine Dragons’ presence here is anything but a mere whirlwind that’s stopped by", describes Joey. Read the rest of her review on Imagine Dragon's Smoke + Mirror tour here!


6. New Found Glory

Their median age may be 35, but that ain't stopping the boys of New Found Glory from rocking our socks off at The Ground Theatre at Scape. They even covered Taylor Swift that night! Read what else they did here!


7. Twenty One Pilots 

If I had to pick my favourite concert of the year, it would be Twenty One Pilot's. "We are Twenty One Pilots and so are you"??? /dead. I second everything that Solihin has to say about the duo's amazing performance. 


8. Ed Sheeran

Remember that one night in March when everyone on your Instagram feed was uploading photos of Ed Sheeran performing at The Star Theatre while you were in bed, seething with jealousy? Here's what you missed.


9. Echosmith

Frontwoman Sydney Sierota is the dancing queen Abba sings about (young and sweet, only 17). She may be petite in size and tender in age, but her onstage charisma is undeniable, as confirmed by Joey.

And last but not least...


10. Taylor Swift

I know it has been a month since Taylor performed here, but the post-concert blues are still going strong. Relive the 1989 concert through our review here!


Photo credit: LAMC Production, Live Nation Lushington, Impact Live, AEG Live, F1 Singapore Grand Prix

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Smoke + Mirrors is the sterling sequel to Night Visions and also Imagine Dragons’ jam-packed 90-minute gig that jumpstarted the heart of sleepy Singapore to its very core.

Imagine Dragons’ presence here is anything but a mere whirlwind that’s stopped by: it was a tour de force, a reigning tornado of high-octane pop and rock fusion that left ears ringing and fists pumping in its wake.

A quarter past eight and vibrations fired from the amplifiers left the Indoor Stadium quaking with frenzy: here there be Dragons! The leading notes of Shots rippled off guitarist Wayne Sermon’s strings shortly, dire proof that there’s indeed no escape from being devoured by the beasts of rock.

The almost psychedelic animations flashed on the LED screens injected a sense of surreality into the arena – a underlying semblance that’s omnipresent in both of their albums. The dexterous use of strobe lighting and lasers left me in a trance, but then I caught the sight of Dan Reynolds’ glorious man bun. The frontman dominated the giant bass drum on stage, clad in a black sleeveless tracksuit that showed off his biceps.

After roaring through an upbeat Trouble, Dan relinquished and took the time to express his sentiments, saying they’re absolutely blown away to be here, and to have experienced the local culture and sights (particularly that of the Botanic Gardens). And then he turned the mic on us. The atmosphere burst with united, proud proclamations of the famous line, “I’m never changing who I am” – It’s Time.

Smoke + Mirrors and Polaroid were both curiously satisfying songs. The eponymous track was the most enigmatic of all renditions, but Polaroid segued into a prodigious series of guitar solos thanks to Wayne.

It was only during the electrifying I’m So Sorry (my personal favourite) that I felt the incredible magnitude of their stage power surpassing anything I’ve witnessed before; a seemingly composed auntie even got her head bobbing wildly to the snazzy bass that’s courtesy of Ben McKee.

Gold hit so many hauntingly great notes during the chorus whilst Demons practically had close to 12,000 of fans singing their throats out (or better yet, unleashing their vocal demons).

A chirpy Hopeless Opus was followed by Release, but not before Daniel Platzman delivered his frantic, awesome drum solos – after all, how could ANY concert be complete without drum solos?

On Top of The World generated all new high contrary to Friction, the track equally agitated as the title claims – the ruckus especially resonated within the standing pit, as bodies gravitated to the sounds of Imagine Dragons.

Everyone was elated to lap up I Bet My Life, the single we all got familiar with not too long ago. But we didn’t surrender our voracious appetites for the Dragons, until Radioactive. It spanned the longest performance, as it should be. Even so, it felt short, the brevity of their iconic track limited by how fast time passed.

As the final cadences of encore track The Fall slowly fell away, the members of Imagine Dragons joined hands and graced the front of the stage one last time, but we know it will not genuinely be the last as the band made a pact to revisit our island once again.

As the saying goes, ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’, but I’m more than relieved that Imagine Dragons is the exception to the rule.



It’s Time
Forever Young (Alphaville Cover)
Smoke + Mirrors
I’m So Sorry
Hopeless Opus
On Top Of The World
I Bet My Life

Encore: The Fall

Photo credit: Live Nation Lushington, Sports Hub Singapore, Aloysius Lim and Alvin Ho

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Dragons aren’t just myths and legends anymore. They’re here come 25th August, to rock Singapore Indoor Stadium.

With a collective stage presence that’s known to be absolutely electric, it’s hardly a surprise this Las Vegas group sold out shows and played at the biggest music festivals around the world.

Yep, Imagine Dragons owe their meteoric rise in the music industry to their diverse sound, creative directions and philanthrophic efforts. It’s not a winning formula for success they’ve concocted; it’s just how they’re put together, amassing a continental fanbase that’s quite formidable.

So when they’re not behind an illegal Muppets fight club, what does the Grammy Award-winning band have to say about their upcoming concert in Singapore, and their latest album, Smoke + Mirrors?


1. I Bet My Life is a great track - if you guys had to bet your life on something - or someone - who or what would it be?

 We bet our life the Singapore show will be a good time.


2. Describe the upcoming concert in Singapore - but it must rhyme with Smoke + Mirrors!

Soak in Tears? Cloak and Fears?


3. What was the best musical inspiration you got from a tour?

The best inspiration comes from the fans we interact with at the shows. They inspire us constantly.


4. An artist or a band you dream to work with onstage/offstage?

Maybe Paul Simon? Paul McCartney? Any Paul, really. There is actually one artist we’ve always wanted to work with that we are planning something with right now. But it’s a secret.


5. The one Singaporean dish you are dying to try?

Not one in particular, but we have heard how amazing the food is and can’t wait.


6. What major influences made Smoke + Mirrors a more diverse sounding album than Night Visions?

Both albums were pretty diverse, but maybe Smoke + Mirrors seems more so because it was written on tour. You experience such high highs and low lows in touring, and that is reflected in the music we wrote which may have made the music more diverse.


7. I think the Tyler Robinson Foundation is an amazing and forward initiative - so will there be any chance of working with charities overseas, such as Asia? You have lots of supporters and fans here.

We are so excited about the work the charity has done and has planned for this year. We’ve had selfless fans all around the world participating and raising money for these families. We’d love to continue that work in Asia.


8. You guys mentioned before that your second album is actually a New Year's Resolution - but are there any personal or band resolutions yet to be fulfilled?

We are always setting new goals for ourselves. It’s the crazy thing about our band that we have come further than we could have ever dreamed and still feel this insatiable drive to do better and push harder.


9. Smoke + Mirrors explores "world cultures" as a musical item - so, what impressions do you have of Singapore's musical culture?

We haven’t been able to spend enough time in Singapore to really experience enough local music, but there certainly have been Asian influences from our last tour. We had some of our greatest musical experiences last year collaborating with Asian artists from Japan to Korea.


10. Imagine if you guys could have a pet dragon - what would you name it and why?

Falkor the Luckdragon (from the film “The Never Ending Story”), because he was one of the greatest dragons of all time.


11. You guys often say that you are very critical of yourselves. Mind sharing what are some of the criticism you have given each other - or yourselves?

It’s not as much that we are critical of ourselves as that we constantly are pushing ourselves. If you ever feel too comfortable as an artist, you probably are doing something wrong. We try to analyze, maybe too much sometimes, how each show is going.


Photo credit: E! Online

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