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The penultimate month of the year is around the corner, which makes it the perfect time to indulge in some nostalgia and wax lyrical about how time flies.

We've compiled a list of 5 renowned albums that came out 10 years ago in November for this purpose - see if you can read through this without feeling that physical nag of age in your soul.


1. Jay-Z - American Gangster

Inspired by the film of the same name directed by Ridley Scott, Jay-Z’s critically acclaimed 10th studio album was regarded as a return to form for the rapper. Its soulful jazz-rap single Roc Boys (And the Winner Is)... was named the best song of 2007 by music publication Rolling Stone.


2. Leona Lewis - Spirit

The X Factor champion’s debut album was a massive hit, racking up over 8 million sales and scoring Grammy nominations for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Record of the Year. You’re most likely familiar with the lead single Bleeding Love- yes, the song came out a decade ago. Crazy, huh?


3, Alicia Keys - As I Am

The R&B songstress’ chart-smashing album earned numerous accolades, including 3 Grammy Awards. Her most famous song from the album, No One, clinched the no. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for 5 weeks straight. It may have been released 10 years ago, but it’s still a very much beloved ballad in the hearts of many.


4. Girls Aloud - Tangled Up

One of the most successful girl groups to have come out of the UK, Girls Aloud were known for releasing a constant stream of catchy but innovative pop songs. Tangled Up is widely regarded as their best album, and its single Call The Shots has been praised by critics for being one of the best pop singles of 2007.


5. OneRepublic - Dreaming Out Loud

This was the album that spawned Apologize, the hit single that spent 25 consecutive weeks in the top 10 of Billboard Hot 100. The Timbaland rework of the song needs no introduction either- it’s just one of those songs that everyone knows the lyrics and melody to. It’s been 10 years since and the nostalgia is definitely creeping in. Along with the realization that we are getting old. Oh well. 

Photo Credit: Sony Music Entertainment UK

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There is no doubt that it’s quite a challenge to top last year’s stellar line-up, but 2017 Singapore Grand Prix still continues to attract music fans for its 10th anniversary.

Warming up the eager audience on Night 1 was pop rock band OneRepublic that had fans who waited for 7 hours just to catch them up-close.

The band opened with the heart-wrenching Stop and Stare followed by the anthem of a song that is Secrets, inviting the crowd to sing along with the talented Ryan Tedder. Though as emotional and exciting as it was, the first number did not exactly hype up the vacant-eyed audience as much as the second one, this wasn’t much of a shock as Brent Kutzle breathtakingly brought the latter song to life with his famous cello intro.

Despite the slightly slow start, OneRepublic began to trigger everyone’s sentimentality in moments when Tedder would briefly explain inspirations of songs he wrote for other artists and later belted out live with the band. “If you know this song, sing it. If you don’t, don’t sing it,” Tedder instructed the stunned audience after revealing that he’d co-written Halo by Beyoncé, Happier by Ed Sheeran, and Rumour Has It by Adele.

However, the most memorable part of the evening was when a male fan caught Tedder’s attention midset. It turned out that the fan was at a OneRepublic show in Vancouver three weeks ago and was told by Tedder that he would buy him a beer if he flies to Singapore for their F1 gig. Keeping his word, Tedder immediately handed the fan a beer directly from stage. Talk about dedication!

As expected, F1 shows tend to be generous on the visual front. The alluring lights and impeccable stage set-up made songs like Good Life, Apologize, and Counting Stars more cinematic. Though all good things must come to an end as OneRepublic concluded with the much-awaited Love Runs Out, leaving a group of wide-eyed fans hoping for more.

Finally making their Singapore debut were Ariana Grande and The Chainsmokers on Night 2 at the Padang Stage.

Arianators could be easily spotted in the crowded pit with their black bunny ears, suggesting that they were indeed at the event solely for Grande. This was, of course, just an addition to their passionate singing.

Grande was in full pop star mode with quick costume changes and a variety of props onstage. Her Side to Side performance was delivered exactly like in the music video – a workout themed set up with Grande and backup dancers on exercise bicycles.

Known for her velvety vocals, the 24-year-old effortlessly showed off her prowess in the soulful pop ballad I Don’t Care, which was made even more “eargasmic” by chilling electric guitar solos.

Serving us some words of female empowerment were video interludes that took about 5-10 minutes of the show, which could’ve been at least just dedicated to performing more songs like Problem that we did not hear in its entirety given the limited 60-minute set.

Though Grande’s mere presence already brought excitement to the crowd, a little audience interaction would have been more satisfactory. We’d like to think that she was just saving her energy for a solo tour in Singapore in the near future. But for now, we can only hope.

One might quickly question how pop singer Ariana Grande ended up opening for The Chainsmokers. But the evening itself proved the critics wrong, at least temporarily, as the EDM-pop duo surpassed (almost) everyone’s expectations.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have been severely criticized for their music's lack of variety. Although their tracks couldn't necessarily be labeled as "legendary," the duo was able to transform The Padang into a huge dance floor filled with an energetic mob through tracks like Roses, Closer, and Don’t Let Me Down - all of which enticed the crowd to sing along.

It is indeed undeniable that music that’s fun, catchy, and devoid of meaning could be aggressively electrifying. This, of course, wouldn’t be possible without those captivating pyrotechnics and animated emojis.

With unparalleled energy released in the first two evenings of the F1 concerts, we were unfortunately met with gloomy weather on the Night 3. But the skies quickly cleared up prior to Duran Duran’s set, giving us a breezy atmosphere for their '80s new wave music.

The award-winning synthpop band attracted a large group of fans comprising mostly of an older audience who eagerly responded with screams on par with Arianators’ the evening before.

Lead singer Simon Le Bon’s efforts in being culturally inclusive were evident in wittily crafted song introductions, getting audience members to shout out where they’re from preceding the band’s performance of Last Night In The City - a song about bringing people together, according to Le Bon.

“Did you catch your Laksa and Nasi Goreng? Is anybody hungry?” he further asked the crowd before delving into their hit song, Hungry Like A Wolf.

If that wasn’t endearing enough, the entire band manifested an exceptional stage presence that radiated from Dom Brown’s edgy guitar licks to John Taylor’s signature basslines. It’s no wonder that they’re able to attract a huge following of supporters even from the other side of the world.

Working the crowd brilliantly into songs like Save A Prayer and ending their set with Rio, Duran Duran certainly still carries the same fervor from their emergence in the '80s, almost four decades ago. While the crowd, unfortunately, did not get to hear The Reflex live despite their enthusiastic chanting, that devotion in itself demonstrates the band’s undying legacy as new wave icons.

Following the EDM themed dance party this year’s concerts were going for, record producer and DJ Calvin Harris closed the weekend with his jam-packed mixes - some of which constantly struck familiarity amongst the majority of the crowd that probably left the venue as EDM converts.

Radio hits like This Is What You Came For, How Deep Is Your Love, and Outside induced a rare euphoria that everyone would usually be devoid of on a Sunday evening. But before you know it, Rihanna’s vocals slowly enveloped the enormous mosh pit with We Found Love and after which ensued a whirlwind of frenzy.

Did I mention a toddler being carried by his dad in front of me during Calvin Harris’ set? Yes, that happened, and I guess that little boy can proudly tell his friends in the future that he had first “clubbing” experience with Calvin Harris as the DJ.

With this, one might confuse Singapore Grand Prix 2017 as Ultra Singapore given its EDM headliners. However, this risky move unexpectedly revives the definition of an after-party, reminding everyone that this year’s line-up is definitely what a celebration is all about, despite everyone’s doubts.


Photo Credit: Singapore GP and Joyce Pang for The Straits Times

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The end of April marked yet another month of celebration for music enthusiasts. We were all blessed with several newly released tracks and gig announcements that surely brought all of us excitement.

All of a sudden, our favorite bands seemed to have emerged from their caves and bombarded us with new releases. I couldn’t even keep up!

The thing about having a lot of options is that we tend to stress ourselves out about what song to listen to first, but ending up ignoring everything instead. It’s just like deciding what show to watch on Netflix – Can’t find an interesting show? Better just take a nap!

That’s exactly what happened to me. I recently just had the time to actually check out new tracks from artists I adore and I must say that I am not wholeheartedly pleased with every song. But there are also a bunch of exceptional tracks!

Here are some new picks from the month of April that has gotten me intrigued!


#10: Young and Menace – Fall Out Boy

If you’re expecting a reincarnation of FOB’s Save Rock and Roll phase, I’m sorry to say that you won’t be getting it this time. This Chainsmokers-sounding track probably just repelled older FOB fans. For the love of god, FOB, just be yourselves!


#9: Life Of The Party – All Time Low

Old school pop rock bands seem to have lost their essence! But we’re still lucky to have those recognizable Alex Gaskarth vocals in the verses of this new song. A change in sound is understandable for bands like ATL and FOB, though they have been deviating away from their original roots that their new music almost do not sound like them anymore.


#8: Attention – Charlie Puth

Our homeboy Charlie is known for his unique jazz-pop songs. But this new track is more pop and actually devoid of that signature hint of jazz.


#7: No Vacancy – OneRepublic

This new track by OneRepublic is a reminiscent of those songs by Enrique Iglesias that were repeatedly played during the entirety of my secondary school life – a catchy song with a repetitive chorus that’s not too bad for an afternoon jam.


#6: Hate That You Know Me – Bleachers

As usual, any Bleachers track takes a few listens before it grows on me. Jack Antonoff’s effort usually does not disappoint and so does this release.


#5: Thunder – Imagine Dragons

That hard, almost aggressive tone in any Imagine Dragons song is truly evident in this track. I don’t know about you, but that’s one of the essential reasons why I dig the band's sound.


#4: Say My Name – Tove Styrke

Tove Styrke might not be a household name YET, but the Swedish singer knows what music fans want these days. This track gives off more of an electro-Rihanna vibe, which is a little bit different from her previous synthpop based album. It’s a little rusty, but a good try!


#3: Hard Times – Paramore

Hard Times encapsulates the perfect transition that everyone who adores Paramore have probably gone through – from an awkward music obsessed teenage fan to a hipster young adult millennial who suddenly discovered the beauty of pastel colors. It's a bold edgy track that represents Paramore's much-awaited return.


#2: Saw You In A Dream – The Japanese House

This melodic and dreamy song from The Japanese House is what you’ll need for those afternoon pre-nap listening sessions. Trust me, I know my nap jams.


#1: J-Boy – Phoenix

I just don’t know how Phoenix is able to flawlessly blend those psychedelic new wave 80s tunes into this generation’s electropop madness. It’s so good, you just have to listen to it!


Photo Credit: Rolling Stone

Published in Featured

Singapore GP has revealed the headliners that will be gracing our shores this September for the 2017 F1 race. If you haven't seen it already, check out the lineup here:


Alas, the tribe has spoken: Singapore is not impressed.

Having seen the likes of Bon Jovi and Mariah Carey in the past years, the 2017 lineup might just be the least exciting. As someone who have always been pleasantly surprised by the lineups each year, I can't help but feel a tinge of disappointment. It also doesn't help that this could be the last race in the country. Unless a new wave of headliners are to be announced in the coming days, it seems like the F1 race would leave Singapore for the last time with only a fizzle. 

After doing some analysis, I have boiled down the underwhelming 2017 lineup to the lack of these 3 acts (that I would like to strongly urge Singapore GP to consider adding).


1) An Asian Headliner

As pointed out in Facebook comments, it has been 3 years since the F1 race saw their last asian headliner. 



Who would be perfect: X Japan


2) A World-Class Act

The Chainsmokers and Ariana Grande may be some of the recognisable names of today, but... they ain't no Queen. 

Who would be perfect: U2


3) A Veteran Performer For The Non-Teenagers

One of the biggest complaints about the lineup is that it appeals mostly to teens. While one could argue that there's still Duran Duran and Seal for the more seasoned crowd, what about those who fall in between?

Who would be perfect: Foo Fighters


(Photo credits: Facebook, Singapore GP)

Published in Music News (Singapore)

Dubbed as being their most diverse album yet, OneRepublic’s Oh My My seems to confuse both new and old listeners. We have a concoction of themes going on, mimicking an amalgamation of different pop rock tunes that we’ve been hearing on the radio - from Two Door Cinema Club’s dance-punk sound to Kodaline and Imagine Dragon’s alternative rock melodies.

The fourth studio album opens with Let’s Hurt Tonight, a track carrying that familiar OneRepublic melody one just can’t describe. It’s soul stirring, but not in a way that makes you heartbroken. It follows a mellow acoustic opening that transitions into Ryan Tedder’s moving falsettos, almost giving off the same vibe as their song What You Wanted.

The band’s desire for experimentation apparently seeps into the third song Oh My My, accompanied by techno beats and heavy bass lines. This propels us to similar sounding tracks like Kids and A.I., which to my surprise, did not come out as a disappointment. It’s not easy to pull off a varied tracklisting and OneRepublic did just that.

Finishing off this kaleidoscopic theme is yet another track, Heaven, straying from the initial acoustic opening. The deluxe version of the record joins this variety as it ends with another original, a country-like track, The Less I Know.

Despite the album’s vague imitations, confusing theme, and some disappointing feedback, OneRepublic doesn’t seem to mind, as long as they're able to deliver authentic stories that’s true to themselves. The band did mention that they wanted to encapsulate humanity in this incarnation, which somehow explains the diverse theme. After all, humans are never static.



Track Gems: Let’s Hurt Tonight, A.I., Human, Born

Photo Credit: Interscope Records

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2014 marks a very special year for Spin or Bin Music, because this May, we will be celebrating our 5th anniversary!

We’ve come a long way and it’s hard to believe that we’re as old as a kindergarten student (LOL). But, of course, we couldn’t have made it this far without you – our readers. It’s thanks to your unending support and readership through the years that have pushed us to bring you the best music updates, earned us many nominations and awards, as well as opportunities to interview musicians and review their concerts.

So in celebration of this milestone, we want to share the joy with you by holding one of our BIGGEST giveaways ever!  Everyone has a reason to be excited about it because no matter what your taste in music is, there is bound to be something in our giveaway that you desire! Some of you may have guessed from the teasing on our Twitter and Facebook page, so now it’s finally time to reveal the full list of items that we will be giving away. Check it out below:

Exclusive merch

Bastille ‘Of The Night’ Single vinyl, Katy Perry t-shirt, Lady Gaga t-shirt, Britney Spears official merch, The Script mini speakers, Justin Bieber 'Believe' Box Set, Disclosure t-shirt, Arcade Fire t-shirt

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Imagine Dragons autographed album, Empire of the Sun autographed album, OneRepublic autographed album, Pixie Lott autographed album, Carly Rae Jepsen autographed photo, Maroon 5 autographed photo, Yellowcard autographed poster, Olly Murs autographed album, Before You Exit autographed album, The Fray autographed album, Backstreet Boys autographed postcards, Fun. autographed album, Paramore autographed album, Avenged Sevenfold autographed album

Concert tickets

2 pairs of tickets to catch We The Kings perform live at The Coliseum on 4th June!; 2 pairs of tickets to catch Extreme perform live at The Coliseum on 5th June; 1 pair of tickets to catch Ellie Goulding perform live at The Star Theatre on 13th June!; 1 pair of tickets to catch The 1975 perform live at The Coliseum on 22nd July!

1D merch

Harry Styles life-sized standee, Niall Horan life-sized standee, Zayn Malik life-sized standee, Liam Payne life-sized standee, Louis Tomlinson life-sized standee, 1D caps, 1D jacket, Harry styles t-shirt, 1D t-shirts


Aren't you excited yet??? I know I am.


Here comes to tricky part - prizes will only be 'unlocked' by category when our Facebook page reaches a certain number of 'likes' as stated below:

- 3000 'likes' - Exclusive Merch

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7. Spin or Bin Music is not responsible for, nor obligated to replace, any lost, stolen, or damaged prize sent through mail.

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Tuesdays are the hardest days to wake up to (for me, as I don't work/study on Mondays). I find this fact especially applicable to me considering how mind-blowing last week was.

From watching OneRepublic at the Hard Rock Hotel’s Coliseum on Tuesday to watching several acts take to the stage at Camp Symmetry on Saturday, I’m still nursing my post-concert blues now that the week is over.

That said, I decided to create a playlist filled with some of my favourite songs by a few of the artists I managed to catch last week and add in some of the songs I’ve been listening to as of late.

I start you off with OneRepublic’s uplifting I Lived. This song serves as a great reminder to stay positive (especially now that I’m on my internship) and appreciate the most important things in life.

While at Camp Symmetry, the acts I enjoyed the most were Ra Ra Riot, San Cisco and of course, Explosions In The Sky (EITS). I waited all night for EITS to play Your Hand In Mine and when they did, I practically screamed.

Moving on to things unrelated to Camp Symmetry, I’ve been listening to Katy Perry’s brand new album, Prism and have taken a liking to Double Rainbow. As of late, I’ve been pretty obsessed with Zedd and Hayley William’s music video for Stay The Night, thus, the song too is stuck in my head.


Published in Music News

Arriving at the Hard Rock Hotel, I decided it all seemed apt that the Colorado rock quintet OneRepublic would be hosting their press conference in this quintessentially American rocker hangout. The evening's rain had just let up, and the dim lighting in the venue made for a cosy hideout whilst awaiting the arrival of the band members, including Ryan Tedder, Zach Filkins, Drew Brown, Eddie Fisher and Brent Kutzle. The press conference however, was a little too short, and not many of us could actually get a word in, partly due to the long answers given. 

The mouthpiece of the band was largely Ryan, although Drew quipped in with anecdotes once in a while. The rest of the guys looked comfortable to hand the reins over to their frontman, and sat patiently as Ryan answered questions from the press. I felt however, that the band felt a little lacklustre in this case, because the other personalities did not manage to shine. Perhaps a one on one interview might have felt more relaxing for them to come out of their shells?

In any case, the hosts, Shan and Cheryl, kicked things off by asking the boys about their "One Night In Bangkok" trip, and Ryan explained that they had a couple of days off and "jammed everything into one day" and "hit all the top attractions". 

They even managed to get onto a "tuk-tuk", but didn't do so for long because of the pollution. Ryan went on a spiel about a country's culture, saying that for some bands, it is "just another hotel", and from the start OneRepublic "vowed never to be that kind of artistes", and it was actually quite endearing, it gave the band some sense of humanity, that they were interested in each destination's culture and people.

On Singapore, the band expressed their amazement, saying that "so much has changed in Singapore, it's almost like your country went on a building spree! We couldn't believe it, we were driving around and going 'that wasn't here, that wasn't here, that wasn't here'".Fans should be glad to know that Drew mentioned, "Our keyboard player felt very much like we were in Jurassic Park, which in America is the highest compliment!" What particularly caught their eye was the giant tree-like structures at Gardens by the Bay, where Ryan commented it looked like something out of Avatar.

Four questions in total were asked in this roughly 20 minute press conference, of which included a reference to Swedish DJ Alesso's remixed version of the EDM-fused single If I Lose Myself. Ryan admitted goodnaturedly that the original song on the record didn't connect as well as they wanted it to, saying that the record label had rejected an earlier version that was more "live-sounding", but it was "something that I hope we can put out someday". The band also acknowledged Alesso's version of their 2013 hit, even saying it was better. What do you guys think?

With super-songwriter Ryan Tedder on the panel, the band was asked if there were any songs that Ryan had written and given away that they thought would have worked for the band. To that, Drew commented that while that had not happened yet, they almost lost a song on their current record, Native. The James Blake / Prince-inspired Can't Stop apparently was written for no particular artiste, but Ryan affirmed, "I didn't hear it for the band," but lucky the band members rallied and convinced him that it was a great one. He went on to say that with the "biggest challenge" for them was trying to find the right songs, because of their "diverse musical tastes". The one common thread between the five guys? "British bands of the 90s", quipped Ryan, "if not, we would probably be 5 guys in 5 different bands".

Photo credits: Universal Music Singapore/ Ryan Tedder

Published in Interview

One Republic have dropped their music video for If I Lose Myself - the latest and lead single from their forthcoming third studio album, Native (slated to be released on the 26th of March).

The clip follows a group of teenagers on a hunt to find where the band is having their secret gig. Although a very simple concept for a music video, I personally feel that it was very well-executed and that it was spot-on in capturing the true essence of the single. Like what all music videos should be, it complements the track perfectly.

Check out the music video of If I Lose Myself below!

Published in Music News

Earlier this year, OneRepublic stated that they would be releasing their upcoming album, Native sometime in 2013. Not long ago, they also unveiled the lead single - Feel Again that you can listen to here.

Now, if you think Feel Again is great (I won’t lie, I think it is too), wait till you hear If I Lose Myself; the second single from Native. Although a tad repetitive, the song sounds ultra dreamy.

Peppered with electro-synth beats and lead-singer Ryan Tedder’s signature soulful voice, If I Lose Myself sounds like a very typical OneRepublic song and that’s great news for OneRepublic fans who have missed the band dearly!

Personally, I quite like the song because it’s got a good blend of upbeat tempos and lush vocals. Having heard both singles and liking them, I have to say; I’m pretty excited for Native to be released next year!

Take a listen to If I Lose Myself below!

Published in Music News
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