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Seriously, what's new?

Machine Gun Kelly recently teamed up with Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello to produce a sick soundtrack titled Bad Things.

As per usual, people lurking on the Internet did not fail to express what they felt about everything and anything relating to the song rather than the song itself. Comments ranged from hardcore Harmonizers bashing Camila for venturing out of Fifth Harmony musically to encouraging Camila to just go solo because the other girls in 5H are trashy singers who are holding Camila back from her full potential to even Camren shippers who can't help but think that this is a song written about Lauren Jauregui.

Don't you think that everyone is missing the point? Not just missing the point, but some of these people are just plain mean.

Bad Things is a song that is based off a relationship where pain and pleasure coexists. The song samples Fastball's hit single "Outta My Mind" for the chorus which Camila's softly belts out before MGK's rap that cruises over the piano melody of the song. So let's enjoy the song for what it is, shall we?


Photo Credit: Idolator

How sweet.

Ashley Tisdale recently sat down to cover Paramore's Still Into You with her husband, Christopher French.

After being happily married for slightly over two years, the lyrics "I should be over all the butterflies/ But I'm into you/ And baby even on our worst nights/ I'm into you/ Let 'em wonder how we got this far/ Cause I don't really need to wonder at all/ Yeah after all this time I'm still into you." basically prove that this is the perfect song choice for the couple to cover.

The way the pair looks at each while singing the words to the soundtrack of their relationship was indeed adorable and gave us hope that love still exists in the Hollywood realm.

It's especially exciting to see Ashley starting this series of Music Sessions on her YouTube channel because we have not heard anything music wise from her since forever as she has been really busy with her producing endeavours and her new makeup line.


Photo Credit: HelloGiggles & YouTube

 Shawn Mendes proved all the skeptics out there that he is not just a one-hit wonder with his sophomore studio album Illuminate that debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart.

Illuminate is definitely a body of art that tells about the ups and downs in the life of the 18-year-old singer. Unlike his previous album Handwritten, a sense of maturity can be found in the lyrics and tracks of Illuminate that was somewhat absent in his previous collection of songs.

The singer-songwriter's biggest musical influences, John Mayer and Ed Sheeran, are heavily imprinted in the rhythmic tunes and guitar-centred tracks. The honest and bluesy kind of feels are evident in almost every single song in the album, making it one to be played in chill and relaxed situations rather than a playlist to bring the life to the party.

A wide variety of themes can be found in this LP; from the Canadian singer being a gentlemen treating his lady right in Treat You Better and Bad Reputation to being in a relationship that feels frustrating in Ruin and Mercy to even empowering his fans in Understand with a speech placed right in the middle of the song as if speaking directly to them in a concert setting.

This album demonstrates the growth that the international superstar has made over the past year and what he's actually capable of. He seems to be growing up really fast with the more mature lyrics he has put out but the sincerity in his music is one thing that he has kept consistent from his Vine days till now.


Track Gems: Treat You Better, Mercy, No Promises, Patience, Ruin

It's just a complicated situation to be in.

One Direction's Niall Horan just dropped his first Solo Single This Town, making him the first band member to release any solo music since their hiatus that was announced after being together a little over five years. (with the exception of Zayn)

This Town is an acoustic ballad that was written in a storytelling kind of style. The lyrics of the song speaks the honest words that Niall probably has been wanting to say but never had the chance to do while still being in a band.

Niall's first acoustic folk single garnered a lot of support from his 1D pals as well as other celebrities on Twitter. However, some Directioners were pretty hesitant at first to show the Irish singer some love with his new project.

Firstly, Directioners didn't expect him to be the first to drop a solo song because unlike Liam Payne and Harry Styles, he did not announce that he signed a solo record deal. In addition, this song came out of nowhere. No one knew he was in the studio recording and his every move felt very sneaky because everyone thought he was out in the fields playing golf every single day.

What do you think about This Town? We think it's pretty awesome! But as for what led up to this song... do let us know what you think by leaving us a tweet!


Photo Credit: NiallHoranVevo

The leaves are falling somewhere else in the world.

Some parts of the world are experiencing a season called fall (or autumn) and Shawn Mendes was invited on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to sing the tweets with the hashtag #FallSongs.

Firstly, we just got to say that the tweets are hilarious and very innovative because they are so apt for the season. Shawn Mendes together with The Roots took those tweets and jammed out to the tunes of some international hits like Justin Bieber's Sorry, Adele's Hello, Mike Posner's I Took A Pill In Ibiza and many more.

Jimmy Fallon decided to join in the fun a little later in the segment by harmonising with the young lad, only to be jokingly called "old" by Shawn himself. Nonetheless, they sounded amazing and we seriously wish these little glorious snippets would be available on iTunes.


Photo Credit: headlineplanet

We got you.

After Shawn Mendes released his first single Treat You Better off Illuminate, like any other song, everybody was wondering who the song was written about.

Many have speculated that it was about his buddy Camila Cabello (from Fifth Harmony) because she previously had a horrible breakup with singer Austin Mahone while others have guessed that it was just written based on the life of one of his friends.

A few days ago, Shawn Mendes finally put the rumours to rest on The Ellen Show. Amongst talking about their table tennis match and selling out Madison Square Garden in five minutes, Shawn revealed who the song was about.

It was none other than Ellen DeGeneres herself. Okay, it actually isn't... but when put on the spot to answer which song on the album was written about her, Shawn hesitated for a while before saying that it was 'Treat You Better'. We see that you are getting that promo out there Shawn. ;)


Photo Credit: justjared

It just keeps on getting better and better, doesn't it?

The biggest girl group in the world Fifth Harmony released the music video of their fourth single That's My Girl from their sophomore studio album 7/27.

Since the premiere of 7/27, the girls have been dropping some really great singles which have been topping the charts all over the world. That's My Girl will definitely not be an exception to the continual success the ladies of 5H have been enjoying.

Track number 1 off their second LP is not just a feel good pop song without any actual meaning but it is an empowering anthem for females everywhere. It talks about supporting other women in their aspirations of making the world a better place. And the music video was a representation of all of that and even more!

We think that this is their best music video yet and we seriously need Hannah Lux Davis to direct every single one of Fifth Harmony's future music videos. The angles, the composition of the shots and the way the music video was filmed - everything in this masterpiece is just pure genius.


Photo Credit: @5hontour_ on Instagram

Only two? We need more!

The one and only Ariana Grande made a guest appearance on The Ellen Show to talk about her recent VMA performance with Nicki Minaj and to unsuspectingly disclose some details of her love life with Mac Miller when Ellen sneakily brought it up.

Of course it wouldn't be right to invite the pop princess onto a talk show without asking her to perform a song or two for the over-enthusiastic audience.

Ariana performed her latest single Side To Side together with her wildly popular hit Into You to just the simple strumming of an electric guitar. Her voice sounded so pure and it was evident that this girl did not need any gimmicks or a full backing track to sound amazing.

We just need to mention that the title of the video is just a tad misleading... "medley of hits"? Maybe it's just us, but we were expecting a super cool mashup of like 3 to 4 songs off her Dangerous Woman album. Oh well, we guess we just have to be thankful for what has been given to us!


Photo credit: emptylighthouse

The familiar tears are back.

It's been about 3 months since the beautiful Christina Grimmie tragically passed on. Since her death, family, friends and fans have paid their tribute to her through song and heartfelt messages.

And just when we thought that we had gotten over her sudden passing, the Cimorelli sisters decided to cover the late songstress' track With Love. Tears that we thought we had left behind started to well up our eyes as we watched yet another honest tribute to a kind soul who has not been forgotten.

Before Cimorelli started to belt out their perfect harmonies, the oldest of the 6 sisters also named Christina mentioned how Grimmie was such a kind and caring person, one who served as a role model for them while they were living in Los Angeles. The sisters further elaborated in the description box that Christina is one of their favourite YouTubers, artists and overall human beings who they had the honour of sharing a stage with over the years.


Photo Credit: cimorelli.wikia

Back and better?

It's been quite a while since The X Factor UK 2016 has premiered across the world. And after watching the audition episodes that have already been aired, we realised that this is the year where many of the contestants who have previously auditioned in the past have chosen to make a come back.

Obviously it takes a lot of courage to audition in front of a panel full of celebrity judges, and we cannot even begin to imagine what it is like to do that once again knowing that you have failed at some point in the previous round. These contestants are living testaments to the fact that when life gets you down, all you have to do is to pick yourself up and try again.

The big question now is: are they better? Has their hard work in those years being away been all worth it?

1. Gifty Louise

Gifty first appeared on The X Factor last year but she unfortunately lost her voice and was eliminated as a result. This year, she decided to prove the judges that she has what it takes with her performance of Mary J. Blige's No More Drama.


2. Janet Grogan

Janet made it to the 6 Chair Challenge back in 2014 in Simon's category but was swapped out in the final round. Simon totally regretted his decision and actually tweeted out that he had made a mistake of losing Janet. Simon's tweet served as motivation for Janet to come back to show everyone what she's capable of with her rendition of Zayn Malik's Pillowtalk.


3. The Brooks

The identical twin brothers first made their X Factor appearance 2 years ago and made their way to Judges Homes in Louis' category before getting eliminated. They are back now to show that they have some unfinished business to take care of with their performance of Naughty Boy's Runnin' (Lose it All).


4. Emily Middlemas

Emily first auditioned in 2014 when she was just 15 but was eliminated for being too young. Hoping to impress the judges, Emily is back to prove a point with her performance of Stevi Wonder's Master Blaster.


5. Anelisa Lamola

Anelisa's first audition was 9 years ago. She was just a little girl back then, and now she is a woman who is back and determined to show the judges how far she has come and to prove that she is worthy of the title of The X Factor winner with Aretha Franklin's (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.



They are back, and definitely better than ever. We seriously can't wait to see them go further than they did before on this X Factor journey. All the best y'all!

Photo Credit: