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After the faux-villainess theatrics of Look What You Made Me Do and roguish mania of …Ready For It?, Taylor Swift returns to her signature lovestruck girl-next-door character with Gorgeous.

Her dedication to her persona is palpable, as the pop number paints a picture of drunk infatuation with effervescent video game synths and a ditzy bubblegum chorus. However, the execution of it all feels anodyne, sounding like a leftover cut from her last album 1989.

The lyricism is clearly the worst culprit- her rhymes are clumsy (I can't say anything to your face/ 'Cause look at your face) and her descriptions are middle schooler diary entry material (You should think about the consequence/ Of your magnetic field being a little too strong). It is a letdown considering how Taylor Swift has always displayed an eye for the devil in the details, marrying specificity with universality. The Max Martin production is nothing to write home about either, the little tweaks and flourishes lend some flair, but not enough to lift the song out of generic filler territory.

“You missed the joke!” Her defenders might scoff. “The childishness is all intentional!” But mediocrity does not magically vanish upon a calculated wink at the audience. Taylor’s desperation to convey her self-awareness results in heavy-handed songwriting choices that ignore her personal strengths, her attempts to imbue ironic comedy into her romanticism come across more vapid than charming. She managed to accomplish the latter with Blank Space but there's only so many times you can put out this kind of song without the trick getting stale - Taylor has been playing the self-referential card for way too many songs at this point.

So far, our ranking of her previews from Reputation would be: ...Ready For It? > Gorgeous > Look What You Made Me Do. While Gorgeous is far less interesting than ...Ready For It?, its melodicity elevates it above Look What You Made Me Do.

But frankly speaking... none of those 3 songs make a very convincing case for the hype factor behind Reputation


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Published in Music News

Oh boy, it has been awhile…

The last time Taylor Swift performed at a concert was well over eight months ago in Houston at the pre-Superbowl concert. In August, she shocked the world with a surprise comeback track Look What You Made Me Do and ...Ready For It. We surely were not ready for that!

Next month, Taylor will release her comeback album Reputation. Even though she has not revealed any headline tour for the upcoming album, she has announced her participation in a couple of the Christmas shows happening in the USA later this year. 

Before she returns to the stage, let us look back at 5 things we missed about her performing live.


1.     Countless Outfit Changes – She just looks stunning in every outfit she puts in, HOW!


2.     Insane Stage Set Ups – From flying above the audience to probably the biggest elevated platform ever


3.     Amazing Crowds – The crowds just seem to get larger and larger every tour


4.     Surprise Guests – During her 1989 tour, Taylor invited special guests to join her on stage each night


5.     Of Course, Her Vocals!! – Need we say more?



We are very excited for what’s to come! Are you?

Picture credit: Vanity Fair, Elle, Daily Mail, Vulture, Hello Canada, Mirror, Whiskey Swifty on Tumblr, Billboard

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Why? Cause she's dead.

Taylor Swift strategically premiered the music video for Look What You Made Me Do at this year's VMAs soon after the single's release on Friday.

After what seemed like an endless stream of negative reactions from the Internet about the "worst Taylor song" and the "annoyingly catchy tune", this music video could possibly be the saviour of the pop star's reputation.

The visual representation features various new dark-edged Taylors as well as a mountain of recreated old Taylors donned in different iconic outfits who pathetically struggle to reach the top.

As the queen of symbolism, there's just too much to digest in this one video. So we have dissected the video into 10 times that Taylor Swift embraced what everyone and the media has said about her.


1. "Taylor is a snake."


2. "Taylor is money hungry so she takes her songs off all streaming platforms."


3. "Taylor's squad has become a cult of supermodels and famous people."


4. "Taylor has a long list of ex-lovers."


5. "Taylor's relationship with Tom Hiddleston is a pathetic PR stunt because of that 'I Heart TS' tank he wore."


6. "Taylor acts surprised whenever she wins an award."


7. "Taylor is so fake."


8. "Taylor is always playing the victim card."


9. "I made that b**** famous."


10. "Taylor always unnecessarily brings up the VMA incident with Kanye West."



Photo Credit: E! Online, @dailyswiftgifs, @taylorswiftdaily, @reputatioon & @reputatiovn on Tumblr

Published in Music News

I used to adore Taylor Swift. I really did.

I had posters of her plastered all over my bedroom wall when I was 15. I saved up my allowance to get a copy of Fearless that I later repeatedly played on my CD player whenever I’d get home from school. Heck, I even taught myself how to play the guitar because of her!

But god, 2017 Taylor Swift is almost like a reincarnation of our past 2007 selves… and I’m not just talking about Reputation’s album art.

Swift recently released a single called Look What You Made Me Do. The song is, undeniably, a bop. But behind those seemingly quirky beats are lyrics inspired by nothing but loathing, KARMA, and unending references to lists.

Here’s a line from the new single:

I've got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined.

Here’s another line from Blank Space:

Got a long list of ex-lovers. They'll tell you I'm insane.

How many lists does she have? Is she really keeping track of all these people?

If Swift’s trying to be the Arya Stark of pop music, let’s just say most people aren’t really on her side.

We can’t blame them though, because if she’s not whining about an ex-boyfriend, you sure can expect her to shade some people who allegedly did her wrong.

One thing I do miss is her ability to spark nostalgia in songs like The Best Day or even channel unapologetic optimism in Shake It Off.

But perhaps pain overpowered Swift and led her to execute vengeful thoughts through lyrics like:

Ooh, look what you made me do
Look what you made me do
Look what you just made me do
Look what you just made me
Ooh, look what you made me do
Look what you made me do
Look what you just made me do
Look what you just made me do

Yes, that’s her new single's entire chorus, if you’re ever wondering.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Listen to the single here:


Love it or hate it, one question remains: What did we really make her do?


Photo Credit: Mert & Marcus

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Taylor Swift might have been on the down low for the past couple of months, but the pop singer sure does know how to tease a major comeback.

Swift recently deleted all her posts from social media and came back with cryptic videos followed by an announcement of new music - a newly released single and an upcoming album entitled Reputation.

As expected, fans are more than willing to see the move as groundbreaking, even making sense of the symbolisms in her comeback posts.

However, her sudden disappearance from social media as a publicity tactic does not necessarily fall under the category of “breaking the internet,” as she’s not really the first artist who’s done it.

Though, discussing her lack of originality does not seem to interest the public these days. What are they talking about, you may ask? Well, let’s just say people on social media are constantly mocking her poorly designed album art for Reputation.

Here are a few posts about the album art that made us chuckle:

Perhaps the terrible design is a metaphor for her "damaged" reputation? Who knows?


Photo credit: Getty Images 

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Saturday, 03 June 2017 08:31

Most EPIC Artist And Fan Collaborations

Behind every successful man artist is a woman fanbase.

Throughout the years, there have been some pretty epic artist and fan collaborations. We have got music videos featuring fans; single artworks designed by fans and the craziest of them all – fans pouring ice on their idols.

Here are the top 5 collaborations that have gone down in history.


All Time Low’s Missing You

What could be better than being featured in All Time Low’s music video for Missing You, this video gets close and personal with some of their most dedicated fans.


Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off

As Taylor said it herself, “It hurts how adorable it is!”. Just imagine being invited to a secret location for a secret event, and then learning that you will be featured in one of Taylor Swift’s music video. How amazing!


One Direction’s History

One Direction’s last single before the hiatus, this is a little bit of a bittersweet one. The track basically depicts the band’s journey throughout the years alongside directioners. The coolest part? Their producer actually got a group of fans into the studio to record the chorus.


Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl

How cool would it be to have Ed Sheeran take over your town for a day to shoot his music video for Galway Girl? Ed went all the way to Galway, Ireland for the shoot and his fans lined the streets around the area to catch a glimpse of their idol.


Little Mix’s Power

There are many ways fans can express their love for the idols, one way being fan art. The girls of Little Mix decided to feature Taylor’s (@pezthirlou_ on Twitter) artwork as their single artwork for their latest single Power.


Bonus: Liam Payne’s Ice Bucket Challenge

As part of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, One Direction’s Liam Payne got a couple of fans to help him out. Life goals right there, being able to pour ice over your favourite idol.



A post shared by Liam Payne (@liampayne) on


Simply put, #Goals!

Picture Credits: Daily Mirror & Alternative Press

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We’ve all experienced it. Having a “frenemy” in high school that we would avoid for a few weeks because of some petty reason.

We all thought it was just a phase. But it turns out that adulthood isn’t devoid of drama like what we've foreseen as teenagers.

Sure, some of us have learned to become self-aware enough to ignore trivial misunderstandings as an adult. But “high school drama” never seems to end. No one really grows out of it. A “popular kid” still exists, and so do intimidating cliques.

Let’s just look at Katy Perry and Taylor Swift’s ongoing feud that has been the talks lately.

Like any high school dramas, there has to be a Queen B leading a group of friends. This notorious high school label mimics itself in this context through Taylor Swift’s squad. Instead of 15 year olds, the squad consists of Hollywood A-listers and supermodels.

But Taylor hasn't always been the shallow-minded Queen B in this scenario. Katy had her fair share of childish sass evident in her tweets about her frenemy. 

Again, high school drama repeats itself in this situation as both parties chose to further shade each other through snide remarks hidden in their catchy, pop lyrics.


As expected, members of Taylor's squad are quick to defend their mother hen from the likes of Katy Perry through shady tweets yet again.

This might perhaps be the “adult” version of avoiding direct confrontation that we did as teenagers - posting bitchy quotes on social media in the hopes that our frenemy would get to read and realize were actually about them.

As you can see, high school drama still lingers on until adulthood, continuously sneaking into our lives more often than expected. People still take sides and prefer to tackle the situation indirectly.

Though lately, Katy shared that she tried reaching out to Taylor in which Taylor continues to ignore, as talking about it will just add fuel to the fire. 

While some misunderstandings are inevitable, it is just unfortunate that one is happening in the public eye, visible to young girls who are currently hoping that life gets better and mean girls will cease to exist in the future.


Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur for Wireimage

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K-Pop group EXO has recently celebrated their 5th anniversary as a band.

A group of EXO fans spent MILLIONS of dollars on huge ads on Times Square billboards as an anniversary gift! A total of 11 ads and displays were organized, some of which included the faces of the members.

The biggest display read, “Happy EXO 5th Anniversary!”


If you think that was crazy, here are 5 other insane gifts artists have received from fans:


1. The Jonas Brothers - A Dead Shark

Back when the band of brothers were still together, they revealed in an interview that a fan had given them a DEAD BABY SHARK! They did clarify that it was very small and preserved in a tube but still, a dead shark??


2. Dolly Parton - A Baby

Yes, you read it right. After the release of the country singer's Jolene, back in the '70s, she found an abandoned baby outside her house with a name tag reading "Jolene." So weird.


3. Alice Cooper - A Coffin

Inspired by his gothic style and heavy music, a fan sent Alice Cooper a coffin. But that's not all, inside the coffin was the HEART OF A CAT!! That's hella creepy!


4. Beyoncé - A Jar Of Vaseline

Okay this is just plain odd. Beyoncé has revealed that she once received a tub of Vaseline from a fan, but it wasn't just any old tub; it was BEDAZZLED! I mean, only the best for Queen Bey even if it's petroleum jelly, right?


5. Taylor Swift - A Real Turtle Shell

What's with celebrities receiving animals and animal parts?? Taylor Swift has apparently gotten a real turtle shell with her face painted on it! I don't really want to think about how the fan managed to get just the shell...


So, after these 5 insane gifts from fans, EXO's 5th anniversary gift doesn't seem nearly as outrageous, does it?

As amusing as these stories are, we really hope no one gets dead animal parts anymore! YIKES!!


Photo Credits: Billboard, DigitalMusicNews, NewsBake, Forbes, TheOdysseyOnline, Rap-Up, Spotify

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Those harmonies though.

Our favourite homegrown band The Sam Willows just dropped their brand new cover of ZAYN and Taylor Swift's I Don't Wanna Live Forever from the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack.

This is definitely one of the better covers that we have heard from the quartet; from the harmonies that attack us from the start of the video to the verses where we can hear each individual showcasing their vocals is simply just pure music to our ears.

Once again we are reminded of what great musicians every single of one them are and that is exactly what makes them an outstanding band and not one that consists of manufactured puppets produced by a big record label.

Maybe the Fifty Shades Darker producers should consider including this version of the song as a bonus track ;) because it is amazing but nevertheless, we will always be proud of this four-piece group for all the achievements they have accomplished for themselves and for the country.


Photo Credit: YouTube

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The Super Bowl Weekend was not just Lady Gaga’s weekend, but also Taylor Swift’s. Playing at the nearby custom-made 9,000-seater venue, Taylor played her first… and last show of 2017.

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever finally saw its live acoustic premiere at DirecTV's 12th Super Saturday Night pre-Super Bowl concert, with tickets only available via invites and promotions.

Dressed in all black, Taylor strummed out and stripped down her duet with Zayn to a delighted crowd. No fancy visuals accompanied the romantic number, although we could have appreciated Zayn to come out and shock the crowd.

Just when Swifties thought it was just gonna be another normal 1989-style concert, Taylor dropped yet another bomb, performing Better Man for the first time, the song she wrote for Little Big Town.

In the same black outfit, and a messy fringe, Taylor croons about the feeling of getting out of a bad relationship and accepting the sadness that follows. Who is this song referring to? 

Fun Fact: It’s her first country track in over two years.

Watch an exclusive video of This Is What You Came For LIVE in Houston below!

Photo Credit: Teen Vogue, Giphy

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