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Old is the new new.

Welcome back to our article series: New Music Mondays! Yes, every New Music Monday is all about starting off the week with brand new jams fresh from the music factory because who doesn't like to hear a new tune after you have accidentally murdered the replay buttons to your favourite tracks from the previous week?

So let the replay buttons of Ed Sheeran's Shape Of You and Castle On The Hill take a nice little rest and see what the world of music has to offer to you this week - the good, the bad and everything new, we'll break it down specially for you.


1. Birds n Bars by Wiley

This is the first track on Wiley's eleventh album, Godfather. This song starts of with Birds n Bars but nicely transitions to its second part Bring Them All. Although Bring Them All is actually the second track of the album, it was placed at the end of this track instead. Overall, this song is getting four out of five stars from us because it has some sickkkk beats.


2. All About Me by Syd

Syd collaborated with her band mate Steve Lacy to create the dark and smooth beats of this track. Like its beats, All About Me's lyrics seem really dark and kinda shady. This song is basically like a dark and shady downgraded version of Meghan Trainor's Me Too. It's getting two stars from us. #SorryNotSorry


3. The Heat (I Wanna Dance With Somebody) by Ralph Felix and SDJM

The idea of mixing Whitney Houston's iconic 80s hit with contemporary house beats is simply genius. We are absolutely speechless after hearing this collaboration with a modern twist. It's just so beautiful, please take a listen to this track that we are giving 100/100.


Photo Credit: Spotify  

The name practically says it all.

DNCE has taken over the music charts by storm with each single they have released and their self-titled debut LP DNCE is a body of work of 14 songs that basically takes a loud hailer and yells in your ear that the band will not be going anywhere else anytime soon.

Back in October of 2015, the American dance-rock band has definitely left their mark in the music industry with their first EP SWAAY which produced two super successful singles Cake by the Ocean and Toothbrush. But now, the four piece group has surely made a name for themselves and makes it is clear that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Their self-titled studio album includes three tracks from their EP plus eleven new songs for the world to hear and know for themselves that the band is not just a one-trick pony. The MTV Video Music Award's Best New Artist for 2016 can perform not just dance-orientated songs but they show another side to them by gifting us with slower jams like Truthfully and Almost.

If you want people to remember your name, having a self-titled album is not enough. You need a song named after you as well. DNCE was very cleverly written. The lyrics of the song not only included the band's name but also gave an insight to the inspiration behind their name while giving it a little story line.

The multi-talented frontman of DNCE, Joe Jonas, not only has an incredible high range that can be heard in Zoom but he also co-wrote every track on the standard edition of the album. This album consists of songs like Toothbrush, Good Day and Pay My Rent that talk about some of life's situations but they were given very unique concepts that were written in an unusual and interesting way.

So if you ever need a playlist for whatever party you're at, don't even bother having a customised playlist. All you need to do is to bump the entire DNCE album to have a blast!


Photo credit: Republic Records

It's basically a Sharpay and Gabriella duet.

Ashley Tisdale gave us another video from her music sessions series on her YouTube channel. She has definitely been reading the comments left by fans because she finally invited her long-time BFF Vanessa Hudgens to cover Ex's & Oh's by Elle King with her.

The two friends have never performed a song with just the both of them together even during their time on High School Musical. It sure took them long enough to finally join forces to cover this fun tune that was arranged by Ashley's husband, Christopher French.

It is just so nice to know that these best friends have kept in touch with each other even after so many years since the HSM era ended. We hope that this is not the end of their musical collaborations but that they will do something like that again in the near future and maybe invite the rest of the High School Musical cast to join them!


Photo Credit: @ashleytisale on Instagram

Real talk translated into five beautiful songs.

If you don't already know who Grace VanderWaal is, it's about time you get to know her. Grace is an American singer-songwriter who won the eleventh season of America's Got Talent at just 12 years old. After her big win, the young star signed a record deal with Columbia Records and released her first EP titled Perfectly Imperfect in December of 2016.

Not only does Grace have a very unique voice that was described as "enduringly croaky" by USA Today, she performs all her songs with the ukulele. Grace first learnt how to play the piano around 4 years of age but quit soon after. The I Don't Know My Name singer attributed her ability to play the ukulele to her impatient nature. She explained that she decided to learn the ukulele because it only takes about 10 minutes to pick up unlike the piano.

Perfectly Imperfect consists of all four songs that Grace performed throughout her time on America's Got Talent plus an additional original song titled Gossip Girl. The song talks about the realities of certain girls you meet in school who you think are your friends but they end up saying nasty things about you to everyone else. Clay seems like a nice response to that because it addresses how one should deal with bullies.

The song that made her Howie Mandel's golden buzzer act on America's Got Talent I Don't Know My Name was inspired by twenty one pilots' House of Gold because they have exactly the same chords. Grace was just playing that song and somehow wrote the beautiful song that we all know today.

Grace's older sister, Olivia, has always been a huge supporter of her younger sister since day one. And there is probably no better way to thank someone that important in your life than to write a song for her. Beautiful Thing has such heartfelt and honest lyrics that there is absolutely no way you can't fall in love with this inseparable pair of siblings.

Unfortunately, Grace hasn't released a music video but we have been blessed with the lyric videos of all five songs. So if you haven't heard any of her songs yet, please just take 17 minutes to listen to the whole EP that talks about some of the most relatable topics in life. You will not regret it.


1. I Don't Know My Name


2. Clay


3. Light The Sky


4. Beautiful Thing


5. Gossip Girl

Now that is one big music party.

Ally Brooke from Fifth Harmony, Sydney Sierota from Echosmith and Tori Kelly have been really good friends for quite some time now.

Despite their own busy schedules, these three friends always find a way to make time for each other. Whether it is meeting up for Halloween or jamming out in the studio or even visiting the happiest place on earth, they make it happen.

These ladies are probably very similar in many ways but the most obvious common dominator is that they are all SLAYING the music industry with their incredible talent. And so we are keeping our fingers crossed that they will one day make beautiful music together and release it to the rest of the world.

Can you imagine what an epic collaboration that would be with the rest of Fifth Harmony and Echosmith? We can only hope.

Photo Credit: @sdyneysierota on Instagram


Behind the glitz and glamour.

Like every fan out there, you always want to know more about the musician or band that you look up to. Knowing what instruments they can play or their favourite thing to eat is never enough for you. And if you could, you would definitely do whatever it takes to chill at one of Taylor Swift's apartments or have lunch with Ed Sheeran at his favourite restaurant.

Well, it is not like we actually did anything like that but what we were blessed with is the opportunity to interview some of your favourite artists. It is certainly a privilege to ask some your burning questions to these international superstars. We really want to thank you for all of your support as well as for always being so enthusiastic in taking part in our meet and greet contests!

Today, we are saying thank you for your undying love for us by giving you an inside look at what it really is like interviewing some of your favourite artists in 2016!


Charlie Puth

He just seems like a really laid back dude with such effortless talent - joking around like how the media should be shouting at him while taking his pictures given that people in Singapore tend to be kind of shy. On Donwei's account, I remember her telling me, "Let's say Hi Mr Puth!'" to Charlie's Dad since we were the only ones waiting outside the interview room. Also, Donwei will probably not share this moment because she's humble (haha), but Charlie was really impressed by one of her questions that she just thought of on the spot during the roundtable! There you go! :) - Teejay

He's like really self-aware, so even though he knows exactly how talented he is and doesn't even try to hide or downplay it, he doesn't come across as cocky. He definitely looks younger than he is (25 but looks more like 18), but he's very articulate and puts a lot of thought into answering each interview question. He's also close to his dad who followed him on tour and who Charlie gave credit to as the person who keeps him grounded in spite of his fame. Teejay and i were waiting for the cd sleeves to be signed by Charlie when we had a (very) brief encounter with his dad. At first we were only like "eh, maybe that's his dad" and then i think it was Teejay who googled it and it turned out that it really was him. So yep, that was cool and he seemed nice haha - Donwei


5 Seconds Of Summer

Personally, it was really surreal being able to see the people I watch online or listen to come to life. When I watch videos of them online, they always seem larger than life but in fact they are just humans like every one of us. All of them were extremely nice and inviting as we conducted the interview. We also managed to teach them a couple words of Singlish which is always fun! - Xinyi


The Vamps

The Vamps were absolute gentlemen and oh so sweet. The minute we walked into the room, we were greeted with handshakes and hugs from the guys. (which by the way felt so warm and fuzzy) During the interview, they felt so genuine and kept on asking how we were. I really appreciated their enthusiasm in playing the whisper challenge and at trying to pronounce Singaporean words. The whole experience just felt unreal. - Letazia  

I really enjoyed playing the whisper challenge with The Vamps, they were up for it even though they didn't even know what the words meant, which I guess made it more interesting for viewers. - Xinyi



Donwei and I were the very first people who arrived at the venue, hence the room was still empty. But the silence and solemnity of the room was almost unchanged even after Birdy's arrival. She gave off a really zen vibe and she didn't even need to try. To be honest, the whole press conference was kind of awkward and lacking a bit of cheer. But I think it's just because of Birdy's unpretentious and reserved personality. She keeps a really low profile and I think that adds to her charm. - Teejay



Though it was only a phone interview, I could sense Halsey's honesty and humility through her voice. I interviewed her 15 minutes before my morning class. So prior to that, I decided to arrive 30 minutes early to school and look for a quiet spot praying that no one would barge in and ask me to leave. Thank god it was in the morning and it was dead silent. The whole experience didn't feel like I was talking to a celebrity, it felt more of a conversation than an interview, which was eye-opening because you realize that artists are just normal human beings, it's just that they have more guts to voice out their opinions. - Teejay


Photo Credit: Spin or Bin Music

Simply asking for trouble?

The Vamps recently made a visit to BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge to cover Fifth Harmony's single That's My Girl.

We wonder how many "oh boys" were uttered when people first saw the thumbnail of this cover appear on their recommended YouTube page. If you have no idea what we are talking about, welcome to the world of fandoms!

There was basically some exchange of words between The Vamps about the breakup of Brad and Lauren during an interview that left the ladies of Fifth Harmony appalled. Vampettes and Harmonizers quickly came to the defence of each of the bands and let's just say things got ugly.

It's been quite some time since this incident, so naturally the feud died down and everyone had moved forward but The Vamps decided that it would be a great idea to put their very own rock twist to the girl group's pop anthem.

Are they asking for trouble by bringing back the ugly past or are they covering this song to inform everyone that there is no bad blood between the two bands? Or could this be a subliminal message to Lauren for coming out as a bisexual on Billboard recently?

Maybe we are thinking too much into this or are we? Do let us know what you think by leaving us a tweet!


Photo Credit: YouTube

He acts, fights and sings.

The man who does it all, Dwayne Johnson, has been named People's Sexist Man Alive for 2016 last month. And if you think that you can't love him more than you already do, please pause to think again after hearing his voice on the soundtrack of You're Welcome in Disney's latest movie Moana.

The Rock is obviously first and foremost not known for his incredible vocal range but he definitely brought something different to this interesting tune. In this musical number, Dwayne's contagious energy and charming personality shone through his animated character Maui.

We heard that this movie is definitely worth the time and money to catch because of its unconventional storyline and talented cast. Especially after hearing this catchy number, we will definitely be purchasing tickets to watch probably the biggest movie of this holiday for ourselves!


Photo Credit: highsnobiety

It's beautiful, but it is a lyric video right?

It is only right that after Niall Horan dropped the news that he has been working on a solo record by releasing his very first single This Town that he gifts us with the lyric video of the track. And that is exactly what he did.

The lyric video beautifully encapsulates a story of two people with sketched visuals. And it even gave hints of Niall's personal life, showing images of someone playing golf which Niall basically spends most of his time doing.

Everything is nice and all but where are the lyrics of the song? Yes, there are a few lines of lyrics here and there but we thought that since it is a lyric video, there should be more words present in it.

What do you think? Do you think it should be still called a lyric video if it hardly has any lyrics in it? Well, no matter what the technical name it should have, we know for sure that we cannot wait for the official music video to be released!


Photo Credit:

Miracles do happen!

Grace VanderWaal auditioned and won the eleventh season of American's Got Talent. At a young age of 12, the talented songwriter managed to capture the hearts of Americans as well as the rest of the world through her honest lyrics and angelic voice with her audition song I Don't Know My Name.

Since her well-deserved win on the talent show, Grace signed a record deal with Columbia Records and started recording sessions soon after.

This young star definitely has everything going for her as she just announced her debut EP Perfectly Imperfect that will be birthed into the world later this year on 2 December. Unlike the usual announcement method through a simple tweet, Grace teased us all with somewhat a music video of I Don't Know My Name capturing parts of her journey on America's Got Talent and how her life before that has prepared her for that entire experience.

We definitely can't wait to see what this young musician has in store for all of us! Check out her teaser video here:


Photo Credit: idolator