Artists have cancelled or postponed all of their concert tours around the world since the COVID-19 pandemic started in February 2020. Singapore born the brunt of these cancellations as the city-state is the go-to-country for live music concerts and festivals. Greenday has rescheduled their concert to 1 April 2021 while the rescheduled dates for Khalid and 98 Degrees have yet to be announced.

So what could likely happen to concerts in future as we adapt to the ‘new normal’?

Assuming it still makes business sense for concert promoters to bring artists to Singapore, these are some of the likely changes we should expect –

  • Same venue, smaller turnout: A limit to number of attendees to a concert. Singapore Indoor Stadium could fit about 10,000 pax pre-pandemic. This would most likely drop to half (5,000).
  • Longer security screening: Besides checking of bags for security reasons, concert goers should expect temperature screenings as well. Expect to arrive at least 2-3 hours ealier to avoid missing the start of the performance.
  • Wearing of face mask: Masks are becoming the norm, a trend that could last for months before a vaccine for Covid-19 is determined.
  • Safe distancing: Goodbye free standing (aka mosh pit). Hello to alternate seatings.
  • Longer check out: A systematic process for concert goers to leave the venue which will increase exit timings.
  • Increase in ticket prices: Putting a limit to the number of tickets on sale will most likely increase prices unless artist is willing to accept lower fees (unlikely), venue rental fee is decreased (possible) or concert promoter earns lower margin (unlikely).

Assuming all things remain equal, a Taylor Swift concert ticket could cost up to S$500 amid the pandemic (see below).

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