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Slow or awkward hands?

There is absolutely nothing stopping Niall Horan from pursuing a successful music career especially after the release of the second single Slow Hands from his highly-anticipated debut solo album.

The singer-songwriter appeared on The Ellen Show to give an exclusive performance of the hit for the first time on television. As per usual, the superstar delivered perfect vocals with his undeniable stage presence and charisma.

However, it was brought to our attention that this is probably the first time the 23-year-old musician has sung without his guitar which he usually keeps by his side during performances of This Town. Hence, we noticed the Irish lad having a little trouble knowing what to do with his hands.

Without his other One Direction mates to interact with while roaming around on stage or his guitar to keep his hands occupied with strumming, Niall's hands seem to appear naked and lonely. But that is what makes his performance even more endearing to watch because these awkward hands are a part of the Niall we have all come to know and love.


Photo Credit: Just Jared & @squishyharold on Tumblr

Pray for Manchester.

A bomb went off in Manchester Arena killing at least 22 and injuring 59 people where Ariana Grande was performing for one of her stops of the Dangerous Woman Tour.

The blast happened in the foyer of the stadium, separating children from their parents while everyone was rushing for the exits. Twitter flooded with pictures of missing loved ones from concertgoers trying to contact one another.

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, calls the incident an "appalling terrorist attack" and the British police reported that the attack was carried out by one man who was also killed in the blast though the government is still figuring out the full details of what exactly happened.

Ariana Grande tweeted out an apology after the incident although it is no fault of hers.

We also have no words to describe this tragic incident but it is very comforting to know that the people of Manchester chose to come together to take water and supplies to the streets as well as open their homes to those who are stranded. They reacted to the whole situation not with hate but with kindness and love.

Sending our condolences to affected families and friends, we will continue to stand by Manchester during this difficult time.

Photo Credit: #PrayForManchester on Twitter

Representing girl power in every way possible.

Hailee Steinfeld is no stranger to the music scene especially with her female empowerment anthems that keep on topping the music charts one after the other.

With the release of Most Girls, the 20-year-old singer made it clear that she does not just make music that makes you feel good. There is so much more behind the songs she puts out and for this single in particular, she chose to make a statement through the cover art as well.

The Most Girls cover art features Hailee wearing an elaborate crown with a face full of make up. Ironically, she's not wearing a ballgown but is seen donned in a simple grey hoodie.

When asked about the meaning behind this visual representation, Hailee explains that she loves fashion and walking red carpets wearing some of the world's most talented designers' clothes. However, when she is by herself, she lives in sweatpants and oversized t-shirts. The whole message of the cover art is that "you don't have to dress a certain way to feel like the queen that you are".

And that is exactly how Hailee decided to convey the beautiful message to all the girls out there that every single female is a queen regardless of who they are, what they do or what they look like. 


Photo Credit: Hailee Steinfeld Facebook

Sometimes failure can be so entertaining.

If you have ever used Google Translate to do your mother tongue homework, you should know full well that your essays don't always get an A with what has been translated for you. The perfect use of grammar and vocabulary words are just messed up once it is translated into another language and back into English.

Jimmy Fallon decided to have a little fun with this inaccurate translation feature when Anne Hathaway made a visit to The Tonight Show. This segment of the show basically takes songs sang in English, passes the lyrics through Google Translate into another language and back into English again for the stars to sing.

Hathaway sang The Weeknd's Can't Feel My Face while Fallon grooved to the classic Gloria Gaynor tune I Will Survive which translated into 'My Front Is Not Felt' and 'I Will Be Punctual' respectively. The pair joined forces to belt out the last song of the segment - P!nk's Just Give Me A Reason which funnily translated into 'Only Tell Me Grounds'.

If you haven't watched this segment on The Tonight Show, it is about your time to do so because this is classic comedy and music mashed up into four minutes and two seconds!


Photo Credit: Time

We seriously CANNOT stop listening to this jam.

Niall Horan has proved himself worthy of the solo artist superstar status once again with his second single Slow Hands from his debut album.

The 23-year-old singer definitely swapped out his genuine and innocent image in This Town for a rather cheeky grown-up vibe in this new track. Straight off the bat, the first verse starts off with some sort of stereotypical gender role reversal which transitions into a mysterious chorus that you just can't help but groove along too.

Although the Irish songwriter played the guitar parts on the record, the song was not written based on his personal life. He revealed that he and his team thought of this concept and wrote a song around the whole idea. This sound is really something new for the talented lad and he mentioned that he can't wait to get out into the world to promote his new song because he is so sick of seeing the same four walls of the studio.

Well, we are just as excited as he is (or even more) and we hope that the entire album will be out soon because we simply can't get enough of his music!


Photo Credit: Niall Horan Facebook

Maybe what not a who.

Harry Styles certainly made a name for himself in the music scene as a solo artist by releasing his debut single titled Sign of the Times on 7 April.

The 23-year-old musician has always been known as an amazing singer since his early days in One Direction. However, he never really had the chance to show off his songwriting skills to the fullest because of the constrains that come along with being in a group.

With the One Direction hiatus and solo record deal, Styles has been given the freedom to express his own artistic vision without any boundaries. Interestingly, Styles revealed in his recent Rolling Stone interview that his first single was written from the perspective of a mother in child birth and there happens to be a complication.

This mother is told that her child is fine but she on the other hand, is not going to make it. She only has five minutes to essentially tell her child to "Go forth and conquer."


Read Styles' full Rolling Stone interview here.

Photo Credit: Rolling Stone 

Walking the talk in the best way possible.

Fifth Harmony's Normani Kordei has been killing the game ever since she entered the 24th season of Dancing with the Stars. Together with her pro partner, Valentin Chmerkovskiy, the dancing duo has never failed to put up a show for the judges and viewers alike.

The theme for week 4 of the season was the "Most Memorable Year Night" which inevitably reminded Normani of 2012 where she met four other beautiful girls and was put into Fifth Harmony.

Team Valmani danced the Rumba while the remaining girls sang Impossible, the song which they first performed together as a group back at Simon Cowell's home during their time on The X Factor. It was simply an amazing performance as Normani recalled the emotions she felt when she knew her life was going to change forever.

As soon as the dance was finished, Normani and the rest of Fifth Harmony shared a beautiful moment together. Friends who have stuck together through thick and thin and supported each other since day 1, now that is the definition of girl power.


Photo Credit: Dancing with the Stars 

Well, who doesn't?

Noah Cyrus has been experiencing great success with her single Make Me (Cry) with Labrinth ever since it was released in November of 2016.

When asked about which UK artist she would like to collaborate with in the future during an interview with ODE, Noah mentioned Ben Howard without hesitation and went on to elaborate that she has tried reaching out to him but found no success in doing so.

The interviewer probed further by asking if there are any other Brits she had in mind. Noah mentioned that she would also like to have a song with Ed Sheeran and Little Mix which the interviewer suggested in reply that she could be in the fifth member of the number one British girl band. 

The 17-year-old singer was in a serious dilemma as she expressed that she really wants to be the fifth member of Fifth Harmony as well. She came to a conclusion that the two girl bands could just go on tour together with her and it would be one big party on stage. 


Photo Credit: YouTube

What a fabulous end to something magical.

At 7:15pm, the seats in The Star Theatre started to fill up one by one with excited fans who have been waiting forever for Fifth Harmony to perform in Singapore. It was a matter of minutes before the multi-platinum girl group was going to appear on stage as devoted Harmonizers make the finishing touches to their hand-held posters, hoping that their nicely decorated signs would catch the attention of the girls.

At exactly 8:18pm, the lights went down and the chants for Fifth Harmony echoed throughout the theatre. The time had finally arrived.

Donned in their red hot tour outfits, Fifth Harmony made a dramatic entrance with the female power anthem of 7/27, That's My Girl. As their fists punched the air in the chorus, an array of lights moved in the same fashion as fans happily joined in the iconic choreography of the song.

Lauren Jauregui shouted out the audience saying that this was their last show on the 7/27 tour and that Singapore had an obligation to be the loudest. The crowd roared in reply, knowing in their hearts that it is such a privilege to be present at the show that marks the closure of another significant chapter in the lives of the girls.

The ladies transitioned to throwback songs Miss Movin' On and Sledgehammer before pumping up the party with the cleverly-written Reflection and ever-so-filled with sass This Is How We Roll.

Heartfelt songs Scared Of Happy and I Lied continued to carry the set along. The lyrics of these songs resonated so well with the audience; Harmonizers sung them back to the girls with such raw emotions as they connected with each honest line.

The quartet belted out Write On Me before going backstage and reappearing one by one to sing their verses in No Way. They later united in perfect harmony in the chorus as they finished up their flawless performance of the song. Throwing it back once again to their first studio album, the melodic low-register We Know sounded unreal LIVE. The foursome cruised through the fan-favourite tune of their earlier days.

Dinah Jane took centre stage to address the audience by saying that she could not believe that the band was finally in our home, Singapore. She continued to engage the crowd by reading out signs that caught her attention like "your high notes are higher than my grades" and "#TeamValmani". She carried on by saying that although we are all strangers, to give the person next to us a little Squeeze. The girls too shared a moment among themselves.

BO$$ followed the cute moment and proved what a classic 5H track it is as it clearly reminds us all that these ladies truly embody the spirit of excellence in all they do like Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

It was Normani Kordei's time to have a little chit chat with the fans as she acknowledged that it took almost 5 years for them to finally make a trip to Singapore. With such a genuine heart, she thanked the Harmonizers present for making their dreams come true and that they would be nothing without the fans. She proceeded to ask the audience to guess the next song which was Not That Kinda Girl that had a really cool dance breakdown during the Missy Elliott rap.

The loveable girls started randomly singing "Singapore" and giggled about the fact that it's so funny to sing it as our country's name contained the word "sing". This is exactly why they are so precious :')

What's a concert without a little screaming competition? The girls split themselves into two teams. Team #Norminah took the side to their right and team #Alren was in charge of the other. Lauren was so adorable when she was hushing her side of the crowd because some of them screamed even though it wasn't their turn. After all the expansion of lungs, the crowd was sure ready to flex. What a smooth transition into All In My Head (Flex).

Our Polynesian queen Dinah grabbed a Singapore flag from the audience and exclaimed "don't mind if I do" in a cheeky voice. She continued to express her gratitude to the Harmonizers for being so loyal and defending them whenever annoying comments about them are made online. The family-loving gal gave a cute shout out to all their mothers for being so supportive and teaching them the ways of being Brave, Honest and Beautiful.

At the end of the song, Ally Brooke was seen wiping away tears from her face as she confessed that Dinah made her cry during the song. (Aww, can they get any cuter?) The oldest of the gang quickly moved on and thanked every single person of the 5H crew by name. She began declaring her love for the next song Gonna Get Better which is actually her favourite song from the album as it reminds her of a special memory.

Reality began to sink in as chart-toppers Worth It and Work From Home were performed. Harmonizers knew that the end was near and soaked in every single remaining moment left of the concert by dancing their little hearts out.

Obviously Dinah had to slip it in somewhere in the concert and asked everyone to support their girl Normani on Dancing with the Stars. Indeed, what a beautiful friendship all the girls share. They definitely represent the true meaning of girl power in a world where hate is so prevalent.

At 9:40pm, confetti showered the first few rows marking the official end of the night as the girls thanked everyone for their continuous support one last time before disappearing one by one down the stairs.


Y'all totally SLAYED it girls! It was definitely a dream come true for all of us and we can't wait till the next time y'all are back here again to tour 5H3 ;)


1. That's My Girl
2. Miss Movin' On
3. Sledgehammer
4. Reflection
5. This Is How We Roll
6. Scared Of Happy
7. I Lied
8. Write On Me
9. No Way
10. We Know
11. Squeeze
12. BO$$
13. Not That Kinda Girl
14. All In My Head (Flex)
15. Brave Honest Beautiful
16. Gonna Get Better
17. Worth It
18. Work From Home

Photo Credit: Alvin Ho for LAMC Productions

Only the sharpest will know.

Little Mix recently released the music video for their third single from the Glory Days album No More Sad Songs which feature American rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

The ladies are seen pulling up to a bar somewhere in the south all dressed up in their cowgirl outfits and having a good time partying as a way of getting over a relationship that caused a lot of pain.

If you're not alert enough, you would probably think that this is some ordinary music video where the ladies look as gorgeous as usual. However, a sharp-eyed (or sharp-eared) mixer pointed out for us that the busker featured in the beginning of the video was actually playing to the tune of Shout Out To My Ex on his guitar.

And that is the reason for many to have come to the conclusion that this music video is the continuation of their road trip that started out in the Shout Out To My Ex music video. This is the band's way of saying that they have successfully gotten over their exes and hence, there are No More Sad Songs.


Photo Credit: Daily Mail