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Iggy Azalea was rumored to having thrown a shade at Britney Spears after tweeting about how their Pretty Girls collab would have been more successful if there were more promotions. However, she later cleared that up and reminded everyone not to jump into conclusions.

After the misinterpreted tweet from Iggy about the collab, she backfires with some thought-provoking tweets targeting the media. It’s amazing how much buzz 140 characters can create and surprisingly, her tweets made me like her a little.

Here are some of the reasons why Iggy is not that much of a diva like how we think she is:


1.     She Supports Her Girlfriends

Contrary to recent speculations, Iggy actually loves all her girlfriends. From a recent interview, Demi Lovato mentioned how real of a person Iggy is; they knit and make gingerbread houses together as a form of bonding. Aw!


2. She’s Slowly Learning About Feminism

Iggy made us all realize how common it is for women in the music industry to be pitted against each other when they’re actually just minding their own business. Male artists rarely have to deal with this kind of issues!


3. She Doesn’t Care About The Haters

Despite her brief twitter hiatus, Iggy now learned how to block all the haters and be active on social media again just for her fans. Artists have feelings too, but she decided to put her emotions aside to connect to her fans.


Seems like we're learning more about Iggy just by reading her tweets, aren't we? Now it's time to stop all the negativity and just parteh!

Photo Credit: rapbasement, homebunch, huffpost, wifflegif

If you’re an old soul, Leon Bridges’ music might be able to teleport you back to the early 60s - back to those times when people lack human rights and equality was nothing but a dream. Jokes aside, Coming Home is probably the most unique album I’ve listened to this year.

Leon introduces a fresh genre most of us wouldn’t be familiar with. He ‘specializes’ in classic soul with a pinch of jazz and country, at least that’s how I classify them.

His upbeat tracks like Twistin' & Groovin' would remind you of the early Beatles, if they added a bit of jazz to their music.

Lisa Sawyer is a smooth retro soul that tells us a story about a girl witha heart warm as Louisiana sun and voice like a symphony.

Flowers, on the other hand, makes good use of the rich tone of the saxophone while keeping the jazzy-jive all throughout the song.

Coming Home is a debut record that will bring you to a never-ending nostalgia. This emerging artist deserves more recognition than just having his music played in the background in Starbucks.

Let Leon Bridge’s velvety vocals calm you in this live version of Coming Home:

Track Gems: Flowers, Twistin’ & Groovin’, Brown Skin Girl

Photo Credit: Rambo, Columbia

Following Dave Grohl’s accident in Sweden, which left him with a broken leg, Florence + The Machine were chosen to take Foo Fighter’s place as the headliner at Glastonbury 2015.

Perhaps it was all meant to be as Florence Welch ended up giving everyone goose bumps with her cover of the Foo Fighters hit, Times Like These. The singer started off with a short message for Dave before turning into full diva mode and proceeding with what I would call an impeccable rendition of the song.

Her soulful voice left everyone astounded and touched. It was perfect. People swaying with their arms up high and the atmospheric set up on stage together with the dim lights and eerie smoke effects. After watching her performance, I'd like to believe that she is an immaculate being sent to us from above.

It was Florence’s “time to shine” and she really did seize the moment.

Yes, she even ran around in her bra at the end of her set. QUEEN!


Watch the tear-jerking cover here:

Photo Credit: BBC,

There has been quite a buzz about photoshopped posters of music festival line-ups where male bands are removed, leaving only a handful of acts with female members.

It really is a male-dominated world, eh?

However, as we continue to improve civilization, women have been putting themselves not only in the “popstar” limelight but also in both rock and indie scenes. The word frontwoman isn’t really as common as it should be. There’s Hayley Williams from Paramore but how many others can you really think of?

Let me introduce 3 bands with female leads and some of their hits that will surely be up your alley.


Sleeper Agent

Pop-punk’s sugary effervescence with garage rock swagger – Spotify perfectly describes the band Sleeper Agent, fronted by Alex Kandel.


Wolf Alice

This emerging alternative rock band from London with their lead vocalist, Ellie Roswell, would be a familiar name to all indie lovers out there.


The Pretty Reckless

She’s more than just the chick from Gossip Girl. Taylor Momsen’s raspy yet rich alto vocals become the signature element of the band with genres ranging from alternative metal to hard rock.


Photo Credit: virtualfestivals, theguardian, Brian Tromans, elmodenafrontline

The highly anticipated film adaptation of John Green’s young adult novel, Paper Towns, will hit our small island on 23rd July!

Following the success of The Fault in our Stars, Paper Towns is surely going to be a big hit for film, book, and of course, MUSIC lovers.

Since we still have a few weeks to go before the release, we’ve chosen 5 of our favorites from the soundtrack. Listen to them here!


1.     Vampire Weekend – Taxi Cab

You can never go wrong with Vampire Weekend. Taxi Cab was brought out its grave for this soundtrack!



2.     Mikky Ekko – Smile

There’s nothing but good vibes with this atmospheric track, which leaves us a bit emotional.



3.     Vance Joy – Great Summer

Feeling all bummed out? Lift up your tired soul with this new summer jam.



4.     Grouplove – No Drama Queen

Grouplove is back! The band is becoming a regular in John Green related soundtracks.



5.     Sam Bruno – Search Party

Judge it for yourself. The title itself perfectly captures the plot of the movie.


Here’s the entire tracklist; I’m guessing most of them will end up on your summer playlists even before the movie comes out.

1. Santigold – “Radio”
2. Twin Shadow – “To the Top”
3. Sam Bruno – “Search Party”
4. Kindness – “Swingin Party”
5. Vance Joy – “Great Summer”
6. Vampire Weekend – “Taxi Cab”
7. Son Lux – “Lost It To Trying (Paper Towns Mix)”
8. Saint Motel – “My Type”
9. Galantis – “Runaway (U & I) (Svidden & Jarly Remix)”
10. HAIM – “Falling”
11. Grouplove – “No Drama Queen”
12. De Lux – “Moments”
13. Alice Boman – “Be Mine”
14. The Mountain Goats – “Used To Haunt”
15. The War on Drugs – “Burning”
16. Nat & Alex Wolff – “Look Outside”

The official soundtrack will be released on 10th July. Be sure to watch out for that!


Photo Credit: Atlantic Records, Fox 2000 Pictures

Before the birth of Carly Rae Jepsen’s pop hits, Call Me Maybe and I Really Like You, our parents used to dance along Cyndi Lauper songs such as Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

At the 46th Annual Songwriter Hall Of Fame Awards Dinner, Carly proved that she is more than just a one-hit wonder as she serenaded us with a sweet rendition of Time After Time. Her cover of the 80s love song was dedicated to Cyndi as one of this year’s inductees, and I must say that it really complemented Carly’s cracked vocals. Don’t get me wrong; her shrill and piercing voice are assets. Not everyone can reach those high notes.

Nevertheless, it was surely a dream come true for Carly as she mentioned how Cyndi served as an inspiration for her next record entitled, E·MO·TION, which I predict will make us all sentimental (in a good way).


Photo Credit: Reuters, Getty Images

One True Pairing (OTP) and shipping are not new in the Internet world. If you’re a noobie, shipping is a term used by fandoms when they put two characters together as a pair; it comes from the word, relationSHIP.

We’ve had Mclennon and Larry shippers flooding websites like tumblr with their fan fiction and fan art.  However, the latest obsession today seems to be the several shipnames of the band 5 Seconds of Summer. Every member of the band has at least two other band members whom they’re paired with.

Shippers dedicate both time and effort in creating fan art for their beloved OTPs and here are bizarre ones that are worth sharing:


Muke – Michael + Luke


Cashton  Calum + Ashton


Cake – Calum + Luke


Mashton – Michael + Ashton


The Internet really is a weird place to be. But then again, it allows our imagination to run wild.

Share with us your fave OTP!

Photo Credit:, tumblr, weheartit

Grand Romantic is for those in love, falling in love or falling out of love. Fun.’s lead vocalist, Nate Ruess, captures the pain and ecstasy of love in all its forms through his high vocal range.

Ruess’ first solo album still echoes Fun.’s solid indie-pop sound despite the band being on a break. But I guess it was expected seeing as most of the tracks were supposed to be on the band’s next record. Not much experimentation, I must say.

The only distinct track is What The World Is Coming To which resonates a folk vibe. You Light My Fire is a notable one that brings us back to the 80s with its bubbly synths and airy melodies.

I also just have to share my admiration for the beautiful album art which brilliantly expresses the paradoxes of the record – the ‘pain’ of being in love.

Listen to Great Big Storm  below and enjoy some fascinating metaphors like this one:

 “Because there’s beauty in every sin,

Every single black eye

has some blue like the moon just before the sun shines.”

Brilliant, isn’t it?

Track Gems: You Light My Fire, Great Big Storm, Take It Back

Photo Credit: Fueled by Ramen

“We Go Hard or We Go Home” – the line repeats itself in the hyped-party themed Bitch I’m Madonna music video. Madonna has a thing for taking her lyrics literally when she really did go hard in the video, proving that despite her age (which is certainly not an issue) she can still kill it on the dance floor.

Aside from the neon colored lights and Madonna’s grills that got everyone’s attention, the video featured A-listers such as Beyonce, Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Kanye and Miley Cyrus. The whole star-studded concept and the promo poster (shown below) attracted a fair bit of criticism and comparisons to Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood music video.

But let’s all remember that pop culture wouldn’t be what it is today without Madonna.

However, it would have been more exciting to have Nicki Minaj twerking on set with The Queen of Pop rather than “having her on skype,” as critics put it.


Watch Madonna’s new music video here:

Photo Credit: @Madonna via twitter, tumblr

It’s not everyday that we get to hear a speech from the famous English crooner who melted our hearts with his melodious love songs.

A few days ago, Ed Sheeran enlightened us with his speech at the American Stuttering Institute Gala 2015.

He reminded us of 3 things that he learned while growing up with a stutter:


1.     Music helps

Did you know Eminem helped Ed overcome his stutter? Yes! He used to memorize rap lyrics when he was ten and that’s when he developed his love for music. Let’s all thank Eminem for his existence because without him, there probably won’t be an Ed Sheeran.


2.     No amount of struggle can stop you from excelling

Despite his problems with speech due to stuttering, it didn’t hinder Ed from pursuing his love for music. It even became his outlet for self-expression. Don’t stop yourself from getting the help you need. From Ed himself, “Carry on pushing forward.”


3.     It’s okay to be the weird kid in school

It might sound cliché but Ed reminded us to just be ourselves and to embrace our quirkiness. There’s a reason why it’s a cliché, because most kids are still trying to desperately follow the status quo in order to be perceived as “cool.” But guess what? The guy who used to be one of the cool kids in Ed’s School now does his plumping. Well, how the tables have turned.


Watch Ed's speech here:

Photo Credit: Billboard, Ed Sheeran