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As the rest of Singapore spent their Wednesday evening catching Pokémons, a lucky crowd at The Colesium was treated to Charlie Puth’s incredible tunes. By tunes, I just don’t mean vocals. I meant effortless playing on the keys along with his equally talented live band.

For starters, Charlie Puth isn’t your typical YouTuber turned popstar nor is he a “manufactured” artist. The guy can determine the key of anything that makes sound! So consider yourself blessed if you were able to witness his music live last night.

Unlike any other concerts, the show started out on time, at 8pm to be exact - a new sensation for concertgoers. Singapore’s sweetheart, iNCH, warmed up the audience with a few originals such as MouseDeer and a cover of Death Cab For Cutie’s I Will Follow You Into The Dark (which gave me intense FEELS). But despite being initially oblivious of an opening act, the crowd turned out to be receptive and really supportive of the local talent.

When fans started chanting Charlie’s name, all hell broke loose, at least for the people in front of the mosh pit, which was slightly out of my line of vision due to my lack of height. So, as soon as I somehow saw a tall guy wearing a white T-shirt emerging from the backstage, I knew that Charlie’s first show in Asia was about to start.

Succeeding jokes about Singapore’s literal “warm welcome,” Charlie opened the show with an intersection of jazz and pop – something that completely captured the vibe of the rest of the evening. Some crowd favorites would probably be the hits, Marvin Gaye, One Call Away, We Don’t Talk Anymore, and See You Again.

My admiration for Mr Puth grew stronger as he improvised a jingle about his fascination for Singapore’s unique culture, specifically how we eat noodles for breakfast. Never have I imagined myself watching an American popstar compose and sing a tune with the lyrics,“In Singapore, we eat noodles for breakfast.” But I’m glad I had the privilege to do so.

Moving on from Charlie’s antics, the 24-year-old musician showed off his beatboxing skills at certain interludes, adding a diverse twist to the jazz-pop aura.

The less popular track Losing My Mind, was a literal pun in itself as hearing the drummer play the beat live made me feel a little giddy. As someone who repeatedly played the song in a dimly lit room, I have personally become attached to it and even ending up calling it the “2002 song” because of it’s early 2000s and RnB vibes. No shame in that!

Like any memorable show, it needed to come to an end, much to the dismay of those little girls around me in whom I see a part of my younger self.

Charlie sure knows how to pull everyone’s heartstrings with his romantic melodies despite confessing earlier in the press conference that he has never been in love. But the short set didn't hinder the night from becoming worthwhile. “I would do more but I only have one album. I need more material," a few words from Charlie that left avid fans something to hold onto.

One thing's for sure, Charlie Puth’s wit and charm will bring him to greater heights, and it has been an honor to watch his music progress from the beginning.

Photo Credit: Marcus Lin for Midas Promotions, Aloysius Lim

To be honest, the day Jake Bugg started to become Noel Gallagher's doppelganger - slightly egocentric and somehow full of hatred, I kind of stopped listening to his music.

Don't get me wrong though, I had his first album on repeat when I was 17 but his music started to drift away from the initial vibes that it gave when he first emerged.

However, I immediately checked out this cover upon stumbling upon it on YouTube just to see if Jake Bugg would give even the slightlest enthusiasm about covering an indie pop song, but of course, he didn't. When asked why he chose Haim's If I Could Change Your Mind, he answered, "I had to make a decision at some point" and claimed that he would want to have a different take on it, which he totally did.

Well, he even changed the whole melody, making the initially upbeat Haim song more depressing and Jake Bugg-esque. Love it or hate it, that's just how he rolls.



Photo Credit: Dean Chalkey

I am now convinced that Birdy is a magical fairy that found her way into this planet and solely exists to shower us with her melancholy yet heart tingling vocals.

Sporting a denim dress with a pair of Chuck Taylors that one could only ever dream of pulling off so elegantly, Birdy carries the poise and gentleness that she had ever since entering the music industry at a young age. She gives a sparkling aura that I’d like to compare with the pixie dust emoji. Yes, I know you can imagine it too.

Birdy began turning heads by posting original songs and covers on YouTube when she was just 14. Her big breakthrough was a cover of Bon Iver’s Skinny Love that until this day would send you shivers down your spine.

So we consider ourselves lucky for being graced by Birdy’s presence just a few hours before her debut show in Singapore.

Watch the indie folk goddess answer some of your questions with such undying eloquence:


Photo Credit: Donwei for Spin or Bin Music

Just this past week, Lady Gaga was seen performing for the Democratic National Convention in Camden, New Jersey, one of the highly sought after entertainment conventions in the US.

But, the thing about Lady Gaga is that’s she’s an all-round artist. Aside from her usual singing stints, we’ve seen her conquered the Golden Globes for her performance on American Horror Story Hotel. So when I’ve heard about her cover of classic rock artists such as Neil Young and The Beatles, THAT WAS IT.

What else can she NOT do?

Watch the very versatile Mother Monster on her beautiful take on Neil Young's Old Man and The Beatles' Come Together.


Photo Credit:

July is finally over and you know what that means? We're more than halfway done with 2016 and of course, Christmas is coming!

But aside from our usually excitement over the nearing holidays, we're also really pumped for new releases this July!

Let's look back at some of the tunes we've been digging the past month.


Three Empty Words - Shawn Mendes

The teenage crooner definitely knows how to tug our heartstrings with mellow songs like this one.


Closer - The Chainsmokers, Halsey

The perfect song for late nights at the bus stop (or to calm yourself down when you're stuck in a traffic jam, just because).


Fake It - Bastille

Vocalist Dan Smith sings about "recreating" and "faking" a relationship to make it just like it once was.


Activated - Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd is back, and this time it's with a new techno song that sounds strays away from her previous catchy melodies.


Goldmine - Colbie Caillat

Colbie has never failed to make us feel a little lighter with her usual feel-good songs.


Jungle Youth - Young The Giant

It's a slightly harsher new sound for indie rockers Young The Giant. 


Take Me Down - The Pretty Reckless

The Pretty Reckless takes "rocking out" down a notch with this new song.


You Don’t Know Love - Olly Murs

I don't know about you, but I kinda miss Olly Murs' Maroon 5-ish sound. Nevertheless, I guess he's venturing out into these days' more electronic soundscapes.


What's your jam for July 2016? Share them with us!


Photo Credit: Dean Chalkley 

It’s been years since the hit song Call Me Maybe topped the charts and dominated radio stations. But Carly Rae Jepsen has already built a name for herself as an emerging electropop artist.

I personally was not a fan of her former albums, but her 2015 record enticed me. The incorporation of 80s elements in her music seems to work better. Let’s also not forget that she has collaborated with divine acts like Dev Hynes and Jack Antonoff of Bleachers. No longer is she the pop cutie pie that everyone thought they would never hear of again.

Here are some pieces of evidence showing that Carly Rae Jepsen has that great festival-material in her.



Photo Credit: Kari Terzino/Aesthetic Magazine

What better way to spice up a mundane evening than to watch James Bay adorably chew his beer-braised beef...

Joining GQ Features Director Jonathan Heaf, Mr Bay was invited for the first ever segment called “Out to lunch” for GQ magazine.

What we noticed during the short video was James’ genuine selflessness to stir a conversation between him and the journalist, almost blurring the lines between the usual interviewer/interviewee relationship.

However, we also found him sharing about his first guitar, and of course asking the journalist back about his musical hobbies, as though they were just casual friends. What was lacking though was questions about James' writing style, but I guess they were going for a more informal interview.

If there’s a main takeaway, it’s James’ humility that radiates through his comfortable and unpretentious mannerisms, which undoubtedly is one of the factors to his charm.

Watch James Bay keep his posh and signature laidback demeanor in this video:


Photo Credit: Getty, WENN

The 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters is not only known for its new female cast, but also for it’s brilliantly crafted soundtrack somehow more targeted to younger listeners. This, of course, comes with the involvement of teen heartthrob ZAYN, 5 Seconds of Summer, and more!


Walk The Moon - Ghostbusters

The first track opens with the familiar funky sound of Walk The Moon, who caught the world’s attention with their hit Shut Up And Dance. The band’s rendition of Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters is a mix of eerie and zest, perfect for the action-packed and comedic film.


Elle King - Good Girls

Adding to the action-packed theme is Elle King’s Good Girls, which finds itself in between the harsh dynamics of rock and country. Listening to this would make anyone feel more badass than I'm sure they already are. 


Wolf Alice - Ghoster

Wolf Alice, however, was able to make their indie sound more punk with that scratchy guitar in the background. Let’s not forget Ellie’s Rowsell’s celestial vocals that added a more eerie effect to the overall melody.


ZAYN - wHo

Let’s just say ZAYN’s doing much better despite going another direction (pun intended, I’m sorry). He’s been sticking to his first love, R&B, and delivers a chill track called wHo. Why the weird capitalization of letters? We have no idea. We just know that our favorite part is the catchy chorus, “Who you gonna call?” which was brilliantly inserted for the Ghostbusters reference.


5 Seconds of Summer - Girls Talk Boys

Last but not the least, the majority’s favorite is 5 Seconds of Summer’s Girls Talk Boys, which in my opinion is one of the best songs they’ve released this year! Yes, even better than songs from Sounds Good, Feels Good! I would definitely be looking forward to their next album if their music sways far from their second one and more into the jive of Girls Talk Boys. Give Calum Hood more funky basslines like this, please!


Listen to the full soundtrack here:


Photo Credit: RCA records

Hana Pestle, more commonly known as her stagename HANA, has been gaining popularity performing alongside Grimes. Unbeknownst to many, HANA released a five-track self-titled EP earlier this year, which carries fresh tunes almost incomparable to her previous work as “Hana Pestle.”

The transition from acoustic to synthpop has been a smooth ride for the 27-year-old artist. The first track of the EP, Clay, opens with the delicate mixture of melodic synths followed by HANA’s lush vocals, which are almost operatic, in my opinion. (I’ve listened to her sing along to the Game of Thrones opening sequence and god, did it sound amazing.) HANA’s newly discovered brilliance in Clay received much-deserved recognition from the likes of Lorde and Lena Dunham, who featured the song in her HBO show Girls.

Avalanche, however, is a more dynamic track compared to Clay. The track doesn’t exist just for it’s upbeat sound though, HANA explains, “That song is also kind of about psyching myself out, and becoming an avalanche—someone who can basically roll over whatever comes in their way.”

Thought the first two tracks of the EP could easily get one’s attention, new listeners would soon realize the repetitive and similar melodies the rest of the songs carry. Underwater speaks for itself with a mellow arrangement almost synonymous to the sound of the ocean, hence the title.

Despite the lack of experimentation in melodies, HANA was able to pull off the new EP with the last two songs,White and Chimera. The tracks made use of HANA’s wide vocal range, which I’m sure is capable of producing more angelic music in the future.


Listen to Clay here:

Photo Credit: Hana Pestle, Mike Diamond, MTV

Have you ever found yourself having a peaceful day when suddenly, another Taylor SwiftKanye West drama unfolds? If most of you did find yourselves not being utterly surprised anymore, we’re on the same boat, my friends.

If you’re having a bad day, just think about how much sh*t Taylor Swift has to deal with – from being indirectly “attacked” by her ex Calvin Harris to being accused as a liar by Kim Kardashian. We don't even know what the truth is anymore.

Wondering what happened and what Taylor Swift MIGHT be feeling right now? Here’s a guide.

*Lyrics are taken out of context from original songs


Taylor accused Kanye of dissing her in his song, Famous, without her approval:

“I had it all, I had him right there where I wanted him.” (Better Than Revenge)


Fast forward, Taylor goes on with her life with new BF Tom Hiddleston as she indirectly shades ex, Calvin Harris:

"It seems like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters and to make fun of our exes.” (22)

Just this week, Kim posted a video of taylor’s approval of the lyrics on her snapchat:

 “All I knew this morning when I woke is I know something now, know something now, I didn’t before.”

Taylor posted a screenshot of her response about the whole drama and not agreeing to the part where Kanye calls her a bitch in the song:

 “Did you have to do this? I was thinking that you could be trusted." (Bad Blood)


The public realizes that Taylor has written the note a long time ago because of the apparent "search" button:

“Oh what a shame, what a rainy ending given to a perfect day.”



Could this be Taylor Swift’s downfall? Well, you decide.


Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage, Getty / Christopher Polk/MTV1415