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Remember Only The Young?

Former band members Charlie George and Parisa Tarjomani of the previously existing band Only The Young have reunited to cover We Don't Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez.

It has been quite some time since the 4-piece band have gone their separate ways in November of 2015 after they finished in seventh place on the eleventh series of The X Factor back in 2014. What we find truly saddening is that the band had been together for what seemed forever before they competed in the singing talent competition. It felt as though not winning the competition or rather not getting signed to a record label failed to keep them together, as though their love for music and friendship was not enough.

After the group announced their split, they have gone on to venture on several different projects individually. But we figured that since Parisa and Charlie have been friends for the longest among the four, they decided to reunite to collaborate on a cover together. And the song choice was rather fascinating and interesting altogether.

"We Don't Talk Anymore" sounded like a subliminal message to their ex-band members. Like hey, we used to live together and do everything together, but it's no longer the same till the point that we don't talk anymore because of a public fallout on Twitter. Well, we could be wrong about this interpretation. But it just seems like there is more than meets the eye of this particular song choice.


Photo Credit: itv & YouTube

Influences -> Resemblance.

Shawn Mendes did it yet again. Just when we thought that he topped his game with Treat You Better, Shawn surprised us with his second single Ruin from his upcoming album together with its music video.

The 17-year-old can be seen performing his little heart out with his guitar in the black and white music video that was filmed in Madison Square Garden. Can you believe that with just 17 years of life, one of our favourite Canadians is producing such a mature sound and managed to stay humble throughout his entire ride in the industry?

However, a minority probably thought that he's too young and could not have pulled off such an incredible tune by himself. These group of people pointed out that his latest track resembled Gravity by John Mayer.

Well, we definitely got some John Mayer vibes in this song and the young star has cited the legend to be a great influence in his music career so there will definitely be some resemblance in their music styles. It's amazing to see that although Shawn has many musical influences like Mayer and Ed Sheeran, he still manages to curate his very own sound that is so unique to him. Kudos to you Shawn!

So we would just like to say that everyone has influences in life and sometimes resemblances are inevitable. So don't call Shawn out for blatantly copying John Mayer's Gravity. This is not considered plagiarism, it only is when great similarities between two projects are undeniable.


Photo Credit: rollingstone

Goosebumps everywhere.

Shawn Mendes has been seen "beaten up" by an indivisible force several times in his music videos, and it was no exception in his brand new Treat You Better masterpiece.

The 17-year-old has outdone himself again. In an all new era, the Stitches singer has reinvented himself while staying true to his roots by creating this new jam that we can't seem to get out of our heads. With the new album Illuminate coming up, we know that this will definitely be a new stage in the young star's career as this particular music video serves as a sneak peak of what's to come.

The mature concept of this music video really took us on some kind of an emotional roller coaster ride. Instead of having a cheesy storyline, the creative team on this project evoked some really strong emotions on the topic of domestic violence. Props to them as well as the actors who did such an amazing job on translating such intense emotions into an awareness of a real issue present in the world today.

Photo Credit: directlyrics, @darkestnighthour, @shawnscozycorner, @mendesgif, @annasfandom & @shawnmememories on Tumblr

Simply heartbreaking.

It has been slightly over a month since the world has lost the gorgeous and talented Christina Grimmie. They say that time will heal but the real question is how long does it really take to move on from such a tragic death of someone you once held so close. Family and friends have since paid their tribute to the beautiful soul through various ways. Some have made video montages, others have dedicated songs and personal messages to the late singer.

Tori Kelly was no exception. The singer-songwriter penned a soulful ballad which she titled Blink Of An Eye with some really honest and heartfelt lyrics that made us all cry uncontrollably. "Can't help but think who you would be if you just had the chance to turn 23" got us right in the feels. As Tori just turned 23 herself last December, she probably feels horrible thinking that Christina would never be 23. The song continues, "You had so much life left. Can't help but think it could've been me out there, chasing a dream when suddenly it all stops in a heartbeat." Wow, the senseless act could seriously have happened to anyone. And it just so happened to be Christina who was just a girl living out her dreams.

Tori mentions in the description box that writing this song was her way of expressing her still heavy heart but is comforted by the fact that she'll one day see Christina again in heaven. She continues to explain that although the tune was written for Christina, this is her way of mourning at the pain and brokenness in the world today. She ended it off by saying that life is so short with a bible verse from Revelation.


Photo Credit: Idolator

How can a stalker be so creepy yet cool at the same time?

Nathan Hartono recently dropped some major acting and dancing skills in his brand new Electricity music video! From the song itself to the stylings of the MV, there's just so much to talk about so let's get on with it!

Firstly, Nathan can be seen dancing near the person he fancies at his workplace. Not only does he stalk her every move in the office, but he follows her closely when she goes to the supermarket to do grocery shopping. His love interest may look familiar to most of you as she is played by none other than the beautiful and talented Kimberly Wang from 987FM.

Other than the creepy stalking that goes on in the music video, the 25-year-old singer can be seen busting out some of his very own dance moves. It's definitely cheesy, but there's just something so attractive about it that you can't help but join in the weirdness of it all. Electricity dance party anyone?

We also need to applaud his two best friends who were willing to be creepy together with him. Not only do they have to wear seemingly matching suits to follow the fair maiden, but they also had to learn the choreography to the dance as well. It was all worth it in the end as we can see the two sharing a cute moment at what seems to be like a celebratory company event.

So what do you think of this piece of art? We have to admit, Electricity has been stuck in our heads ever since its release. It's just too catchy! "Come on over here~"


Photo Credit: Nathan Hartono Facebook

What owl are you talking about?

It's been quite some time since Louisa Johnson has joined forces with Clean Bandit to create a masterpiece song called Tears. The song was released a few months back and have been performed a few times on shows like Britain's Got Talent and the Summertime Ball.

With all those performances promoting the single, the anticipation for what Louisa's official first single (not counting Forever Young) of how its visual will portray her sound grew. Note that this is quite a special case for an X Factor winner, considering that Louisa's first project outside of the singing talent competition is a collaboration.

Obviously with every first project a musician puts out with their name plastered on it, it is gonna get some blatantly honest comments from the very opinionated people hanging around in the Internet realm. There are always going to be 2 sides - "Team Supporters" and "Team Haters".

For the supporters, it's always about showing nothing but love and praising the undeniable talent. As for the haters, let's just say they are nasty. Some of them were not satisfied with anything. The senseless comments ranged from saying that the owl that was featured in the music video is more famous than Louisa (the owl is Hedwig from Harry Potter) to rambling that she looks like a reptile to even the song being plain horrible to listen to.

Our response? Haters gonna hate, but we absolutely LOVE everything about Tears! So whatever haters!

Photo Credit: digitalspy & @nervousnotion on Tumblr 

Once a Belieber, always a Belieber.

For starters, let's just say that Justin Bieber fans also known as the Beliebers, are the ones that consist of the first fandom to possibly create a name for themselves.

The term of naming oneself a Belieber goes beyond the idea of not just associating yourself as someone who likes his music, it comes with the aggressive passion of not just memorising his every lyric but knowing his ENTIRE life. Having the database in your brain for everything Justin Bieber ranges from the knowledge his favourite hangs in the city to the hospital he was born in to even the length of his tongue when he first came out of Pattie's womb.

So #GrowingUpABelieber probably resonated with a lot of Beliebers who joined the family since the beginning of his career. Let's just go through some of our favourite tweets, shall we?


EXACTLY!!! We've always wondered why Baby is the only song that is registered as a JB tune... and then you catch these people jamming out to Love Yourself or Sorry like a few moments later... we just don't get it.

Forever and always jealous of this girl. When is the Biebs gonna surprise us in our bedrooms in the middle of the day? It's about time...

You gotta admit that at one point in your life, purple was your favourite colour because of Justin. You bought purple things because it reminded you of Justin, wore purple clothing because he did that on tour. And not only did his favourite colour influenced your day-to-day decisions in life, but that rap in Baby you worked so hard to perfection gave you hope that you could be a famous rapper one day. (WE STAND GUILTY)

As most Beliebers would agree, this was the hardest time for the fandom as it was the period where Justin was bearing all the consequences for his actions. Family and friends would ask why you would still want to be a fan of someone who has commit these kinds of unlawful acts. And we think that the best response for this is that one should not approve of such acts but stay by his side when he needs it the most and not leave him when times get bad.

Do share with us what it's like #GrowingUpABelieber by leaving us a tweet!

Photo Credit: telegraph, @purposemelody, @biebersgrills, @bieberinmind, @princxsscami and @radredhead_ on Twitter 

Thursday, 30 June 2016 15:49

10 Songs With The Same Name

That sounds familiar...

Have you ever heard a song title and think that it's another song but it isn't? Or have you googled a song and another artist of that same song name appears?

Over the course of many years throughout music history, there are just so many song titles that musicians have actually named based off whatever the song is about. It's hard to be original sometimes when the main influences in music are love and heartbreak. (that's just the hard truth but we are glad that there are many more creative sources of inspiration these days)

Inspired by badgalriri's latest tune for the Star Trek Beyond soundtrack, we present to you 10 songs with the same name!


1. Let It Go

by Frozen & James Bay

This was a little confusing at first. But we love both of these majorly successful tracks equally.


2. Heart Attack

by Demi Lovato & One Direction

Demi's song obviously had more recognition than the 1D hit because it was her first single off DEMI.


3. Na Na Na

by One Direction & Pentatonix

Running out of words? Na na na...


4. Kiss and Tell

by Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber

How strange that these two have songs of the same title...


5. Be Alright

by Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber

Another track title by the Biebs but this time with the international pop princess.


6. Sledgehammer

by Fifth Harmony & Rihanna

The reason why this article exists^


7. 18

by One Direction & 5 Seconds of Summer

Apparently 18 will be the most significant time in your life... and oh my the drama that went down with these 2 songs.


8. Nobody's Perfect

by Jessie J & Hannah Montana

Let's throw it back, shall we?


9. Kiss Me

by Ed Sheeran & Olly Murs

Yes, gentlemen.


10. See You Again

by Miley Cyrus & Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

Classic hits, we'll always see you again in the future.


Are artists really running out of original song titles? We hope not!

Photo Credits: memegenerator 

What is wrong with you people?

Multi-platinum recording girl group Fifth Harmony just released their highly anticipated music video for their latest single All In My Head (Flex) with hip hop artist Fetty Wap and the Internet went bonkers.

(Please note that while referring to the Internet, we are neither targeting the fans nor the trolls because we cannot 100% prove the identity of anyone with just a screen name and display picture. So for the purpose of this article, we are just going to refer to them as 'the Internet'.)

Okay, back to the main point. After watching the MV, like almost any curious mind out there, we scrolled through the comments section on YouTube. And what we found there were some really nasty remarks coupled with unsatisfied viewers. (Where's the love man?) Okay, there're just so many to talk about so let's break it down for you.

Firstly, the type of comment that we found the most goes along the lines of "all they do is sing about sex with almost no clothes on". The majority of the comments were talking about how Fifth Harmony is still considered a young group of girls and shouldn't be singing about nothing but sex. They were also not too pleased that the swimsuits that they were wearing in the video were showing off too much skin.

Secondly, we found people commenting on how the girls are trying too hard to be sexy but aren't at all. They feel as though they are trying to use the sex appeal method to sell their music because of their similar previous successful hits like Worth It and Work from Home.

Thirdly, (and we think that this is the worst one of all) people were body-shaming some of the girls. The 5H girls have different body shapes, some of them are thin while others are thicker. And what we like about the fabfive is that they embrace all. The comments bashing the curvier girls in the group are just disgusting and disrespectful.

In conclusion, we know that people are entitled to their opinions but there are just some things that we need to change from what we think, say and do. Expressing one's thoughts in a constructive way is very different from just setting out to destroy someone's value. "Be responsible. Think before you comment." is just one piece of advice we would like to put out there.


Photo Credit: YouTube & @lmregui on Tumblr 

Just when we thought she could not get anymore adorable.

Should we say "finally"??? The time since Selena Gomez teased her Carpool Karaoke with James Corden on her socials till the actual date the video dropped felt like eternity. Not only because the video was released like weeks later but also because there were quite a number of Carpool Karaoke sessions that were made known to us in between.

Okay, enough about how we were waiting (im)patiently for what seemed like forever. Let's move on to why we have all gathered here today and that is to break down for you the 5 moments we absolutely love in this 12 minutes and 12 seconds of goodness. Let's GO! ;)


1. Singing & Dancing on a Roller Coaster

How does she even do it??? We reckon we would probably be James rather than Selena on that roller coaster. 


2. Getting Embarrassed at McDonald's

Can someone say AWKWARD!!! Oh my when James was demanding for SelGo lyrics on the McDonald's cup, it was hilarious yet strangely embarrassing for the pop star as well. 


3. Pretending to Care about the Opinions of her Squad

Sel's reactions to James' comments on her squad being sexist because there are no male counterparts are 100, shows that they are secure in who they are and nobody can tell them otherwise! WOO!


4. Mark of Success: Making Fun of Herself

You know you made it when people make fun of you. Now that's new!


5. Jamming to the Best Line EVER!!!

Well. come on!!! Isn't this everybody's favourite line in Hands To Myself?


For the millionth time, can we please be in the boot of one of these Carpool Karaokes? We feel left out all the time when we see our faves jamming out and having the time of their lives in that 4-wheeled vehicle!

What is YOUR favourite moment from the SelGo Carpool Karaoke? Do let us know by leaving us a tweet! We always love to hear what you have to say!


Photo Credit: Today, @oursong, @lermanholic, @alexrussogifs, @dailyselenagomez & @entertainmenttonight on Tumblr