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The answer is simple - change.

The ladies of Fifth Harmony recently attended the iGo.Live social media launch party at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and had a little chat with Entertainment Tonight about everything that has been going on lately in the 5H world.

Ally Brooke started the interview by saying that the group has been the happiest that they have ever been and that there are so many exciting things happening for the group.

When asked about their upcoming album, Lauren Jauregui revealed that it has been the most authentic sound that the girls have ever made to which Normani Kordei chimed in to say that the body of work really just shows the growth that they had. Dinah Jane acknowledged that this project is very special to the band because they fought very hard to be more creatively involved in the writing process this time round.

Fifth Harmony admitted that they went through a phase where they were treated like robots but they have been very grateful that their current management remembers that they are humans and schedules them according to that very fact.


Photo Credit: Just Jared Jr.

Theories, theories, theories.

After teasing her fans with snapshots and an unconventional audio lip visual, Selena Gomez finally released the official music video for her latest single Fetish.

Just like her music video for Bad Liar, the symbolism present in Fetish isn't easily understood after the first watch. And even after analysing it several times over, there is still a possibility that some people might not attain that lightbulb moment.

As a result, many questions from confused viewers seeking for clarity and understanding flooded the comments section. Thankfully, some intelligent fans collaborated to point out the significance of the music video.

The theory that the fans came up with states that the storyline isn't just about a crazy girl who eats soap but the music video addresses the problem that we have with appearing seemingly happy in front of everyone but we ultimately tear ourselves down when no one is watching.

It is further elaborated by saying that we tend to believe that we aren't good enough for ourselves but if there is someone who is fascinated by us or loves us, we will stay no matter how awful the relationship is because it somehow gives us worth.


Photo Credit: Rap-Up

From Ke$ha to Kesha.

After almost 5 years away from the music scene, Kesha has finally made her triumphant return with her hit Praying. This is the first single from her third studio album, Rainbow, that will be dropping later this year in August.

During her absence from the spotlight, the 30-year-old singer went through many struggles which include the long legal case with her former manager and producer, Dr Luke. He was sued by her for sexual assault and emotional manipulation to which he denied.

The beginning of the Praying music video starts with a monologue by the pop star herself. She revealed the depths of her heart by describing the unbearable pain she was feeling to the point where she wanted to end this life on earth, and all she was hoping for was a sign from above.

Praying takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride, leaving you with constant goosebumps throughout the song as it addresses that the only way to really let go of the painful past and move on is not to wish the worst for your enemies but instead pray good things for those who have hurt you.


Photo Credit: Elite Daily


Sarah Bauer recently took a trip to visit her younger sister, Jess Conte, who now resides in the US since her marriage to American YouTuber, Gabriel Conte. After being apart from each other for 6 months, Sarah and Jess decided to film a sister tag to answer some questions people had for them on Twitter.

Amongst sharing their favourite movies and testing the strength of their sister telepathy, the pair sang a few seconds of Sam Smith's I'm Not The Only One and Justin Bieber's Love Yourself.

The sister duo delivered perfect harmonies as the tonality of their vocals complemented each other in a way that was almost magical. The performance of the two songs were so spontaneous, making those few seconds that much precious.

As long as Sarah is still in America, we hope that the she will team up with Jess again to do full-on a cappella covers because those few seconds were not enough to satisfy our ears that long for good old classic harmonies.

Check out 5:35 of the video for the mini covers of I'm Not The Only One and Love Yourself by Sarah Bauer and Jess Conte here:


Photo Credit: @jessbauer10 on Twitter

FBI Harmonizers, where y'all at?

The biggest girl group of our generation, Fifth Harmony, is known for their loyal and dedicated fan base who are also known as the Harmonizers.

Not only are Harmonizers supportive, they are rather impatient. The saying "good things come to those who wait" does not apply to this group of people. When the girl group announces that they are about to drop something but takes too long to do so, the detectives in these Harmonizers are somehow activated.

We are glad to say that we are part of this fandom who fearlessly support these girls who fight for their dreams everyday. And in anticipation of their third studio album (coming out really soon), we have gathered 8 facts/speculations about the LP.


1. Down is the first single from #5H3


2. Gucci Mane who was featured in Down is a hint as to how the rest of album is going to sound like.


3. #5H3 consists of pop melodies and dark urban tones with the R&B flare.


4. The ladies of Fifth Harmony co-wrote more than half of the album.


5. Because Fifth Harmony was more creatively involved in this project, the stories told through the songs are more tailored to who they are and their experiences, making it a more authentic body of work.


6. The album shows growth - the relationship of the girls with one another and how they uplift each other as human beings.


7. There is a song in particular that addresses the importance of uniting and showing love to the world.


8. "Pumped" - either a song title or a word within a song in the album.

This is speculated because during their Billboard interview. Normani and Lauren spontaneously burst into what seemed like choreography to one of their songs when the interviewer mentioned the word "pumped". (Check out 6:17 of the video)


Photo Credits: Billboard, XXL, @fifth-gifs on Tumblr

Maddie Fitzpatrick & Bailey Pickett.

Fans of the Mickey Mouse network would definitely be elated to know that former Disney stars Ashley Tisdale and Debby Ryan have teamed up to sing a slowed down version of the Destiny's Child classic, Say My Name.

Ashley Tisdale's Music Sessions are known on YouTube for being ultimate throwback childhood memories for many. She enjoys inviting past cast mates and friends from the Disney Channel to sing alongside her in this popular YouTube series.

Her husband, Christopher French, is a genius at rearranging old songs and sonically giving them brand new twists. And it was no exception this time with the 90s hit. Ashley, together with Debby, delivered perfect harmonies and we honestly wished there was more.

The ladies revealed that they have never worked together before but have remained friends for a very long time. However, we would just like to point out that Ashley Tisdale did guest star on one of the episodes of Suite Life On Deck as Maddie Fitzpatrick with Debby Ryan as Bailey Pickett! (did they forget that?)


Photo Credit: Teen Vogue

That's exactly why we love their friendship.

Dinah Jane of the multi-platinum selling girl group, Fifth Harmony, took to Instagram to wish her fellow band mate, Lauren Jauregui, a very happy 21st birthday.

In the birthday message, Dinah Jane revealed that Lauren was very anxious to turn 21 during her teen years but it felt as though Lauren had already been 21 all this time because of her intellect and maturity that was way beyond her years.

The birthday wish continued by recounting their X Factor days during bootcamp. Dinah Jane remembered Lauren wearing red lipstick, having perfectly shaped eyebrows that complimented her seductive eyes while donning a black top and white jeans. She noticed that Lauren was interacting with everyone around her and hoped that she wouldn't be approached because of her shy nature.

Against Dinah's wishes, Lauren did approach her and asked what song she was going to sing to which Dinah replied "Hero by Mariah Carey". Lauren looked through Dinah's soul and told her not to sing it as she would be performing that song as well. Dinah Jane obviously didn't care and went ahead to sing it because she thought that she would never see Lauren ever again. And the rest is history.

What a dramatic start to a beautiful friendship between two girls in Fifth Harmony. The only thing we are hoping for now is that The X Factor crew somehow recorded this incident back then and will someday release a series of never-seen-before footage that didn't make the main show.

Photo Credit: @dinahjane97 on Instagram

Girl power is important but why?

Fifth Harmony recently visited the MTV headquarters to promote their latest single Down. Amongst talking about what fans can expect from their third studio album and whether they decided to get a name change, the quartet was asked something that basically questioned the foundation of their career.

"What is the importance of girl groups today?" A heavy question to answer but the biggest girl group of our generation handled it like a BO$$ and gave some very insightful replies as to what their brand is really all about.

Ally Brooke started off by saying that as a girl group, it is very important to know that everyone has their own strengths and talents. And how as women, understanding and knowing that they are there to support and encourage one another on this journey is something so special.

In addition, Normani Kordei mentioned that 5H represents so many different women out there. Growing up listening to Destiny's Child and TLC, the ladies appreciated that these girl groups represented who they were. Especially in today's context, people don't feel represented and Normani hopes that their younger audience can identify with someone in the group.

Lauren Jauregui elaborates that they are not unapproachable dolls that people can't relate to. Fifth Harmony is all about spreading a message of love and positivity, a group that encourages people to start a journey of self-love in a world where it's so easy to get lost in.

In conclusion, Dinah Jane reveals that they see each other more than their own family members. And that in order to maintain healthy relationships with each other and to be happy, communication is key.


Photo Credit: MTV News 

They just keep coming, don't they?

Music fanatics in Singapore have certainly been burning multiple holes in their pockets because of the multitude of musical acts making a stop to our sunny island to share with us what exactly it's like partying LIVE to their music.

Just when we thought that 2017 couldn't get any better with English singer-songwriter Passenger, British rock band Coldplay and multi-platinum selling girl group Fifth Harmony, it did.

If you have been keeping up with all the concert announcements for the past few months, you would have noticed that our little red dot has turned into a popular destination for all the talented musicians in the world to bring their tour to.

It has certainly been very overwhelming to keep track of who is coming, when and where they are performing, and finally deciding which concerts to eventually spend our limited money on.

In stressful times like this, don't worry because we got your back. We have complied a list of the 11 concerts we are most looking forward to, so just refer to this in times of uncertainty! (that is if you trust our recommendations ;)

1. Britney Spears

When: 30 June | Where: Singapore Indoor Stadium


2. The xx

When: 25 July | Where: Singapore Indoor Stadium


3. Bastille

When: 14 August | Where: The Star Theatre


4. All Time Low

When: 17 August | Where: The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa


5. Foo Fighters

When: 26 August | Where: National Stadium


6. OneRepublic

When: 15 September | Where: Marina Bay Street Circuit (F1)


7. Ariana Grande

When: 16 September | Where: Marina Bay Street Circuit (F1)


8. The Chainsmokers

When: 16 September | Where: Marina Bay Street Circuit (F1)


9. Ed Sheeran

When: 11 & 12 November | Where: Singapore Indoor Stadium


10. Harry Styles

When: 23 November | Where: The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre


11. Shawn Mendes

When: 9 December | Where: The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre


Photo Credits: NBC, Global Times, College of William and Mary, @itsqueenbritney-blog-blog, @coachella, @ryantedder, @brok3n-sanity, @demente-ocasional, @light-in-my-soul. @ohbabyyeah, @wegotthatgoodlove on Tumblr

America's Got Lots Of Amazing Singers.

Since the departure of The X Factor US, vocalists have been signing themselves up for America's Got Talent to showcase their unique sound to the world and hopefully get a record deal out of it.

This year, there has been a surge in the number of singing contestants on the show. Not only has the quantity of vocalists been rising, but these singers have somehow topped previous years' audition tapes in terms of entertainment value.

They are so unbelievable and just absolute joys to watch. Maybe it's something more that they bring to the table - it has never really been solely about their voices but how each voice is able to tell a beautiful story which makes them great and authentic artistes.


1. Mandy Harvey

The 29-year-old singer has been the talk of the Internet because of her pitch perfect voice even though she's deaf. Harvey lost her ability to hear because of an illness at 18 but overcame all odds and taught herself how to sing again using muscle memory and feeling the vibrations of sounds through her feet. For her audition, she sang an inspirational song she wrote titled Try which earned Simon's golden buzzer.


2. Angelica Hale

At just 9 years old, Hale blew the roof off the audition hall with her rendition of Andra Day's Rise Up. Her tiny body barely survived her early years on earth as she battled kidney failure but her mother allowed Hale to have another chance at life by giving her daughter her kidney. Hale's powerful vocals were definitely a testament to this miracle of life.


3. Chase Geohring

From a young age, 21-year-old Geohring started singing and learning to play the guitar. With that kind of musical exposure, songwriting came naturally to him. Geohring auditioned for the talent show with his original song titled Hurt. The song is about a girl who is always in toxic relationships and the cleverly written lyrics convey the message that Geohring could help her out if she gives him the chance to do so.


4. Puddles 

Probably the most unexpected singer from this list, Puddles is a clown who seems to be perpetually sad as he walked onto the AGT stage. He came out holding a briefcase that had the words "Puddles Pity Party" written on it. The miserable clown did not do any party tricks but entertained the crowd with his version of Sia's Chandelier. For once, everyone probably understood the lyrics because they were articulated with such clarity.


5. Kechi Okwuchi

When life allows you to have a second chance, you better grab it. The singer was one of the two survivors of a plane crash when she was just 16 years old in Nigeria. She suffered burns all over her body and basically music was her way of escape and of healing. Her cover of Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud was definitely one to remember as it was filled with hope that the future holds better things in store for her.


6. Darci Lynne

Categorically speaking, she isn't really a singer but a ventriloquist. But it is impossible not to include her in this list because of her flawless delivery of Summertime. The 12-year-old stunned the entire audience by singing one of the hardest songs to perform without moving her mouth at all. Kudos to this young star as her talent earned her Mel B's golden buzzer.


7. Christian Guardino

For as long as he can remember, 16-year-old Guardino was definitely feeling the nerves before his audition on the world class talent show. However, the moment he opened his mouth to belt the first line of Michael Jackson's Who's Lovin You, the judges and the crowd were clearly impressed as he had something special. After his stunning rendition of the classic, Howie asked the school boy what he would wish for that very instant to which he replied "the golden buzzer". And his wish came true.

Photo Credit: America's Got Talent