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Monday, 31 August 2015 14:38

Do you like Little Mix's 'Hair'?

Like we all already know, the ladies of Little Mix have really great hair. And it is even better that their newest single is named after one of their best features, their Hair!

This definitely calls for a celebration for all the Mixers everywhere! 

First of all, can we all agree that this is such an amazing song title for this talented girl band? Aren't they the perfect group to slay this song? 

They don't only have great hair, but they are known for probably having all the colours of the rainbow on their gorgeous locks at one point of time or another.

Even though this track was recorded long before the very public Zerrie break-up, we can't help but think this is such a time appropriate song for Perrie and the girls to sing it with her.

We are so glad that the girls have always been there for her during this difficult period. Whether it being comforting her when she broke down halfway during a performance, speaking up for her in interviews or even showing off some Karate moves to distract the paparazzi.

They got each other's backs, and they don't care, gotta get (*ahem*) him out their hair!

In the meantime, we'll definitely be grooving along to this song and waiting (not so) patiently for the music video to drop!


Photo Credit: Tumblr and Little Mix Facebook

Are you in love with a monster?

Fifth Harmony have just released their music video for I'm In Love With a Monster on 27 August. This song from the motion picture, Hotel Transylvania 2, has got Harmonizers all over the world very excited for its music video when the audio was released earlier this month.

Harmonizers, you need not wait anymore as the music video has arrived in its full glory. And it is just so scary to know how good this music video is!

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how good they look even when trying to look scary and monster-like? The stylists really did a good job dressing them up to look the part.

And a round of applause for the camera crew and editors for giving each girl an appropriate amount of screen time so that we can admire their beauty both individually and as a group.

Fifth Harmony should definitely be given more opportunities to collaborate on soundtracks for movies in the near future because their vocals are currently killing it in the music industry.

Which movie do you think they should collaborate with next? Do let us know in the comments down below!

Check out the music video now!


Photo Credit: Tumblr

Directioners are known for the things they do in the world of fandoms. From trending hashtags about One Direction on Twitter daily to voting their thumbs off to win awards for the lads and of course, breaking records.

It was no exception when One Direction's latest single, Drag Me Down, had its music video released on Vevo on 20 August.

Directioners obviously went all out and started trending #DragMeDownVevoRecord on Twitter in hope of breaking the most viewed Vevo video record on YouTube.

This fandom is not only crazily dedicated and passionate, but intelligent. So here are the 5 ways Directioners are trying to break the #DragMeDownVevoRecord!


1. Play the music video on any possible device available

Even if it's not yours, just play the music video on whatever device you can find that has wifi!


2. Encourage fellow Directioners that they have the power to not just break the Vevo record but Vevo itself

Directioners should stick together in a time like this, and remind each other that they are not a force to be reckoned with.


3. Remind everyone who currently holds the Vevo record

Although Drag Me Down didn't beat Taylor Swift's Bad Blood Vevo record for the most viewed video within 24 hours, Directioners did not give up so easily. They found a new goal and are giving everything they got. Miley, you better watch out!


4. Thank the haters for helping out

Looks like Directioners have a little group called the "haters" to thank for adding to the view count of the music video. Thanks haters for watching!


5. Teach fellow Directioners to REFRESH not REPLAY

I repeat "REFRESH not REPLAY" in order for your view to count!

Which category do you fall under? Do let us know in the comments down below!

And we know that you've enjoyed watching the music video! So why not watch it again and again and again? Come on, we know you want to ;)



Photo Credit: Twitter and YouTube

Can somebody please say awkward? How weird is it for two people who were once madly in love with each other, decide to collaborate on a song together and then break up?

These ex-couples would probably not be singing these songs with their used-to-be better halves anytime soon because the world would be screaming "AWKWARD!!!" in many different languages.

So here's 5 song collaborations by some of our previous favourite celebrity couples. Try not to cringe or reminisce too much!


1. Who You Love - John Mayer and Katy Perry

This pair have had an on-and-off again relationship for many years. And they broke off again after getting engaged. But we heard that they are back together again?! This is way too confusing...


2. Right There - Ariana Grande and Big Sean

Ariana and Big Sean was labeled an odd couple by many but managed to prove others wrong by being one of the sweetest celebrity couples out there. However, that wasn't enough to keep their relationship going for long.


3. Vertigo - Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks

There were definitely sparks in their eyes as they performed this love song together. It's a pity we won't be getting any more performances like this from both of them again.


4. Nobody's Business - Rihanna and Chris Brown

We all know about the abusive relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown. In this case, we have to say it is our business to show care and concern for Riri as we do not stand for any sort of domestic violence.


5. This Is Me - Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas

It is unlikely that you would sing a duet with any of your exes. But this duo has shown us how mature they are as they recently performed this Camp Rock hit on one of Demi's tour shows!


Have we missed out any of your favourite song collaborations by broken-up couples? Do let us know down in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Twitter

The annual Teen Choice Awards has never failed to impress us with its great line up of performances and awards given out to celebrate the biggest achievements in music, movies and more!

This year's highly anticipated award show has definitely topped itself from its last. Yeah sure, great music and great people were present.

But what were the most iconic moments from the award show?


1. One Direction's No Control Wins An Award

No Control is the first song that isn't a single in TCA history to win a surfboard! Don't let me get started on how many awards One Direction won that night without even being there! 


2. Geeky Little Mix Makes An Appearance


Little Mix dressing up as their Black Magic characters and changing into real-life goddesses on stage is probably one of the coolest thing ever!


3. Rachel Platten's Inspiring Performance


It is really refreshing to see someone passionately fighting for issues in the world that really matter!


4. Ally From Fifth Harmony Imitates Britney Spears

Oh Ally! This little ball of sunshine recreated Britney's infamous facial expression when Fifth Harmony made it to the finals on The X Factor.


5. Britney Spears Sits In Front Of Her Doppelgander: Rydel Lynch

Britney is definitely an icon as she made it twice in our list with her doppelganger, Rydel Lynch of R5, sitting right behind her!


Did we miss out any other iconic moments from this year's Teen Choice Awards? If we did, do let us know down in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Twitter and Tumblr

It felt like a dream when Echosmith graced us with their presence and talent on the night of 11 August. And before they rocked the stage on possibly one of the best days of our lives, we got to hang out with the cool kids themselves!

It was a pity that Jamie wasn't with the band as he was with his wife preparing for the arrival of his baby. However, the remaining trio still brought the essence of what Echosmith is really about by defining their sound, sharing why they bring along bottles of Febreze on tour, and revealing some of their pet peeves.

Find out more below!


Hailee Steinfeld has just shown the world what she's really capable of by releasing her debut single Love Myself on 7 August.

You might recognise this face from the big screens.

Yes, that's right! It's Emily from Pitch Perfect 2!

That's not where you find her familiar? What about this music video that you have watched a thousand times?

That's right! Hailee also appeared in Taylor Swift's Bad Blood video as The Trinity.

Other than Pitch Perfect 2 where Hailee performed a couple of songs with the rest of the Barden Bellas, she uploaded a full solo version of Flashlight on her own YouTube channel and sang an acoustic version of Stitches with Shawn Mendes himself!


Lucky for us, we can finally enjoy Hailee's music for what it really is! Take a listen to this brilliant single celebrating self-love!


Photo Credit: Twitter and Giphy

As we all already know, One Direction released the lead single off their fifth album on 31 July. The single, Drag Me Down, is not only a new sound for the lads but also a new direction for them as it is their first single without their previous band member, Zayn.

Drag Me Down is an anthem about supportive love and how nobody can break something as special as that. With lyrics such as, "with your love, nobody can drag me down", we can't help but think that the really catchy song is referring to the love shared within the band. (Aww!)

But as the song title suggests, it's not always a bed of roses in the life of One Direction. There will always be people who try to bring them down. Hence, we have done some detective work and gathered a few clues to maybe help decipher the inspiration behind the song.


1. Twitter Showdown

After Zayn left One Direction and recorded a song with the help of Naughty Boy, this happened.


2. Acknowledgement of a Fan's Sign

Apparently, Niall has more tattoos than Naughty Boy has fans!


3. Piñata Party

It seems like Liam and Louis had a smashing good time on stage.


These are just speculations, we don't know what or who really inspired the song. But what we do know is that this amazing song will be on repeat non-stop for the next couple of weeks until One Direction decide to release their second single off the new album! We can't wait!

Photo Credit: Twitter and Spotify

One Direction just celebrated #5Yearsof1D not too long ago. Although it's their fifth year together, it is their first time celebrating their anniversary as a four-piece band.

And just a few days after that, Zayn Malik decided to reveal the real reason why he left the band on Twitter.

His reason has caused Directioners all over the world to respond differently and rather interestingly with the worldwide trending hashtag, #realmusic.

We have complied and categorized some of our favourite fan reactions for your enjoyment!


1. The Angry Fans

Obviously, some fans feel very betrayed by Zayn because he initially left the band to be "a normal 22-year-old" but now he's signed to RCA as a solo artist to make "real music".


2. The Supportive Fans

On the other extreme end of the spectrum, there are fans who have promised to forever and always support the 5 lads till the very end.


3. The Broke Fans

And there are the fans who approve of Zayn's solo career but there's one big problem if they are going to support both One Direction and Zayn, and that is MONEY.


4. The Funny Fans

There will always be fans who will crack the whole fandom up with their wit and photoshop skills.


5. The Hopeful Fans

Lastly, we have the hopeful ones. Maybe a collaboration between One Direction and Zayn?


Which category do you fall under? Do let us know by leaving a comment down below!

At the end of the day, we wish all of them nothing but the best in their respective careers and we know that we can expect great music from both One Direction and RCA's newest recording artist, Zayn Malik.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Time to raise the roof as Fifth Harmony just celebrated #3YearsOfFifthHarmony on 27 July! 

We are very proud harmonizers who have been there since day one, and we wish we could be with the girls to celebrate everytime they have accomplished something great in their careers. 

It was definitely hard to choose the top 5 moments because we all secretly wish we could be spying on them 24/7 from the back of their tour bus, am I right? Anyways, we somehow managed to pick our top 5 moments and here they are!


1. When they became a girl group.

This was such a magical moment to watch as the girls were eliminated as individual acts but were given a second chance to go through the next round together. What can I say, they are just better together ;)


2. When they got through to the finals of The X Factor.

Being the underdogs for most of The X Factor season wasn't easy, but their hardwork and exploding talent got them through to the finals when they thought they were going home that night. Just look at their faces!


3. When they heard Miss Movin' On for the first time on the radio.

Hearing their debut single for the first time on the radio was certainly a really emotional moment for them as all their dreams felt like they were coming true. But while jamming out to their own song, it turned out to be some sort of prank?!


4. When they won their first moon man at the VMAs.

After many many days of voting their thumbs off, the harmonizers finally managed to get Fifth Harmony their well-deserved award for "Artist to Watch" at the 2014 Video Music Awards. What a joyous day! It would be even better if we could join Dinah Jane to do the celebration nae nae though!


5. When all their singles from Reflection went platinum.

These amazing vocalists earned every bit of success that they have and being a multi-platinum recording band is just a validation of what great artists they are.


This girl-powered group has come a long way from their X Factor days, and we wish them all the success in the world as they continue to touch the lives of many with their voices and hearts of gold.

Photo Credit: Tumblr and Giphy