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100 million views, but did you notice the subtleties?

Dua Lipa released her music video for New Rules just over a month ago and the MV recently hit over 100 million views on YouTube.

The music video did so well not just because of its catchy tune but its unconventional storytelling style really appealed and resonated with a big percentage of the young singer's audience.

The empowering female anthem is accompanied by the portrayal of a group of friends helping Dua get over a recent breakup. And in return, the 22-year-old singer was able to likewise with her new found confidence.

If you were part of the group of people who contributed to most of the 100 million views, you would have noticed that a lot of symbolism was present which made everything that much cooler.

Flamingos were the reflection of the women in the music video and apparently these pink creatures are used to symbolise femininity and confidence. Some have discovered that the sofa in the living room represents either the toxic relationship or the ex-significant other.


Photo Credit: The First Echo

We gonna gif it up!!!

In celebration of Fifth Harmony's self-titled studio album, we have decided to take a closer look at the LP track list because 25 August still seems a little too far away for us to wait for the big reveal of all the tunes.

Although the musical quartet has already dropped Down and Angel, these releases just don't seem to satisfy our eagerness to hear the album in entirety.

Since they have teased us with the titles of the songs, we thought that it would be interesting to predict what these tracks would sound like through the representation of gifs. Here's what we have come up with!


1. Down


2. He Like That


3. Sauced Up


4. Make You Mad


5. Deliver


6. Lonely Night


7. Don't Say You Love Me


8. Angel


9. Messy


10. Bridges


Photo Credits: Fifth Harmony Facebook, Zetaboards, @5hgifs, @hansensjaureguis, @yeah5h, @afairfight, @ljareguii on Tumblr

In September 2016, Niall Horan became the first out of the other One Direction boys to release a solo single, This Town.

Originally, Niall decided to release the song just to let fans know that he was still making music and not just playing golf everyday. However, the success of his first song led him to actively hit the studio.

Towards the end of 2016, there were rumours that Niall would be releasing his debut solo album in the summer of 2017. But as of now he has pushed it back to give himself more time to perfect his craft. Whenever he is ready, we are ready!

Here's what we know of the album so far!


1.     We can expect his album to be released at the end of fall or early winter.


2.     The artists Niall grew up listening to heavily influenced the album. For example Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles and Damien Rice.


3.     Slow Hands is said to be the most out-there song on the album.


4.     Niall claims that On The Loose is a good summary of how his album will sound like.


5.     He has got a duet with country singer Maren Morris titled Seeing Blind.


6.     Niall created a song so emotional that it made a room full of grown men cry.


7.     He wrote one of his favourite tracks while sitting on his sofa watching football.


8.     His upcoming tour Flicker Session 2017 is most likely named after a song title from the album.


Picture Credits: Today Show, One Direction’s Night Changes on YouTube, Niall Horan’s Slow Hands on YouTube, MMVA, Channel 4 and Just Jared.

If you haven’t already heard, Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco recently landed a lead role in the Broadway show “Kinky Boots”.

As expected, we’ve had P!ATD fans who would eagerly wait at the stage door to ask for autographs and apparently scream at Bredon’s face, like what most teenage fangirls do.

But it seems like the screaming is taking a toll on Urie’s mental well-being that he decided to stop greeting fans at the show.

While I understand that most fangirls would preferably express their excitement through piercing squeals, it is worth mentioning that Urie also deserves to be treated as a normal human being and not just a mere celebrity that only exists for our entertainment.

Also, give the guy a break! He’s trying to immerse himself in a different art form and should be respected the same way as other musical theater actors. The fact that he was already kind enough to meet fans and sign P!ATD merchandise at a Kinky Boots show manifests how much he appreciates their support.

Zack Hall, a friend of Urie, explained the situation in a tweet.

So, the next time you cross paths with a famous person, try striking a conversation or asking for a picture politely. But definitely refrain from screaming things like "HAVE MY BABIES!" in their face.


Photo Credit: Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Light in a world of darkness.

American Hip Hop recording artist Lecrae recently released the music video for his latest single, I'll Find You, with Tori Kelly.

The music video starts off with a young, bedridden patient fighting for her life in the hospital as her worried parents stay by her side. It continues with the little girl having an out-of-body experience as she goes around to the other wards to give hugs to her fellow friends who are battling against cancer.

As a result of her hopeful disposition, the cancer patients exude a sense of happiness and joy despite their failing bodily conditions. The music video ends with names and ages of real patients wearing t-shirts with the words "We Won't Stop" printed on them followed by a website for viewers to donate and support the wonderful cause of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Lecrae describes this video as "his heartbeat" and a way of him showing his pain and passion for others, reminding them that there is hope present in chaos. Tori Kelly shares the same sentiments and added that she hopes this music video will encourage and bless someone out there.


Photo Credit: genius