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Just the ooh na nas and the guitar.

Camila Cabello recently visited the Elvis Duran Performing Arts Centre to promote her latest single, Havana, and to talk about everything that has been going on in her life for the past few months.

From perfecting her debut solo album to attempting to master her technique on the guitar, Cabello is definitely determined to be the best musician that she can possibly be.

Promoting a single without performing it is probably unheard of by now, however, Cabello tweaked her song by stripping it down to just two guitars accompanying her flawless vocals.

According to Cabello, this performance was her first time performing a song acoustically as a solo artist and that is honestly very hard to believe because it was basically done to near perfection.


Photo Credit: Just Jared Jr.

But don't they have a music video together???

If you're looking for a new bop, Reggaetón Lento by CNCO featuring Little Mix might just be the song for you. After listening to Despacito for a billion times, Reggaetón Lento definitely adds something new to the mainstream Spanglish scene.

Coming from the United Kingdom, the ladies of Little Mix have little to no knowledge of the Spanish language but being the queens that they are, they managed to pick it up quickly and sing their lines flawlessly as though they have always been fluent.

Just a few weeks ago, the music video for the hit song dropped on YouTube which portrays some saucy dance moves in the club as the members of CNCO and Little Mix "interacted" with one another.

However, Little Mix revealed in a recent interview, with the exception of Jade Thirlwall, that they have never met the guys of CNCO. They explained that the two bands recorded their vocals in separate studios and the music video was shot in separate clubs.


Photo Credit: YouTube @EditsOfCNCO

Or rather Ally did.

Fifth Harmony recently visited the Billboard headquarters to promote their self-titled studio album and to play a friendly game of good old Pictionary.

The drawing game consisted of song titles from their latest album as well as their previous ones. Songs like Bridges and Angel were easily guessed by the girls but when it was Ally Brooke's turn to guess what Normani Kordei was drawing, she just couldn't get it.

Anticipating a song from their new album, Ally thought that the doodle illustrated songs Don't Say You Love Me or He Like That which were all incorrect.

Even after Normani wrote 7/27 beside her doodle of scribbles on a human figure indicating that the song was from their previous album, Ally was completely clueless. In frustration, Ally blurted out "write you a cheque" to which the other girls started to burst out in uncontrollable laughter.

Would anyone buy Write You A Cheque on iTunes? Cos' we know we would ;)


Photo Credit: Billboard

Who will emerge victorious? 

Liam Payne recently visited the Late Late Show to talk about his new life as a father and exactly why he decided to name his son a particularly unconventional name.

Before his designated segment, Corden was casually telling the audience why he thinks that boy bands are better than solo artists. He reckons that wearing similar outfits, having cool dance choreographies and harmonies are so much cooler than boring old solo artists.

Lo and behold, Liam Payne appears out of nowhere to challenge Corden's claim. It's ironic to say the least as Payne is currently on hiatus from his boy band, One Direction, and pursuing a solo music career.

Payne and Corden continuously throw shade at each other while belting out hits by solo artists as well as boy bands respectively before coming to a conclusion that there can be a world where the two can successfully coexist.


Photo Credits: TooFab & BillBoard

A ring on the ring finger is all it takes.

Fifth Harmony recently dropped their surprise music video for Deliver, the fourth visual representation from their self-titled studio album.

The singing quartet donned black gowns, gloves, diamond jewelry and shorter hair styles while channeling some seriously amazing Beyoncé vibes.

As the music video approached the end, Fifth Harmony's Ally Brooke motioned to place a diamond ring on her ring finger as she closed the song with the last word. That action caused many to do a double take, rewinding the last part of the video as it looked like the 24-year-old was hinting to the fans that she recently got engaged.

However, after further examination and analysis, it was concluded that the singer is not engaged as it was the right ring finger that she placed the ring on. In addition, the fans were not able to figure out who she got engaged to if she actually did as there are currently no romantic interests present in the pop star's life.


Photo Credits: YouTube

Statement or Shade?

MTV's annual Video Music Awards is always known for its over-the-top flavour to reflect the culture of music videos in today's time and age.

From the unconventional red carpet outfits to the iconic on-stage performances, every single VMA has gone down in the history books as the award show to remember.

This year's VMAs was no different especially for multi-platinum selling girl group Fifth Harmony and their mash-up performance of Angel and Down.

In the beginning of their performance, it was clear to the audience that there were five silhouettes on stage. But soon after the beat kicked in, the middle astronaut jumped backwards and fell off the stage as the remaining members of Fifth Harmony continued with the performance. As a result, many have attributed the stunt as the girl group throwing shade to former band member Camila Cabello.

However, Fifth Harmony's Ally Brooke made it clear on Good Morning America the next day saying, "We get asked all the time if we are getting a fifth member. We wanted to show the world in an artistic way that, hey, the four of us are Fifth Harmony, and we're stronger and better than we've ever been."

Many supportive fans also wanted to point out the fact that the fifth astronaut was not thrown off the stage by the girls, symbolising that Cabello willingly left the group to pursue her solo career.


Photo Credit: 29Secrets

Why? Cause she's dead.

Taylor Swift strategically premiered the music video for Look What You Made Me Do at this year's VMAs soon after the single's release on Friday.

After what seemed like an endless stream of negative reactions from the Internet about the "worst Taylor song" and the "annoyingly catchy tune", this music video could possibly be the saviour of the pop star's reputation.

The visual representation features various new dark-edged Taylors as well as a mountain of recreated old Taylors donned in different iconic outfits who pathetically struggle to reach the top.

As the queen of symbolism, there's just too much to digest in this one video. So we have dissected the video into 10 times that Taylor Swift embraced what everyone and the media has said about her.


1. "Taylor is a snake."


2. "Taylor is money hungry so she takes her songs off all streaming platforms."


3. "Taylor's squad has become a cult of supermodels and famous people."


4. "Taylor has a long list of ex-lovers."


5. "Taylor's relationship with Tom Hiddleston is a pathetic PR stunt because of that 'I Heart TS' tank he wore."


6. "Taylor acts surprised whenever she wins an award."


7. "Taylor is so fake."


8. "Taylor is always playing the victim card."


9. "I made that b**** famous."


10. "Taylor always unnecessarily brings up the VMA incident with Kanye West."



Photo Credit: E! Online, @dailyswiftgifs, @taylorswiftdaily, @reputatioon & @reputatiovn on Tumblr

We are so ready for DL6!!!

After a much-needed break away from the music scene, Demi Lovato is finally back and attacking the charts with some killer new tunes.

The pop princess announced her "comeback" in the best way possible with her feature on Cheat Codes' No Promises and the first single, Sorry Not Sorry, from her sixth studio album.

In anticipation of her next LP, we have decided to occupy our restless selves by gathering some facts about the body of work as the wait is slightly unbearable.

So here are 5 facts that Lovato has revealed about her upcoming studio album. 


1. The album will consist of more soulful and r&b tones.


2. There are currently no collaborations on the album but Demi is hoping to do something with Halsey.


3. Demi is nervous about a particular song in the album as she is afraid that the fans will read too much into it lyrically.


4. According to Demi, the release date for the album is "VERY SOON".


5. Demi will be touring the album sometime next year!


Photo Credits: CelebMafia, Rebloggy, PopSugar, GirlsLife, Teen & AceShowBiz

100 million views, but did you notice the subtleties?

Dua Lipa released her music video for New Rules just over a month ago and the MV recently hit over 100 million views on YouTube.

The music video did so well not just because of its catchy tune but its unconventional storytelling style really appealed and resonated with a big percentage of the young singer's audience.

The empowering female anthem is accompanied by the portrayal of a group of friends helping Dua get over a recent breakup. And in return, the 22-year-old singer was able to likewise with her new found confidence.

If you were part of the group of people who contributed to most of the 100 million views, you would have noticed that a lot of symbolism was present which made everything that much cooler.

Flamingos were the reflection of the women in the music video and apparently these pink creatures are used to symbolise femininity and confidence. Some have discovered that the sofa in the living room represents either the toxic relationship or the ex-significant other.


Photo Credit: The First Echo

We gonna gif it up!!!

In celebration of Fifth Harmony's self-titled studio album, we have decided to take a closer look at the LP track list because 25 August still seems a little too far away for us to wait for the big reveal of all the tunes.

Although the musical quartet has already dropped Down and Angel, these releases just don't seem to satisfy our eagerness to hear the album in entirety.

Since they have teased us with the titles of the songs, we thought that it would be interesting to predict what these tracks would sound like through the representation of gifs. Here's what we have come up with!


1. Down


2. He Like That


3. Sauced Up


4. Make You Mad


5. Deliver


6. Lonely Night


7. Don't Say You Love Me


8. Angel


9. Messy


10. Bridges


Photo Credits: Fifth Harmony Facebook, Zetaboards, @5hgifs, @hansensjaureguis, @yeah5h, @afairfight, @ljareguii on Tumblr