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Remember that name, he is going to be the next big thing in music.

Alfie Sheard is a 15-year-old schoolboy from the UK who was invited on The Ellen Show to talk about one of his busking YouTube videos that went viral and to later on perform an Eric Clapton classic Wonderful Tonight.

The young busker picked up the guitar when he was about 12 and received a couple of lessons but he mentioned that he is mostly self-taught. He didn't know exactly why but singing just came naturally along with it for him.

His motivation to busk comes from the smiles and compliments that strangers who appreciate his music give him. One of the sweetest things about this rising star is that his ultimate goal is to one day say to his mum that she doesn't have to work anymore because he can take care her. Aww!

When he was asked what he spends the money he earns from busking on, the down-to-earth singer says that he uses it to invest back into his music. And probably one of the luckiest things happened to this lad was when a pre-recorded video of the brilliant Ed Sheeran gave advice to him. Not only was advice given, but Ed also gave him one of his guitars on the condition that he plays it daily.


Photo Credit: The Sun


It is the second time the British girl band Little Mix performed at the Brit Awards. With their outstanding performance of Black Magic last year, the ladies knew they had to bring their performance of Shout Out To My Ex this year to a whole new level.

The highly anticipated performance started off with visuals of the girls screaming at the screen at eye-level before all the glass seemingly broke, welcoming them on futuristic thrones carried by the mix men.

Jesy, Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jade all donned metal-like looking outfits as well as platinum blonde wigs to complete the look that accompanied their amazing vocal range and on point dance moves. 

And we know what a hit the song is because the ladies took home a Brit Award for Best British Single that night.

Watch out, 2017 is Little Mix's year!!!


Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter

Our brand new jam for sure.

The talented Kygo recently teamed up with multi-platinum recording artist Selena Gomez to create this amazing music track titled It Ain't Me.

This is Gomez's first song to be released ever since her 3-month break from the spotlight back in the later part of 2016. This bop recently had the third biggest jump on the Billboard Hot 100 this decade, climbing from the 93rd spot to the 12th.

The song starts off with a cool calming beat that accompanies Gomez's classic deep vocals which reminds us how much we have missed her from the music scene. And the beat drop definitely nominates this tune as a potential song to jam out to this coming summer.


Photo Credit: YouTube 

Too cute and funny for words.

Ed Sheeran recently appeared on The Ellen Show to talk about his gruesome adventure to the top of an active volcano, his life without a phone and to perform his latest number one single Shape of You.

During another segment of the show, Ellen had her regular little superstar Kai sing one of Ed Sheeran's older tunes Thinking Out Loud. The 8-year-old is known for having the most exaggerated hand gestures and passionate facial expressions when singing his favourite songs.

And it was no different this time. The young enthusiast was so caught up in the emotions of the song that he completely did not realise that Ed Sheeran had sneaked up to sit right behind him on the armrest of the sofa chair. It was only after Kai had finished yet another amazing signature performance of his own and with the help of Ellen pointing out to him that the original singer of the song was standing behind him that Kai had realised what had happened.

Ed and Kai shared the moment with a high five before Ed had to go backstage again to prepare for his performance of Shape of You


Photo Credit: YouTube

Those harmonies though.

Our favourite homegrown band The Sam Willows just dropped their brand new cover of ZAYN and Taylor Swift's I Don't Wanna Live Forever from the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack.

This is definitely one of the better covers that we have heard from the quartet; from the harmonies that attack us from the start of the video to the verses where we can hear each individual showcasing their vocals is simply just pure music to our ears.

Once again we are reminded of what great musicians every single of one them are and that is exactly what makes them an outstanding band and not one that consists of manufactured puppets produced by a big record label.

Maybe the Fifty Shades Darker producers should consider including this version of the song as a bonus track ;) because it is amazing but nevertheless, we will always be proud of this four-piece group for all the achievements they have accomplished for themselves and for the country.


Photo Credit: YouTube

What a talented young lady.

Alessia Cara is one rising star in the music industry and her achievements are slowly piling up for what seems to be like the runway to a real successful career that will leave a legacy.

At a young age of 20, Alessia has already had 2 number one singles on the US pop charts, a song on a Disney animated film and performed on Saturday Night Live as a musical guest.

Her schedule certainly keeps this singer-songwriter busy so we have no idea how on earth she found time to perfect these impersonations she did of some of the biggest artists in the world on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The Wheel of Musical Impressions made some interesting combinations that night. Check out Alessia's Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and Lorde impersonations here. They are seriously so spot on that it scares us.


Photo Credit: elle


Disney's very own Sofia Carson recently released her brand new single Back to Beautiful and we are in love with the song and her amazing vocals on it for so many reasons.

The song starts off with the heartbreaking truth of the realities of this world we live in, "They say you're not good enough, you're not brave enough/ You should cover up your body/ Tell me, watch my weight/ Gotta paint my face/ Or else no one's gonna want me."

But it doesn't stop there. The honest chorus addresses that wars only start more wars and it is just a vicious cycle of putting people down to get to the top but it will eventually not get anyone anywhere. And the only way to stop this is to get back to what it really means to be beautiful because beauty is not skin-deep but it is the compassion and love that we find within ourselves.

We are glad that songs like this are written to confront the harsh realities of the human condition in a way that gets communicated to the masses. So we will be here waiting for Sofia to release more inspirational songs and in the meantime try to get everyone Back to Beautiful.


Photo Credit: Sweety High

Oh my, just leave the poor guy alone.

The X Factor UK 2012 winner James Arthur recently made a visit to the Capital FM radio studio to do some press. During the break, James happened to be chatting with radio DJ Roman Kemp about Ed Sheeran's latest single Shape of You and decided to give it a go at covering a little snippet of the song.

The 28-year-old singer sang his rendition of the tune from the pre-chorus to the end of the chorus with the help of his guitar of course. However, the comment section exploded with many nasty comments about his take on the song. Many people thought that Ed sang the song way better and others even commented that James should just stop covering songs and stay in his lane.

Wow, we like to be nice here. So while we think that one can be entitled to their own opinion, there should be certain factors that we should consider before blurting out whatever comes to mind. Firstly, the song is originally Ed's so obviously it was written to suit his voice. Secondly, James did not even rehearse this cover, everything was impromptu.

Basically, what we are trying to say is that we should stop comparing the two singers just because they are both British singer-songwriters. They are unique in their own ways so just enjoy the music man.


Photo Credit: Capital FM

Ed can seriously do us no wrong.

During radio press at Capital FM, Ed Sheeran was being put on the spot by a fan who has two loves - him and the TV sitcom The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air and was hoping that Ed could combine the two to essentially make her life complete by singing the theme song.

A little hesitant at first, Ed responded with a reluctant "I don't know..." before proceeding to pick up his guitar and serenading the radio crew with probably the best cover of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air anyone has ever heard.

Our favourite British singer-songwriter was having such a jam and we could not be happier that that particular fan decided to ask for such a favour. Ed can basically sing the entire phonebook or the dictionary and it'll be the number one hit on all the music charts. We are betting our money on it.


Photo Credit: daily express

A replacement for Camila?

As of 19 December of last year, former Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello officially left her girl group days behind to pursue a solo career without being bounded by a legal contract.

It has been slightly over a month since her departure and Fifth Harmony's loyal fan base also known as the Harmonizers are still struggling to reconcile with the fact that there are only four members in Fifth Harmony.

To correct this irony, Ellen DeGeneres posted a photoshopped picture of herself and the girls in their brand new profile picture for 2017. This hilarious attempt at trying to poke fun at such a tense situation started the trending hashtag #BeThe5thChallenege where others were doing likewise but just with different people who they think can fit the mold of the fifth member of the multi-platinum selling girl group.

Let's take a look at some of the best nominees:


1. Ellen DeGeneres 

The lady herself who started it all... now she needs to invite the girls for a proper sit-down interview!


2. Lady Gaga

They sure look good in Gaga's iconic pink hat. This group of vocalists would surely be one powerhouse band!!!


3. Miley Cyrus

This would probably never happen in a million years but the photoshop skills here are the!!!


4. Ariana Grande

They are all around the same age, with amazing voices, they are also very family-oriented... they would get along fine and make a real super group that the world has never seen.


5. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran fell in love with these girls since the early days of their music career... and if the dress does not qualify him to be a member of the group, can we at least get a collaboration please?


6. The Kardashians and Jenners

Keeping up with the Harmonies?


7. Mahogany Lox

They all went on tour together and had the best time of their lives. And who says there can ever be enough sass in a group?


8. The Incredibles

They will definitely be a force to be reckoned with, and the idea that their concerts may potentially have superpowers involved... one can only dream.


9. The High School Musical Cast

Their concerts will be EPIC musicals!!! And who doesn't like spontaneously breaking out into song and dance?


10. Elmo

The girls have appeared on this furry friend's TV show, Sesame Street. Shouldn't he do the girls a favour and be the fifth member of their group?


Who do you think should be the fifth member of Fifth Harmony? Or they are perfect just as a four-piece group? Do let us know by leaving us a tweet!

Photo Credits: @theellenshow, @iwantalox, @shinystew, @meikahsmmeika, @fernachaxd, @franciscodco, @aesthetic_paige, @_cuteinsider, @fiveprincesses5, @itskaythiel on Twitter