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7 Realest Lyrics About Life From Camila Cabello
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In a 21st Century chaotic world, we need all the love and kindness we can get. Catch the hearts of gold and lock them somewhere safe, because those things are rare these days. On February 16th, Drake represented exactly why we need to do that when he unleashed his highly anticipated music video for God's Plan

The Toronto rapper spent his time in Miami giving back to the community with the video's budget of almost a million dollars. The visual shows him purchasing cars for deserving people, buying shoppers' groceries, donating to the women and children homless shelter, helping struggling families and even sponsoring college students' education. Not to be dramatic but I want to be wrapped in a warm fuzzy blanket made out of screencaps of that video.

"I am not into challenges on IG I find them annoying...but today I am going to challenge everyone to just go out and do something for someone, anything, the smallest thing just to bring another human being some joy and please tag me in it somehow so I can see all the love being don't have to play the song in the background or have some tactics being used...just go be kind in any way you can and let's all watch the world be nice to each other even if it's for 24 hours...Thank You", Drake's Instagram story read on the day the video was released. Every social media platform pretty much exploded with emotional response, crying uglily and heart clenching simultaneously. Critics and haters even revealed they had a newfound respect for him, about time.

While God's Plan tests Drake's faith in a being more powerful that he is, it certainly restored my faith in humanity in return.

Prepare boxes of napkins for your tears before clicking here.


Photo Credits: DrakeVEVO/Youtube


Not only can you slow dance to songs by singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran at your wedding, his beautiful and eloquent lyrics also make you want to get married to a stranger you’ve just met on the streets.

It’s a universal fact that the English singer has the talent for triggering all our feels, with lyrics like, “Take my hand and my heart and soul, I will have only these eyes for you”.

So dim the lights, light the candles, and let Ed Sheeran’s honey-laced voice and soulful lyrics fill your heart to celebrate the month of love.



1. Kiss Me 

The perfect track to wake up to or have a cozy night in with your significant other. Sheeran’s tender voice accompanied by the sweet acoustic tune definitely makes your chest tighten and your heart swell with affection simultaneously. 


2. Give Me Love

One of the most iconic songs that ever existed, complete with fiery passion and intense build-up. Even if you’re single, the desperate strain of Sheeran’s voice makes you “craving (even) more” in a non-existent relationship.


3. Tenerife sea

It’s no surprise that Sheeran is capable of describing a facial organ to something as beautiful as the sea. That skilful guitar plucking and words like “all that you are is all that I’ll ever need” give us goosebumps.


4. Dive

Among Sheeran’s many love songs, Dive is definitely a serenade-worthy track, flavoured with a little jazz and a whole lot of impassioned vocals.


5. One

Carried with the delicate picking of the acoustic guitar, the emotional depth of the words being poured out feels like the song is written for you and only you. Definitely a masterpiece. 


Photo credit: Ed Sheeran/ Facebook

Feeling the love this February 14?

Whether you are celebrating the most romantic time of the year with your significant other, family or best friends, you may need a playlist of tunes to accompany you through the day. When we think love songs, we think Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You, Ed Sheeran’s Perfect or John Legend’s All Of Me. But, let’s switch things up a little this year.

Jazz up your Valentine’s Day playlist with these covers albums/EPs!


Jess & Gabriel - Under The Covers

YouTube’s supercouple Jess and Gabriel Conte are living proofs that fairytale-like love stories do happen in real life. Together, they decided to release two cover EPs, Under The Covers, of some of their favourite love songs like Andy Grammar’s Fresh Eyes and Alex & Sierra’s Little Do You Know. Learn more about them here




Kina Grannis - The Living Room Sessions Vol. 3

This girl is a vocal prowess! Kina Grannis has been doing covers on her YouTube channel for almost a decade now and she definitely isn’t stopping. In the third volume of her cover album series, she puts her spin on tracks like Can’t Help Falling In Love, Say Something and Safe and Sound.



Boyce Avenue - Cover Collaborations, Vol. 4

The guys of Boyce Avenue have been putting out cover albums for as long as we can remember. Their stripped-back style covers of popular hits allow for easy listening and enjoyment. Last week, they decided to compile some of their best cover collaborations into an album including tracks with Sarah Hyland, Jacob Whitesides and more.   



Bonus: Us The Duo - Just Love

Best known for their six-second covers on Vine, Michael and Carissa Alvarado keep things really simple with just piano accompaniment. Now, Us The Duo frequently post full covers or original songs on their YouTube page. In 2016, the couple released their third original album Just Love, filled with you guessed it – love songs.



Picture Credits: jessandgabriel’s website, Billboard, Giphy, Aesthetic Magazine and Boyce Avenue’s website

If Disney channel original movies were your jam back in the 2000s, this is for you.

For these 3 classic movies, they truly had a special place in our hearts. We love the movies, the music and even the books for some. Not only did these movies form part of our childhood, but they also kick-started the careers of the pop stars of today.

Get ready for some feels and relive your childhood now!


High School Musical 3

When we think of Disney channel original movies, this franchise is bound to be on the top of the list. A decade ago, the third part of the series hit theatres worldwide and it definitely left a lasting impression on many of us. Whether we were team Sharpay or team Gabriella, it didn’t matter at the end. We admired their amazing friendship and that they were able to pursue a degree of choice after graduation. They were the original definition of #SquadGoals!


Camp Rock

It has been a whole 10 years since Camp Rock first aired on Disney Channel; it has also been 10 years since we first heard of Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers. The cast has definitely kept busy since ever – some pursuing a career in music and others continuing in film. This movie was more than catchy tunes and good-looking stars, it also taught us to aspire and that no dream was too big or too crazy.


The Cheetah Girls: One World

If girl squads were a thing is in 2000s, The Cheetah Girls will most probably top the list. The world was so obsessed with the girl group that they even released a clothing line, perfumes and dolls to name a few. From New York City to Barcelona to India, we’ve been through it all with the girls. In 2008, the third and final instalment of movie trilogy was released. Unfortunately, the group did not manage to end the era with a full team as Raven-Symone decided to pull out.


Picture Credits: hellogiggles and giphy.

A blast from the past.

How old were you in 2008? What were you doing in 2008? Were you listening to any of these albums or singles in 2008? Music has evolved drastically since the 2000s, whether it got better or worse that’s debatable. Most of the artists below had their heydays back in the 2000s but a few are still going strong today.

Take a trip down memory lane and look at 18 albums and singles that will turn a decade old this year!



19 – Adele

Titled after her age at that time of release, 19 marked the start of it all for Adele. However, for many of us her second album, 21, was the one that really caught out eyes with the likes of Rolling In The Deep and Set Fire To The Rain.

One Of The Boys – Katy Perry

Filled with chart topping hits like I Kissed A Girl, Waking Up In Vegas, Thinking Of You and Hot n Cold. This was the album that catapulted Katy’s career to where she is today.

Good Girl Gone Bad – Rihanna

With this album, we saw Rihanna transform from having an innocent image to the edgy pop star we know her as. This album also includes some of her classic hits like Umbrella, Don’t Stop The Music and Shut Up and Drive.

Breakout – Miley Cyrus

This was Miley Cyrus breaking out of her Hannah Montana shell. Being the first album not related to her character Hannah Montana, Miley was able to put in more of her personality and elements of rock music – rather different from Hannah Montana’s music.

The Fame – Lady Gaga

This album kick-started Lady Gaga’s career with the likes of Poker Face, Just Dance and Paparazzi. Those were also the days where she was known to be over the top and eccentric. Lady Gaga would turn up on a red carpet in a meat-dress or in an incubator.

The Block – New Kids On The Block

They were heartthrobs back in the late 1980s and 1990s, and this album marked the band’s comeback in 2008. Songs like Summertime, Single and Dirty Dancing flooded the radio airways and we just couldn’t get enough of them.

Fearless – Taylor swift

We’re sure everyone is familiar with chart toppers like Love Story and You Belong With Me. This album marked Taylor’s international breakthrough to become the global superstar we know her today as.

I Am… Sasha Fierce – Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s two-disk album was quite a showstopper, with hits like Single Ladies, Halo and If I Were A Boy. From then till now, Beyoncé is still a force to be reckoned with and that’ll continue for a long time.

Circus – Britney Spears

We know Britney for her over the top productions and insane sets when it comes to her live shows; you never know what you’ll get with her. The title of this album encompasses the whole idea and the songs definitely live up to what they stand for.



Viva La Vida – Coldplay

The opening bars are so distinct and unique to this song that you cannot forget.

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

Are you still listening to this track today? This is one that’ll stay in our playlist for a very long time.

Fall For You – Secondhand Serenade

Didn’t we all try to learn this song on the guitar?  It was probably the love song of 2008.

4 Minutes – Madonna

Jumping from one car to another, dancing around in a grocery store and oh ya trying to save the world…

So What – P!nk

P!nk has challenged so many boundaries in music even till today. She’s right, so what she is a rock star.

Leavin’ – Jesse McCartney

This is bringing back so many memories; do you remember having this song on your Walkman, IPod or Creative Zen?

When I Grow Up – Pussycat Dolls

As the lead single off their album Doll Domination, this track was a hit among fans from all over the world.

Burnin’ Up – Jonas Brothers

These boys, heartthrobs in the late 2000s! This song brought back so many memories from their music and TV series, good times.

Crush – David Archuleta

Crush recently made a comeback after a fan tried to sing all the parts of the song in a viral video on YouTube.  


Bonus: Beyonce and Jay Z’s wedding

Music’s most talked about couple tied the knot in April of 2008 in a super-intimate ceremony.

Did any of these bring back memories for you? Share them with us!

Picture credit: Genius, People and glorfindels on Tumblr