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Album Review: 5 Must-Hear Tracks From Paramore’s Latest Record, ‘After Laughter’
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But if this writer were to be perfectly honest, he’d really rather see their MONUMENTOUR mates, Paramore, whose After Laughter album remains as one of the few excellent releases this year.

Can Fall Out Boy say the same for their not two, but FOUR most recent promotional singles?

Fans of alternative music will tell you that the fatigue when it comes to being constantly disappointed by your musical heroes is real. We’re either trying to reconcile with the fact that there exists a seemingly ubiquitous smog of predatory behaviour perpetuated by some musicians or in FOB’s case, run the risk of tolerating tragically lacklustre new material.  

American Beauty/American Psycho was a great record but my God did they milk it dry. It’s difficult to believe to that almost three years have passed since then (it feels much longer).  That dubious rap/remix album? Their truly terrible remake of the Ghostbusters theme song that irked Ray Parker Jr.? Mistakes were made, man. Take the postponement of their forthcoming M A N I A LP as a prime example.

The four aforementioned singles aren’t bad per se, but neither are they promising. Weakest of which is Champion the latest addition to Fall Out Boy’s burgeoning stadium rock discography, a cheap Centuries knock off sharing an equally disposable chorus with The Last Of The Real Ones. The experimental Young and Menace is actually pretty wild (in a good way) and the concept of an EDM influenced FOB is ludicrous at best but here we are. Again, F O U R songs (out of ten) seem to be an overcompensation of some sort, so… fingers crossed M A N I A is gonna turn out OK?

The M A N I A Tour on the other hand is a guaranteed good time because how often do you get to lose your shit belting out Emo Night classics like Sugar We’re Goin Down, right? If you, like me, felt fairly confident that LAMC Productions was on the verge of officially announcing the arrival of Pete Wentz and co., here’s a familiar sentiment for you – more disappointment because we’re just as clueless. Here's what we do know from Fall Out Boy's Tumblr:


We will be updating more details as soon as it's available! Stalk us!

Photo credit: Pamela Littky

Clearly, she was born a songwriter.

Miley Cyrus recently sat down for an Interview with CBS Sunday Morning to talk about almost everything from her latest music to growing up as a Disney star to even her early days in music.

The 24-year-old singer admitted that she is very grateful to have been in the Disney universe as she was able to pursue the two things that she really loves - acting and singing. She realised that the reason why Hannah Montana was so well-received back in the day was due to the fact that Hannah felt real. In reality, she was the one who was under the wig and sometimes people forget that simply because she loved being that character.

When asked about when she started playing music, Cyrus responded by saying that she never actually started playing music, rather, it was something that had always been in her. At the young age of 8, she had already written songs that were good and the first song she wrote was titled, Pink Isn't A Colour, It's An Attitude.

Cyrus labelled that song "very deep" and went on to reveal other songs she penned with topics such as her evil mother locking her up in her room or making her go to the mall to watch her shop as she sits there all day as punishment.

It would be really cool if Cyrus were to release an album of songs she wrote as a child. We would definitely listen to every single one of them!


Photo Credit: Bustle

Remember Aly & AJ? The sister duo released their album Insomniac in 2007, a collection of catchy pop anthems that were as good as teen pop could get- it was proof that they were hands down the only good best Disney music act around.

They've been in the dark ever since the release, independently releasing a few songs under the name 78violet that saw little success. Aly explained the past decision to, "We wanted to do projects that didn't involve the two of us. Over time we realized making records without any sort of label support [or label funding] is really difficult. It ended up taking more time than we originally thought, but we also didn't think it was going to be as hard as it was. That sort of crushed us, and we had to go back to square one."

Now the sisters are back under their original name and they've announced the release of their new EP Ten Years on their instagram page, which is scheduled to drop on17th November. The audio preview pinpoints towards an 80s synthpop style, a continuation of their latest single Take Me released back in September. 

Stay tuned for the EP!



A post shared by Aly & AJ (@alyandaj) on

Photo Credit: Stephen Ringer

Simon Cowell's latest boyband project, PRETTYMUCH, has positioned themselves to be the most exciting new boyband as of late.

In their new jack swing debut Would You Mind, they busted out some killer dance moves that set them apart from other boybands vying for One Direction's vacated spot at the top. For their new song Open Arms, their remarkable vocals are the main focus, as the group delivers smooth, layered harmonies in a mostly acapella ballad.

Admittedly, the release is a little unconventional, as the beat is largely absent and only makes its first appearance one third into the song. Nevertheless, it is a solid display of what PRETTYMUCH has to offer and we're definitely keeping an eye out for this group. Their undeniable talents in both singing and dancing, combined with Simon Cowell's connections and resources, reveal a lot of potential as contenders for America's next big boyband. Watch out, One Direction.

Listen to the song here:

Photo Credit: Billboard

More than just the ooh-na-nas.

It's been about a week since Camila Cabello released her highly anticipated music video for her chart-topping single, Havana. The music video is basically a mini short film with Cabello playing multiple characters together with Lele Pons and LeJuan James.

Although it was a feel-good music video that incorporated a lot of elements that brought the song to life in a visual way, we feel that Cabello had a lot more to say through this music video than a simple love story with a cultural background. Here's what we think she was trying to communicate to us:


1. Her dancing has improved tremendously.

Prior to stardom, Cabello has vouched that she would never dance publicly because she has absolutely no control over her limbs. However, in this music video, Cabello showed off her newfound confidence doing the salsa.


2. Although she loves romance, she knows that it is more important to love herself first before any guy.

In the music video, Cabello is seen enjoying watching dramatic soap operas because she loves fantasy and the idea of love. In a turn of events, instead of accepting the boy of her dreams, she decides to choose self-love and write her own story.


3. She is not one-dimensional - Karla vs Camila Cabello.

Cabello was referenced by her first name, Karla, by her on-screen grandmother. This reminded us that although Cabello is now a huge superstar, behind all the glitz and glamour, she is still the same girl before fame who sometimes prefer to stay home and watch tv on the couch.


Photo Credit: Variety, @likeapromises & @tayloralisonswift on Tumblr

Selena Gomez has returned with a new track Wolves, a collaboration with EDM producer Marshmello.

The song is nothing striking, but it's a semi-decent effort that blends both artists' styles together - Selena's breathy voice glides with ease over an acoustic-tinged production and gets distorted during the drop without losing its warmth over a rumbling bass. We could do without the generic Avicii-style faux chorus, though.

In an interview with Zane Lowe, the singer commented on the track, “This was a song that I heard in Japan for the first time, and I was talking to Andrew Watt who is one of the writers I worked with for years, and he actually just played me a rough version and I thought it was really beautiful, and he sent it to Marshmello and created a really cool tone and a story with it, and the song is very beautiful and personal and the lyrics just have a whole story of its own. Weirdly, at the same time I was working on it in Japan, I was going through stuff, too, so it’s mirrored everything.”

Check out the video accompanying the song below:


Photo Credit: Vogue

Speculation or simply the truth?

Since the release of Demi Lovato's sixth studio album, Tell Me You Love Me, many have been praising and enjoying the innovative melodies and authentic lyrics from the body of work.

With every successful artist comes a group of very dedicated and curious fans who will analyse and break down every single lyric to figure out the details of an artist's personal life. Demi's fanbase, also known as the Lovatics, is no exception to this description especially with regard to one of the tracks on the album titled, Ruin The Friendship.

The detective work has been done and the clues have been pointing to one person in particular - the homegirl's best friend, Nick Jonas.

Upon hearing the song title for the first time, one might think that it's about ending a friendship in a negative way. However, it's about being secretly in love with one's best friend and wanting to be more than just friends.

Lovato has neither confirmed nor denied if this song was written about her homie, Nick Jonas. When asked about the inspiration behind the track, she simply replied that she will never reveal who she writes her songs about.


Photo Credit: Billboard

Over a year ago, the folks of La Blogothèque ambushed the Michelberger Music festival in Berlin to kidnap members of the audience who were brought into a room where an musician was waiting to give them a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of a One To One concert.

In the first episode of this concert series, a lucky fan was brought into a room to meet a musician who introduced himself as Justin.

But of course, the fan already knew exactly who he was. "Justin Vernon," she said, as she looked around the room while trying to keep herself calm, of which she did a better job than what most of us would be able to do.

We're in love with this intimate performance and can't wait for the next episode of the series to be out. Since the series was filmed during Michelberger Music, we should be able to expect the other headliners of the festival, such as Damien Rice and Matt Berninger of The National, to be featured next.

That left us wondering - wouldn't it be great if someone did the same for Laneway 2018 (that is, 'kidnapping' a lucky fan - I volunteer as tribute!!! - to be serenaded by one of the Laneway headliners)? Someone needs to make that come true and we already have our top nominees to perform in the one-to-one concert:


1. Father John Misty

When the American singer-songwriter in the mood to make an acoustic cover, be it Nirvana's Heart-shaped Box or Arcade Fire's The Suburbs, he never fails to deliver a mean and solid one. Father John Misty is our obvious first choice to serenade us in private.


2. Wolf Alice

There is something about Ellie Rowsell, frontwoman of English indie rock band Wolf Alice, that makes her very enthralling to watch. We reckon there's plenty of fanboys and girls out there who would do anything for five minutes alone with her!


3. The War On Drugs

Strip away The War On Drug's signature synth melodies and you'll be left with a bunch of complex emotions that the band brings out best with their acoustic performances. If ever a fan gets lucky enough to have frontman Adam Granduciel all to him/herself, we wonder how long it'll take before he/she is reduced into a puddle of goo from being swooned too much.

Spill the truth.

During Charlie Puth's recent visit to the Late Late Show with James Cordon, the 25-year-old singer found himself playing the infamous game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts together with Josh Gad, Michelle Dockery and Rachel Bloom on the talk show.

Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts is a simple game whereby the celebrities will be asked a rather controversial question and if they refuse to answer it, they would have to down one of the distasteful items on the table. The game consisted of disgusting foods such as cow tongue, salmon seaweed smoothie and turkey testicles which made the Attention singer gag several times due to his sensitive stomach. Puth revealed that he can hardly be around brussels sprouts so those unusual food items were indeed torturous for him.

This made Puth really nervous and when it came to his turn, his question did not make it easy for him to avoid ingesting anything on the table. Since the American singer has previously recorded songs with Meghan Trainor and Selena Gomez, he was asked which one of the two artists is a better singer.

Being the gentlemen that he is and not wanting to make any of the fandoms mad, Puth nibbled a grasshopper to avoid himself from getting bashed online. This made us think, did Charlie really have an answer in mind that he chose not to reveal or did he simply not want to create a fan war?


Photo Credit: E! Online

After the faux-villainess theatrics of Look What You Made Me Do and roguish mania of …Ready For It?, Taylor Swift returns to her signature lovestruck girl-next-door character with Gorgeous.

Her dedication to her persona is palpable, as the pop number paints a picture of drunk infatuation with effervescent video game synths and a ditzy bubblegum chorus. However, the execution of it all feels anodyne, sounding like a leftover cut from her last album 1989.

The lyricism is clearly the worst culprit- her rhymes are clumsy (I can't say anything to your face/ 'Cause look at your face) and her descriptions are middle schooler diary entry material (You should think about the consequence/ Of your magnetic field being a little too strong). It is a letdown considering how Taylor Swift has always displayed an eye for the devil in the details, marrying specificity with universality. The Max Martin production is nothing to write home about either, the little tweaks and flourishes lend some flair, but not enough to lift the song out of generic filler territory.

“You missed the joke!” Her defenders might scoff. “The childishness is all intentional!” But mediocrity does not magically vanish upon a calculated wink at the audience. Taylor’s desperation to convey her self-awareness results in heavy-handed songwriting choices that ignore her personal strengths, her attempts to imbue ironic comedy into her romanticism come across more vapid than charming. She managed to accomplish the latter with Blank Space but there's only so many times you can put out this kind of song without the trick getting stale - Taylor has been playing the self-referential card for way too many songs at this point.

So far, our ranking of her previews from Reputation would be: ...Ready For It? > Gorgeous > Look What You Made Me Do. While Gorgeous is far less interesting than ...Ready For It?, its melodicity elevates it above Look What You Made Me Do.

But frankly speaking... none of those 3 songs make a very convincing case for the hype factor behind Reputation


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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