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Yes, we totally miss the guys in action.

It's been almost half a year since One Direction's 18-month long hiatus started. Although only 1/3 of it is almost over, it probably feels like an eternity for many of the Directioners out there (including us).

Since it'll still be a little over a year until they reunite and make music together again, we decided to celebrate some of their work from the past years in hope that time would pass a little quicker than it actually is. And also because we miss talking about them all the time.

So we've picked 5 One Direction songs that were never singles but are so good that we think that they deserve more recognition than they actually got when the album they came from dropped. There are just too many good belittled songs in the pool of 5 albums worth so we concluded that we'll just pick one from each body of work.


1. Save You Tonight from Up All Night

With this being their first album, we would say that they totally smashed it! From hits such as the most famous 1D song What Makes You Beautiful to the catchy One Thing, Save You Tonight just has to join the crew because of its cute message that although they aren't actual superheroes, they're willing to be superhuman for that special someone ;)


2. Over Again from Take Me Home

This song just makes us cry all the time. We have no idea why but maybe it's because of the honest vocals and heartfelt lyrics that were co-written by none other than the genius Mr Ed Sheeran who also wrote Little Things on this album.


3. Don't Forget Where You Belong from Midnight Memories

"Home" remind us that the guys of the biggest band in the world remembers their roots and are forever grateful for the people and opportunities that launched them to the top of the world. Despite all the success, they will always be the down-to-earth guys that we first came to love.


4. No Control from Four

Hello, #ProjectNoControl! That hashtag speaks for itself. The fans have spoken!


5. A.M. from Made In The A.M.

"Feels like this could be forever right now. Don't want to sleep cos we're dreaming out loud." sounds like the perfect last words from the band before they took a break from the music scene. And this song gets us right in the FEELS all the time.


What do you think of our selection? Do let us know what you think by leaving us a tweet! Come back soon One Direction, we will be waiting right here :)

Photo Credit: BBC Radio 1

Have we really discovered the next generation's Taylor Swift?

Not too long ago, the aspiring 12-year-old singer Grace VanderWaal auditioned for the eleventh season of America's Got Talent. The young one chose to keep her audition simple by playing her ukulele to accompany her original song titled I Don't Know My Name.

After her performance, she received a standing ovation by the super-impressed crowd as well as the panel of celebrity judges. The young star probably thought that the reaction she got could not get any better than that, but it did. Judge Howie Mandel pressed the highly coveted golden buzzer that sent Grace all the way to the semi-finals. Many viewers also noticed that although being a germophobe, Howie went to hug her not once but twice! You would probably have to be THAT good for a germophobe to want to hug you!

The judges had nothing but praise for what they had just witnessed. Simon Cowell also predicted that she could be the next Tswizzle. WOW, what a bold statement. Well, they both kinda have the same blonde bob-cut, mind-blowing songwriting skills, amazing vocals and a down-to-earth magnetic personality that is just so refreshing to watch.

So what do you think? Do you agree with Simon that Grace VanderWaal is the next Taylor Swift? Do let us know by leaving us a tweet!

PS: Can we get this song on iTunes, please?


Photo Credit:

We can't believe we are actually doing this.

Today marks a devastating day in history. The one and only Christina Grimmie was shot after performing with the band Before You Exit at The Live Plaza in Orlando while signing autographs for her fans when the show was over. After the news of the incident was known to the public, the hashtag #PrayForChristina began trending worldwide. Not long after, we received the hard-to-swallow news that the singer had passed away due to her injuries.

From seeing #PrayForChristina to #RIPChristina in a span of a few hours was simply heartbreaking. We had no idea how to react. Feelings of anger towards to gunman was just frustrating and the fact that an exciting concert experience turned into a traumatising one for many just won't do. Why should someone sharing her talent with the world have to die in such a tragic way?

As you can probably already tell, we strongly believe that concerts should be a safe place for all to enjoy their favourite kinds of music live and certainly not an event where you have to fear for your life. But today as Grimmie joins the Lord in heaven, let us celebrate some of her best moments here on earth and pray for humanity that we will come to live in a better place some day.

At a young age, Christina starting out by sharing her music on YouTube with some hit covers which garnered a lot of attention.

She started getting discovered by many and went on tour with a lot of big names such as Selena Gomez and The Jonas Brothers but that didn't stop her from still putting out her own YouTube covers.

In 2014, Christina auditioned for the sixth season of The Voice with her powerful chair-turning rendition of Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball.

After having a successful run and getting third place on the singing talent show, CG continued to inspire many with her passion and love for music through her original music and covers.

At only 22 years old, she left. Today we have lost a beautiful soul with an amazing voice. May you rest in peace Christina, we love you.

Photo Credit: Christina Grimmie Facebook & Tumblr

Maybe we are his company ;)

Ever wondered what it is like to be Justin Bieber? Well, we've got a taste of what it's like to live the ultimate pop star life with the help of the Biebs' latest music video of his fourth single Company.

The documentary-style video beautifully portrayed the glamorous onstage moments of the international singing sensation and also the hard work that goes behind the scenes. Being one of the highest selling recording artists in the world definitely has its perks. JB can be seen traveling to many different parts of the earth, enjoying all the success that he worked his butt off for.

After watching the short clip of one of the most coveted lives in the world, we can't help but think and know that everything isn't always as easy as it seems. Nothing just drops from the sky; there's a lot of blood, sweat and probably tears that goes into a project like this.

We definitely feel more appreciative of the amount of work it takes to make a record and we are inspired to do likewise - to work hard for something we believe in and to enjoy the process with the people we love along the way.

There's just too many good moments to choose from this honest gift to the Beliebers. What's your favourite? Do let us know by leaving us a tweet!

Photo Credit: @demetrialuvator, @biebercanadian, @justinbiebergifs & @thabiebsswag on Tumblr

They have done it yet again!

If you don't already know who they are, you are missing out on a lot my friend. Airspoken is a Southern Californian band that we have discovered not too long ago when they did a cover of Justin Bieber's Love Yourself in a minor key. Ever since their rendition of that famous tune received such an overwhelming response of nothing but praise for these talented guys, they decided to build upon their new found success with minor key covers.

This time they took the old classic jam, A Thousand Miles, from Vanessa Carlton and turned it into such an emotional ballad. Not only did they do yet another stellar job on the key change, they surprised us with how much their vocals have improved in such a short amount of time. We just know that great things are in store for this trio, all they need to do is to stick together and continue to work on their craft.

They have already found their niche in arranging songs composed in major keys into minor ones. Let's have our fingers crossed that even when their original material takes off, that they will continue to do such covers as side projects because we are absolutely in awe of them and we definitely need more of such pure talent in our lives.

We wish them all the success they deserve in the world and we hope to see their name on the charts one day! Keep it up guys!

Photo Credit: Airspoken

Disappointed or wow-ed?

Multi-platinum recording artist Selena Gomez just released the music video for her latest single, Kill Em With Kindness, and let's just say it received a lot of mixed reactions.

In many of her previous interviews, SelGo has mentioned that this song holds a very special place in her heart. Kill Em With Kindness is probably one of the best songs lyrically on how to deal with stressful times especially for someone who is in the public eye almost 24/7. Selena elaborates that the message of the song is something that her mother has always embedded in her; that some people will always give you their worst and it's so easy to be mean but this song encourages us to do otherwise.

This powerful song has been a fan favourite ever since Revival dropped because of the empowering message behind it. So when fans found out that there will be a music video to accompany this anthem, some sort of great anticipation and expectation was cultivated.

On the 6th of June, the highly anticipated visual representation was revealed. Some were impressed while others were disappointed at how the video turned out.

Some fans were saying how the monochrome music video did not do the song justice. They hated how Sel was just singing along to the song when there could be a powerful storyline to accompany the empowering song. Others defended the music video and said that it was kept simple so that people could focus on the lyrics of the song which was the main star of the whole project.

We think that Sel looks absolutely stunning in this music video and there were some really good symbolic visuals that were probably missed if you haven't been watching closely. But ultimately we understand both sides of the argument.

So what do you think of these opinions? What are YOUR thoughts about the music video? Do let us know what you think by leaving us a tweet!

Photo Credit: Idolator, @billboard, @changetheruless and @bellathorvne on Tumblr 


If you have been a fan of Fifth Harmony since Day 1 and just so happen to be living in Singapore, you would probably feel as though you have been waiting for a lifetime for them to bring one of their gazillion tours to our little sunny island.

And since they have just announced their #727Tour dates for North America, we can't help but feel left out! Like, over here! "Please come to Singapore!!!" that little voice in our heads have been dying a little each time tour dates are announced but we never seem to appear on any list.

We just don't understand why we are never a destination spot, maybe management has other plans. But you know what? We are here today to convince y'all with 5 really good reasons why Fifth Harmony should bring their #727Tour to Singapore and maybe stir up the right amount of commotion for them to notice the passion (and impatience) that is burning inside all of us!


1. 2016 Is The Year Of Band Invasions

This year has been a year for mainstream bands to tour Singapore. We don't know why but it just so happens to be. The new year kicked off with The Vamps followed by 5 Seconds of Summer and the girls of Little Mix just performed a KILLER show not too long ago. Fifth Harmony just has to be a part of it all!


2. Following The Footsteps Of Fifth Harmony's Inspirations

Many of 5H's musical inspirations such as Ed Sheeran, J.Lo and Tswizzle have blessed Singapore with their outstanding talent. And to be great, you have to learn and follow the great. Amirite?


3. We've got Amazing Food Here In Singapore

Okay, you must be thinking what does this even have to do with the girls taking their tour here. Well for starters, they obviously know how to appreciate good food. Dinah loves hot cheetos, Lauren can't stop eating sushi, all Normani thinks about are chicken wings, Ally is a big fan of Waffle House and Camila is obsessed with pizza. Wanna try some chilli crab here girls?


4. Singaporean Harmonizers Are The

Not only are Harmonizers here passionate, we are also fiercely dedicated and oh so fabulous! Just look at the love fest here, nothing but love for our favourite girls.


5. Fifth Harmony Wants To Come, So It's Not Like We're Forcing Them!

The singing quintet has mentioned Singapore several times in interviews and they obviously know who we are because, see point 4. Remember Camila's phone interview with 987 and them shouting out this Singaporean fan who flew all the way to the US to see them LIVE in concert? Whoever you are, you're one lucky human! (check out 2:13 of the Fifth Harmony Takeover with AwesomenessTV to see what we're talking about)


So what do you think of our reasons for Fifth Harmony making Singapore one of their destinations for the #727Tour? Pretty legit huh. Let's do this Harmonizers, #5HtoSingapore!!!

Photo Credit: Fifth Harmony Facebook, Auroracup, Musichel, Today Online, Powerofpop, @lausercabello on Twitter

Rewriting, how genius.

Just the other day, we came across this amazing cover by a girl named Leah Guest. The 19-year-old rewrote the famous tune 7 Years by Lukas Graham. She obviously used the same melody of the song but what she did differently was that she changed the lyrics to tell her own life story so far and to predict what's to come in the following years.

Looks like a someone is starting a new trend and we find this absolutely fascinating. We feel that this rewrite cover by the singer-songwriter from England is the start of something amazing in the world of song covers.

Sure, you could argue that people have done something similar to this before. And yes, we know that they are good but this cover touched us like no other. It gave us chills, the good type of course. The strong emotion that could be heard in her voice was felt so genuinely because of those heartfelt lyrics. There was a connection - and isn't that what music is all about?

We are still beating ourselves over the fact that we have only discovered this talented young star now because we're fully aware that this cover has been out since February of this year. But boy are we glad that we could be a part of witnessing this beautiful piece of art and it's our joy to share it with you as it would be a crime not to.


So what do you think of this rewrite cover by Leah Guest? We know we will definitely be looking forward to her next rewrite cover if she ever does another one (because she totally should)!

Photo Credit: Leah Guest Instagram

She's not only a singer but a motivational speaker and a dream maker.

Jessie J has been in the music industry for many years now. After many successful singles later, she has made her a name for herself internationally. And Singapore had the privilege last night to witness for ourselves what a talented person she really is.

The Singapore Indoor Stadium started to fill up has early as 7pm as all majority of the tickets were based on general admission. Whether it was the hardcore fans or even people who received complementary tickets from Singtel and Samsung, everybody wanted to get the best seats in the house.

At 8pm, the stadium was almost full and the atmosphere started to get really pumped as songs from DNCE, Shawn Mendes and even Taylor Swift were echoing throughout the common gathering space. Exactly at 8:28pm, the lights dimmed and Jessie's band started playing as the long-awaited pop star made her way up from the right side of the stage.

The one and only Jessie J was standing right before our very eyes and she started with what seemed like vocal exercises before finishing it off with "Singaporeeeeeee!!!" in a her famous vibrato voice. Obviously like every single crowd in the world, this one went wild at the mere mention of their country's name.

Dressed in a gold sparkly over-sized jacket and knee-high black boots, the English singer kicked off the show with her hit song Ain't Been Done followed by Domino.

After which she addressed the audience by talking about her day, about how she flew from L.A. to Tokyo and finally to Singapore. She mentioned that her whole body felt like sleeping so if she were to go for some notes and if they don't come out right, it's because her voice is asleep. Well, that was probably just her way of getting the crowd to sing along with her to Nobody's Perfect. (what a great segue Jess)

The 28-year-old singer continued to recount her eventful day when she reached her hotel in Singapore, she ordered chicken rice at 3 in the morning. She really enjoyed it but she said that the chef was rather confused by her order at such an unearthly hour. After her meal, she watched a movie and wrote a few songs. (Wow, that seriously sounds like an eventful and productive day.)

Feeling overwhelmed as she didn't expect so many people to attend the show, she begin to explain how her fans have inspired her. Of how she doesn't really get to see the people as all she usually sees are the stats. But when she does get to see the people, it's when she really feels like her music has truly impacted lives and that is one of the most beautiful things to her.

At 16 years old, she recounted that she was terrified when she auditioned for a girl band. She remembered that she sang this next song, and her whole life changed. After which she proceeded to sing her rendition of Whitney Houston's I Have Nothing. And dare we say her cover was as good as Whitney herself.

As an eccentric and emotional person, Jess wrote this song when she was just 17 and she had no idea what this song was going to do to her life. To be able to do what she does, she doesn't just help herself but others as well. This three and a half minute song helped her for about 11 years. And she encouraged the audience that although sometimes we are sad and insecure about ourselves, all we have to do is to work on ourselves everyday and that is how we will eventually step into our own. And the song that saved her was none other than Who You Are.

Coming to the middle of her set, Jessie admitted that her voice was really tired but she always believes in singing LIVE and not lip syncing no matter what. Sometimes in the studio, she thinks of writing songs for the lower register of her voice so it wouldn't be so hard on her but she never does. The respect we have for this woman is really one of a kind. For Flashlight, it was indeed a duet with the audience as we looked like a sea full of lights.

"What can I tell you about me that you don't already know?" Jessie asked the audience as she was taking burning questions from the audience. And there was a question in particular that really stumped her, "What's the best part of being alive?" WOW. There was a long pause before she eventually gave probably the wisest answer she could give. She replied that it was the chance to experience everything, to have the opportunity to walk and talk and know people, and to share her life in music. To know that her music has impacted the lives of others and it becomes a part of them that will never die. And if you're having a weird day, to know that you are alive, that is the best part. PREACH IT SISTA!

She also noticed a fan crying and asked if he was okay. He revealed that her last album saved his life. It was a little get-to-know the fans segment where Jessie made a friend. His name is Duane, and he is 23 years of age and will be entering university to major in the bachelor of arts. And what happened next was probably one of the many highlights of the night. They sang an improv duet. AND BOY CAN DUANE SING. The crowd seriously went crazy at how good the two sounded together.

For Burnin' Up, Jess wanted the audience to clap along but asked those who can't clap to the beat to use their feet instead because nobody can hear that. (oh Jessie!) She mentioned that the moment she got off the plane, she felt as though she was in a hand dryer. Oh girl, welcome to Singapore!

After Do It Like A Dude, the singer confessed that she decided not to do anymore shows this year because she said sometimes you have to say no and live a little but she just couldn't resist coming to Singapore because she loves it here. (AWW) She shouted out the boss man of the company and went, "Singtel say something, ring ring!" Oh my she seriously cracked everyone up.

Masterpiece really tugged on the heart strings of everyone present and to top it, Jessie invited a 13-year-old fan to sing the song on stage. Oh bless her little heart, she was so overwhelmed and could not sing the song without choking up on the words.

In between rolling her boots down because the lights were so hot and giving another motivational speech on why there's no such thing as perfect and making your own perfect straight to the camera, we were silently trying to soak up everything that was happening because we knew the end was near.

The night ended with some fan favourites, Price Tag and Bang Bang. WHAT A DANCE PARTY! The inner diva notes of everyone started coming out as everyone was cherishing the last moments with the Queen herself. Jessie seriously crushed Nicki's rap and those notes she was reaching were insane. Who would ever believe that her voice is not at its best??? Girl, don't be frustrated, your voice is amazing whether asleep or awake. YOU KILLED IT.


1. Ain't Been Done
2. Domino
3. Nobody's Perfect
4. I Have Nothing (Whitney Houston Cover)
5. Who You Are
6. Flashlight
7. Burnin' Up
8. Do It Like A Dude
9. Masterpiece
10. Price Tag
11. Bang Bang 

Photo Credit: Singtel, Sumsang, Universal Music & Jessie J Instagram

Give these songs some spotlight!

We are fully aware that it has been more than a year since Fifth Harmony's debut album Reflection dropped. So you might be thinking to yourself, "then why bring this up? The Reflection era has already ended, and it is the start of a new one."

The second part of that statement is exactly our point. Since 7/27 has just been released today, we feel that we just have to celebrate Reflection one last time before it gets forgotten by many. So in celebration of a new era, let's remember the last.

Reflection was full of great singles that all went platinum. From the girl-power anthems BO$$ and Worth It to the super-catchy song Sledgehammer written by the girls' bud, Meghan Trainor, who also wrote 2 other tracks on their album.

There are so many other songs on this album that we feel didn't receive the right amount of recognition that they truly deserve. So here we are today to shed some sort of light to these belittled tunes.

1. Reflection

Well, this is the album title so why isn't this a single? The genius lyrics in this empowering tune seems like letting a guy know that he is so fineeee and what not but in the end, it's like psych! You're actually not describing him but talking to your own Reflection!


2. Going Nowhere

You can't help but get down together with the bass drop in this song. This would have been one of those songs that you'll be so thrilled to hear on the radio.


3. We Know

The 5H ladies are all about women standing together as one voice instead of bashing one another down. And this song represents that in one of the many ways. Don't let us even begin with that crazily amazing melodious hook.


4. Top Down

"Passed out real and I woke up realer" is probably one of the best lyrics from the album and definitely a fan favourite. Bring us to H town man!


5. Brave Honest Beautiful

As the song title describes, we know this one goes out to the Harmonizers. Thank you girls, we love you too.


If it were up to us, we would want the all the songs in the album to all be singles. That way, it would be perfect. But we can't change the past, so here's to looking forward to 7/27 together!

Photo Credit: Idolator