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Saturday, 02 December 2017 07:19

12 Gifts Every Fandom Needs This Christmas

The season of giving is upon us once again.

If you are thinking of what gifts to get a fandom-obsessed person, you have come to the right place. Put aside the usual CDs, biographies and posters, we have got some interesting finds for you.

Regardless of whom they idolise, we’re sure you will find something suitable here!


1.     Pins - For the ones that like it subtle.

Beyonce Lemonade Pin | One Direction Pin Set | Drake Pin


2.     Iron Ons – For the ones that like to jazz up their outfits.

Justin Bieber Patch | Sia Patch | Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You Patch


3.     Stickers – For the ones that want to spice up their life.

Spice Girls | Fifth Harmony | The 1975


4.     Phone cases – For the ones that cannot keep their hands off their idols.

Shawn Mendes | Maroon 5 | Ariana Grande


5.     Notebooks – For the busy ones.

Selena Gomez | Troye Sivan | Rihanna


6.     Totebags – For the ones that love shopping.

Sound of Music | Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour | Taylor Swift’s Squad


7.     Mugs – For that morning tea or coffee.

Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk | Mariah Carey | Justin Timberlake


8.     Figurines – For the ones who love collectibles.

Shakira | Amy Winehouse | The Beatles


9.     T-shirts – For the ones that aren’t afraid to tell the world.

Harry Styles | Shawn Mendes | Halsey


10.Keychains – For the ones who never wish to lose their keys.

David Bowie | Troye Sivan | Kanye West & Kim Kardashian


11.Socks – For the ones that are always on their toes.

The Rolling Stones | Steve Aoki | Big Bang


12.Earrings – For the ones that like to keep music by their ears.

5SOS’ Safety Pin | Drake | Justin Bieber


Happy Holidays!

Picture Credits: Giphy, Lyashenko -

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You might have already heard that Lorde did a majestic cover of The 1975’s Somebody Else a few days ago.

The 20-year-old pop star delighted her fans with a dramatic rendition in Paris while on her Melodrama world tour. Lorde shared, “This is a song that I really, really love. It was one of my favorite songs of last year, and it really influenced Melodrama. It influenced the tones and the colors and the emotions. I hope you like it.”

The cover received immediate approval from Matty Healy, The 1975’s frontman himself, and it seems like both artists are big fans of each other.

With this, we think it wouldn’t hurt for Lorde to cover a couple more of the band’s songs.

Here are other The 1975 hits that will be perfect for Lorde’s raw and melodramatic (pun intended) vocals:










Heart Out



A Change Of Heart


Photo credit: Rich Fury/Invision/AP

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If you're looking for an edgier take on The 1975's mellow hit, Somebody Else, then Circa Waves might just fulfill your dreams.

The indie rock band recently released a studio version of the song a few months succeeding their session for MistaJam on BBC Radio 1.

The cover is definitely far from The 1975's dreamy and melancholic version, as the song now offers a playful vibe made possible by those crunchy guitar riffs.

But the real question remains, do fans approve? We went over to Twitter to find out.

We have die-hard supporters who see nothing but the cover's brilliance.

Of course, there are some who are just not into it.


While there are a few who are just generally conflicted.


Our verdict? We don't love it, but we also don't hate it. Let’s just say we’re leaning more on the "we can live with it" side of the spectrum.

Let us know what you think of the cover by listening to it here:


Photo Credit: Emma Swann for DIY

Published in Music News
Wednesday, 17 May 2017 15:38

MUST-WATCH: Is The 1975 Breaking Up?

Amongst all the unfortunate happenings in today’s world, one of which is Donald Trump’s Presidency, just the thought of The 1975 breaking up levels every single one of it (for avid fans, at least). 

What triggered the thought, you might ask? A recent interview with the band that has been making rounds on Twitter.

In the video is lead guitarist Adam Hann and frontman Matty Healy explaining his initial vision for The 1975, which is for the band to have three different eras each represented through an album.

The band has already found success in their self-titled debut album followed by the well-received I Like It When You Sleep. This means that we're only left with their third album Music For Cars, after which even Matty himself is not really certain about what will happened with the band and their music.

With this, fans were quick to express their dismay and react about the possibility of the band separating ways.

Whatever lies in the future for my favorite band, I guess I’m already content with the music they’ve produced the past few years. All cheesiness aside, the soundtrack of my young adult years wouldn’t have been the same if not for their music and for that I’m grateful.


Photo Credit: Spencer Kohn

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Good Vibes Festival – an annual festival held in Malaysia where local and international artists alike come together in a showcase of good music – is back this August of 2017.

Starting in 2013, GVF has been happening every year (except for 2015) and it only recently expanded to a two-day, 18+ festival last year as its lineups just keep getting better and better. Since The Smashing Pumpkins back in 2013, GVF has managed to nab Ellie Goulding and Empire of the Sun in 2014 and The Temper Trap, Two Door Cinema Club, Disclosure and The 1975 in 2016.

The official Facebook and Twitter pages have recently announced that GVF will be returning this 12th - 13th of August at The Ranch, Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands.

Since then, there have been tons of comments and tweets with names of artists everyone hopes will show up at this year’s gig and here are the top 5:


1. Glass Animals






3. Phoenix



4. alt-J



5. The Neighbourhood



BONUS: The 1975 (Again!!!)

These are only a few of the heaps of artists everyone is hoping to see at GVF this year, but if anything, I think we can all expect that this year's lineup will be just as good, if not better than last year's!


Photo Credits: Good Vibes Festival (Facebook)

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Debuting a new take on covering songs, The 1975 revives their genre-bending style with Sade's By Your Side.

The British quartet have initially dominated the music scene with their indie rock tunes such as Robbers and Settle Down. Only recently did they venture into more velvety aesthetics present in their Sade cover and was introduced in their latest album I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It, which won them the Best British Group Award at the Brits 2017

Though usual listeners of the Manchester natives found themselves with reservations about the cover because of its extreme vocal filters, we can’t deny that the romantic soundscape that George Daniel brought into the song still encapsulates the delicate style of The 1975.

As a an avid fan of the band, any cover by The 1975 is enough to fill my daily cravings. It would be interesting to hear original songs with this style hopefully in the near future.


Here’s By Your Side by Sade:


Listen to The 1975’s cover here:

Photo Credit: The 1975 (Facebook)

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Having been an avid fan of The 1975 since I was 17, it goes without saying that I believe no one can ever perform their songs live as great as they do. 

Though Creeper didn’t necessarily exceed fans’ expectations, the Southampton band was able to transform The 1975's A Change Of Heart into a tender rendition despite being known for the punk aesthetic.

I have yet to hear a cover of this song that would blow me away, but Creeper did a decent job with just vocals and a piano. Though it would have sounded better with a few harmonies in the second verse, it was still a good attempt nonetheless.

Watch the cover here:


Photo Credit: Upset Magazine

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If you never got the chance to catch Matty Healy, George Daniel, Adam Hann and Ross MacDonald rocking it out live this year, or if you simply want to relive the tour memories, you'll definitely love this Christmas gift!

Much loved alternative rock band, The 1975, has just blessed us with a Christmas present this year with their FULL live show from the 16th of December at The O2 Arena in London, which is now on YouTube for everyone to watch for free! Catch some new hits from their second album, I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It, some debut album favourites and of course some pre-album tunes!

Plus, there's a little bit of extra love at around the 1:15:23 mark where a member of the audience pops the question to his girlfriend!

So if you have about 2 hours of post-Christmas boredom, check out the full "Live at the O2" here:

Here's the full setlist for the show:

The 1975
Love Me
Heart Out
A Change Of Heart
I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it
Loving Someone
She’s American
Please Be Naked
Somebody Else
If I Believe You
The Sound


The 1975's Christmas gift to us is one you'll love!

Photo Credits: David Drake

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If the recent Coldplay fiasco has taught us anything, it's that Singaporeans still have a burning, fervent passion for live music. We will beg, holler and petition till The Powers That Be give us what we want dammit – overpriced tickets for an exceptionally mediocre band at a shitty venue.

Even for those less inclined to drink the Coldplay Kool-Aid however, 2017 is already shaping up to be a pretty decent year, concert-wise.

It could be better, we say.

In fact, we DEMAND that these following acts make a date here simply because we can.


1. Adele

Holmen: With her announcing the end of her 2016/17 world tour on July 1st, there's a 50/50 chance that she'll drop by Asia in 2017 as she has added a string of Australian dates for the entire month of March.


2. Blink-182

Solihin: We now live in a time where Blink-182 is nominated for the very serious, very prestigious Grammy Awards proving once again how dubious and out of touch the Recording Academy can be. If you're anything like me and “just wanna see some naked dudes,” this is what (wet) dreams are made of so the next obvious step would be a celebratory tour around the globe with sights primarily set on Singapore. However unlikely, there's been talk of a Boat.


3. Catfish and the Bottlemen

Donwei: Have been watching their live performances a lot lately, which I think is so much better than their studio recordings and would love to see that for myself. They will be in Australia before heading to Japan in January next year so it would be great if they made a stop in Singapore in between haha


4. Carly Rae Jepsen

Teejay: I just really dig her latest album. She skipped SG for her Gimmie Love Tour for some reason, but played shows in Japan and Manila.

Solihin: My hopes got significantly raised when some Pitchfork lackey predicted that the Queen of Everything in the Known Universe might be headlining Laneway 2017. E•MO•TION Side B was the equivalent of a Marvel post-credits scene – a glossy leftover coy enough to tease yet another Infinity Gem which will unavoidably have game-changing repercussions for the world of underappreciated pop. Make Singapore great again; reinstate the CRJ monarchy.


5. Childish Gambino + Chance The Rapper

Solihin: Ever notice the distinct lack of hip hop and rap artists that actually make the trip here? How come Australia gets all the fun? 2016 was a massive, massive year for these two gentlemen and it would be great if we could be a part of the upcoming one.


6. Fifth Harmony

Letazia:The girls have talked about coming to Singapore since forever and it is about time that they get their butts here by putting on an amazing show here to thank local Harmonizers for their incredible support and patience all these years.


7. Green Day

Holmen: Revolution Radio was a great comeback to form and they've always sold out their shows here. Skipped SG last tour and are playing Australia in May. Asia tour seems likely!



Teejay: They're going to Manila for Wanderland 2017 along with Explosions in the Sky (who's gonna play a show here!) So hopefully, they'll stop by Singapore too!


9. John Mayer

Donwei: I hope he comes cuz i love him lol. Also his new album will be released next year so I think it's quite likely that he would go on a world tour, hopefully SG would be included

Michael: The man is a genius and his new album looks like it's gonna be a hit


10. Justin Bieber

Xinyi: In 2016, his Purpose Tour came to Asia but only to Japan so he definitely should explore the rest of Asia and come to Singapore. He will be doing the Australian leg in March 2017 so since he already travelled to this part of the world. He should stop by Asia too. Plus, the last we saw him was before the whole shenanigans and it will be good to watch the new Justin live.


11. Lady Gaga

Joey: With her new album Joanne out, she’s gotten a lot of rave reviews and returned back to the mainstream. She is most likely headlining Super Bowl 2017, but a world tour isn't exactly out of the question.


12. Little Mix

Letazia: Little Mix had a sold out show in Singapore for their Get Weird Tour this year and have mentioned Singapore several times in interviews saying that it was one of their favourite countries that they have visited on tour. Since their latest album Glory Days just got released, it is only right for them to make another trip back!


13. Radiohead

Holmen: One of the greatest bands ever has yet to extensively tour Asia yet. 2017 is largely empty besides a couple of European festival dates.

Michael: Because they are a world acclaimed band that has never played in Singapore, unfortunately for diehard fans (I think they haven't been to Singapore)


14. Sia

Joey: (It would be amazing to watch her and Maddie Ziegler live) – but it is super unlikely she will come since her recent Nostalgic for the Present Tour just ended in early Nov in North America.


15. Troye Sivan

Xinyi: He did Asia (but only South Korea and Japan) this year on his Blue Neighbourhood Tour. It will be great for him to come back as a singer as he came as a YouTuber for Fanfest 2014. He was one of the biggest names then, definitely proving he has what it takes to sell out a show in Singapore.


16. The Vamps

Xinyi: They came to Singapore pretty much unannounced a few weeks ago to do some promos (with Spotify, 987FM etc.) but did not do any public appearances or shows. So I think we deserve something. On their website, they did say Asia will be covered in Sep-Oct 2017.


17. The 1975

Teejay: They came this year for laneway but that was prior to the release of their latest album. It would be cool to hear more songs from "i like it when you sleep" live other than their initial singles.

Solihin: I Like It When The 1975 Comes To Town For Their Songs Are So Groovy Yet Emo Enough For Me To Say “Fuck that, get money” Ironically


Photo credit: ROSEWOOD, Dimitrios Kambouris, Rommel Demano, Jeff Hahne, Frazer Harrison, Ramona Rosales

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In my attempt to maintain the novelty of The 1975’s Somebody Else, I’ve turned to YouTube to search for different renditions of the song.


Of course, there are covers which did not really do the song justice, but there are several notable ones that evoked the same emotions as the original. With this, we’d like to share our top 5 must-hear covers of The 1975’s Somebody Else.


Jodie Mellor


There's more than just to Jodie Mellor than her pretty face. Let's just say her effortless guitar playing and angelic voice gave the song a melodic twist.


Toby Randall

If you're digging some flawless ad-libs and soft mellow beats, Toby Randall is your man.


Dodie Clark

Dodie Clark's rendition of Somebody Else might have had some parts which turned out to sound almost like spoken word, but I guess that's how she channels her FEELS.




VÉRITÉ's electropop take on the song is a must-hear for every fan who's craving to hear more of an upbeat version - definitely a unique cover that's far from the usual keys and guitar accompaniment that we usually find on YouTube.



Ebony Day

Ebony Day's creative take on executing the song based on a girl's perspective wouldn't have been more ethereal if not for her raw and delicate vocals.



Photo Credit:

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