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They just keep coming, don't they?

Music fanatics in Singapore have certainly been burning multiple holes in their pockets because of the multitude of musical acts making a stop to our sunny island to share with us what exactly it's like partying LIVE to their music.

Just when we thought that 2017 couldn't get any better with English singer-songwriter Passenger, British rock band Coldplay and multi-platinum selling girl group Fifth Harmony, it did.

If you have been keeping up with all the concert announcements for the past few months, you would have noticed that our little red dot has turned into a popular destination for all the talented musicians in the world to bring their tour to.

It has certainly been very overwhelming to keep track of who is coming, when and where they are performing, and finally deciding which concerts to eventually spend our limited money on.

In stressful times like this, don't worry because we got your back. We have complied a list of the 11 concerts we are most looking forward to, so just refer to this in times of uncertainty! (that is if you trust our recommendations ;)

1. Britney Spears

When: 30 June | Where: Singapore Indoor Stadium


2. The xx

When: 25 July | Where: Singapore Indoor Stadium


3. Bastille

When: 14 August | Where: The Star Theatre


4. All Time Low

When: 17 August | Where: The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa


5. Foo Fighters

When: 26 August | Where: National Stadium


6. OneRepublic

When: 15 September | Where: Marina Bay Street Circuit (F1)


7. Ariana Grande

When: 16 September | Where: Marina Bay Street Circuit (F1)


8. The Chainsmokers

When: 16 September | Where: Marina Bay Street Circuit (F1)


9. Ed Sheeran

When: 11 & 12 November | Where: Singapore Indoor Stadium


10. Harry Styles

When: 23 November | Where: The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre


11. Shawn Mendes

When: 9 December | Where: The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre


Photo Credits: NBC, Global Times, College of William and Mary, @itsqueenbritney-blog-blog, @coachella, @ryantedder, @brok3n-sanity, @demente-ocasional, @light-in-my-soul. @ohbabyyeah, @wegotthatgoodlove on Tumblr

America's Got Lots Of Amazing Singers.

Since the departure of The X Factor US, vocalists have been signing themselves up for America's Got Talent to showcase their unique sound to the world and hopefully get a record deal out of it.

This year, there has been a surge in the number of singing contestants on the show. Not only has the quantity of vocalists been rising, but these singers have somehow topped previous years' audition tapes in terms of entertainment value.

They are so unbelievable and just absolute joys to watch. Maybe it's something more that they bring to the table - it has never really been solely about their voices but how each voice is able to tell a beautiful story which makes them great and authentic artistes.


1. Mandy Harvey

The 29-year-old singer has been the talk of the Internet because of her pitch perfect voice even though she's deaf. Harvey lost her ability to hear because of an illness at 18 but overcame all odds and taught herself how to sing again using muscle memory and feeling the vibrations of sounds through her feet. For her audition, she sang an inspirational song she wrote titled Try which earned Simon's golden buzzer.


2. Angelica Hale

At just 9 years old, Hale blew the roof off the audition hall with her rendition of Andra Day's Rise Up. Her tiny body barely survived her early years on earth as she battled kidney failure but her mother allowed Hale to have another chance at life by giving her daughter her kidney. Hale's powerful vocals were definitely a testament to this miracle of life.


3. Chase Geohring

From a young age, 21-year-old Geohring started singing and learning to play the guitar. With that kind of musical exposure, songwriting came naturally to him. Geohring auditioned for the talent show with his original song titled Hurt. The song is about a girl who is always in toxic relationships and the cleverly written lyrics convey the message that Geohring could help her out if she gives him the chance to do so.


4. Puddles 

Probably the most unexpected singer from this list, Puddles is a clown who seems to be perpetually sad as he walked onto the AGT stage. He came out holding a briefcase that had the words "Puddles Pity Party" written on it. The miserable clown did not do any party tricks but entertained the crowd with his version of Sia's Chandelier. For once, everyone probably understood the lyrics because they were articulated with such clarity.


5. Kechi Okwuchi

When life allows you to have a second chance, you better grab it. The singer was one of the two survivors of a plane crash when she was just 16 years old in Nigeria. She suffered burns all over her body and basically music was her way of escape and of healing. Her cover of Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud was definitely one to remember as it was filled with hope that the future holds better things in store for her.


6. Darci Lynne

Categorically speaking, she isn't really a singer but a ventriloquist. But it is impossible not to include her in this list because of her flawless delivery of Summertime. The 12-year-old stunned the entire audience by singing one of the hardest songs to perform without moving her mouth at all. Kudos to this young star as her talent earned her Mel B's golden buzzer.


7. Christian Guardino

For as long as he can remember, 16-year-old Guardino was definitely feeling the nerves before his audition on the world class talent show. However, the moment he opened his mouth to belt the first line of Michael Jackson's Who's Lovin You, the judges and the crowd were clearly impressed as he had something special. After his stunning rendition of the classic, Howie asked the school boy what he would wish for that very instant to which he replied "the golden buzzer". And his wish came true.

Photo Credit: America's Got Talent

Any guesses?

Niall Horan has certainly evolved into his own after the release of his solo singles This Town and Slow Hands. His music sky-rocketed and took top positions in the music charts so Billboard decided to take a look at the Irish superstar's thoughts about it and the whole process that went on behind all the success.

During his Billboard interview, The 23-year-old singer-songwriter expressed that the most exciting part of making his solo album was the recording process as it was done with a full live band and most of the final versions were done with just one or two takes because he really wanted to get that live feel across in the album.

Amongst talking about his first ever guitar and what it is like behind all the glitz and glamour of the music industry, the One Direction lad revealed that he really likes the sentiment to the first line of his first solo single This Town. However, his favourite lyric is "If the whole world was watching I'd still dance with you".

The Irish singer elaborated on that saying that that line basically connotes the idea that "I don't care because I like you."


Photo Credit: Billboard

Something society needs to learn.

Hailee Steinfeld recently released her latest single Most Girls, a single that speaks about celebrating females everywhere regardless of how they dress, what they do or where they are from.

Unfortunately, society has painted "most girls" to be a materialistic and self-absorbed group of narcissists. Therefore, many who just listen to the chorus that goes "I wanna be like most girls" jump to the conclusion that this is a horrible song that encourages girls to conform to the pattern of such disrespected behaviour.

However, Most Girls addresses the fact that the female demographic is one that consists of smart, strong and beautiful individuals who work hard and fight for their goals in life. It is a powerful message that does not shame other girls but empowers women as a whole because each one is uniquely beautiful in their own ways.

The conversation Steinfeld had with the guy in beginning of the music video serves as a reminder that saying "you are not like most girls" is not a compliment. Rather, Steinfeld's disapproval of the "compliment" emphasises the fact that girls are stronger when they stick together and not tear each other down. And that is exactly what most girls choose to do.


Photo credit: YouTube

We will LITERALLY support him!

If you haven't been keeping up with all things Harry Styles, we don't exactly know what to say to you because you have simply missed out on so much - from the release of his debut solo single and album to the announcement of his world tour to his very first stage dive!

You read that right, Styles attempted his very first stage dive during a private listening party in New York City. And let's just say that it didn't go according to plan. The Sign of the Times singer was up in the air for a split second before the crowd could no longer support him which resulted in his quick fall to the ground.

Styles explained on the Late Late Show that he thought that his first stage dive would feel like flying and it would be the greatest feeling in the world but instead, it was like "I should get up now..." The 23-year-old elaborated that that would probably be his last time trying to stage dive unless the mood to do so strikes again.

We are hoping that Styles will have the mood to attempt a stage dive again on his tour right here in Singapore. Well, The Star Theatre isn't exactly a mosh pit but we are sure we can figure something out. 23 November, Singapore. Let's make it happen!


Photo Credit: J-14

Slow or awkward hands?

There is absolutely nothing stopping Niall Horan from pursuing a successful music career especially after the release of the second single Slow Hands from his highly-anticipated debut solo album.

The singer-songwriter appeared on The Ellen Show to give an exclusive performance of the hit for the first time on television. As per usual, the superstar delivered perfect vocals with his undeniable stage presence and charisma.

However, it was brought to our attention that this is probably the first time the 23-year-old musician has sung without his guitar which he usually keeps by his side during performances of This Town. Hence, we noticed the Irish lad having a little trouble knowing what to do with his hands.

Without his other One Direction mates to interact with while roaming around on stage or his guitar to keep his hands occupied with strumming, Niall's hands seem to appear naked and lonely. But that is what makes his performance even more endearing to watch because these awkward hands are a part of the Niall we have all come to know and love.


Photo Credit: Just Jared & @squishyharold on Tumblr

Pray for Manchester.

A bomb went off in Manchester Arena killing at least 22 and injuring 59 people where Ariana Grande was performing for one of her stops of the Dangerous Woman Tour.

The blast happened in the foyer of the stadium, separating children from their parents while everyone was rushing for the exits. Twitter flooded with pictures of missing loved ones from concertgoers trying to contact one another.

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, calls the incident an "appalling terrorist attack" and the British police reported that the attack was carried out by one man who was also killed in the blast though the government is still figuring out the full details of what exactly happened.

Ariana Grande tweeted out an apology after the incident although it is no fault of hers.

We also have no words to describe this tragic incident but it is very comforting to know that the people of Manchester chose to come together to take water and supplies to the streets as well as open their homes to those who are stranded. They reacted to the whole situation not with hate but with kindness and love.

Sending our condolences to affected families and friends, we will continue to stand by Manchester during this difficult time.

Photo Credit: #PrayForManchester on Twitter

Representing girl power in every way possible.

Hailee Steinfeld is no stranger to the music scene especially with her female empowerment anthems that keep on topping the music charts one after the other.

With the release of Most Girls, the 20-year-old singer made it clear that she does not just make music that makes you feel good. There is so much more behind the songs she puts out and for this single in particular, she chose to make a statement through the cover art as well.

The Most Girls cover art features Hailee wearing an elaborate crown with a face full of make up. Ironically, she's not wearing a ballgown but is seen donned in a simple grey hoodie.

When asked about the meaning behind this visual representation, Hailee explains that she loves fashion and walking red carpets wearing some of the world's most talented designers' clothes. However, when she is by herself, she lives in sweatpants and oversized t-shirts. The whole message of the cover art is that "you don't have to dress a certain way to feel like the queen that you are".

And that is exactly how Hailee decided to convey the beautiful message to all the girls out there that every single female is a queen regardless of who they are, what they do or what they look like. 


Photo Credit: Hailee Steinfeld Facebook

Sometimes failure can be so entertaining.

If you have ever used Google Translate to do your mother tongue homework, you should know full well that your essays don't always get an A with what has been translated for you. The perfect use of grammar and vocabulary words are just messed up once it is translated into another language and back into English.

Jimmy Fallon decided to have a little fun with this inaccurate translation feature when Anne Hathaway made a visit to The Tonight Show. This segment of the show basically takes songs sang in English, passes the lyrics through Google Translate into another language and back into English again for the stars to sing.

Hathaway sang The Weeknd's Can't Feel My Face while Fallon grooved to the classic Gloria Gaynor tune I Will Survive which translated into 'My Front Is Not Felt' and 'I Will Be Punctual' respectively. The pair joined forces to belt out the last song of the segment - P!nk's Just Give Me A Reason which funnily translated into 'Only Tell Me Grounds'.

If you haven't watched this segment on The Tonight Show, it is about your time to do so because this is classic comedy and music mashed up into four minutes and two seconds!


Photo Credit: Time

We seriously CANNOT stop listening to this jam.

Niall Horan has proved himself worthy of the solo artist superstar status once again with his second single Slow Hands from his debut album.

The 23-year-old singer definitely swapped out his genuine and innocent image in This Town for a rather cheeky grown-up vibe in this new track. Straight off the bat, the first verse starts off with some sort of stereotypical gender role reversal which transitions into a mysterious chorus that you just can't help but groove along too.

Although the Irish songwriter played the guitar parts on the record, the song was not written based on his personal life. He revealed that he and his team thought of this concept and wrote a song around the whole idea. This sound is really something new for the talented lad and he mentioned that he can't wait to get out into the world to promote his new song because he is so sick of seeing the same four walls of the studio.

Well, we are just as excited as he is (or even more) and we hope that the entire album will be out soon because we simply can't get enough of his music!


Photo Credit: Niall Horan Facebook